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>>/k/4767 >implying they'd ever actually go after such a good controlled opposition group >implying this isn't an excuse to launder and e
>>/fascist/4852 >>4847 >>4848 Let's not spoil the /sig/ thread with petty discussion >>4851
>>/fascist/4851 >>4847 >>4848 Do not worry about me, I assume most people here dislike me, some outright hate me, I keep that in mind when bro
>>/k/4766 >>4765 Fuck for some reason I thought this place automatically archived links my bad. It's a former zogbot going full on "y ci
>>/fascist/4850 >>4017 I mean pedophilia and homosexuality are closely linked so for me they much about the same
>>/fascist/4849 >>4844 So we don't promote a future where we're an enemy of the state. But instead we allow a future where our race is genocide
>>/fascist/4848 >>4847 And we have a bounty on our head from shitskin invasion. If you don't disengage peacefully and fuck off out of our lands
>>/cuckquean/1281 >>1280 are you actually a fascist or are you just larping lol
>>/icup/1212 >>1209 Now that I know the first strategy is the one /lang/ intends to go with, that's what I'll follow. Stuff that didn't cont
>>/icup/1211 >>1210 will do