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>>/k/953 Military police incoming. Martial Law incoming. https://twitter.com/AP/status/1266600385340485633
>>/fascist/449 >>447 Or kinship/clan/tribe federations like pre-roman invasion Europe.
>>/fascist/448 Does anyone here know the name of the speaker, or name of video, or have the video about how the greatest generation was the wor
>>/fascist/447 >>435 >All-powerful dictators are based, '''provided that they are one with the people and soil.''' And that is the hardest pa
>>/k/952 >>950 I think they're storming the White House right now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=So_BMLD_D-4
>>/k/951 >>933 The 10/22 is the first rifle I owned, and a lot of fun to shoot. AR-7 isn't bad at all though. The AR-7 is a great candi
>>/comfy/1246 >>1244 Just qualifying because he did. Nothing personnel, uncomfy kiddo.
>>/loomis/513 Where do you get your poses and references from?
>>/meta/13338 >>13331 the biggest issue is there is no support