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>>/f/1109 >>1108 >What courage it must take to live in their America. Kekd. 'Their' America can't be unmasked soon enough tbh.
>>/fascist/11803 >>11800 That's the point, you ignoramus. The filthy kikes quite literally demonized our old gods and installed bad actors like M
>>/fascist/11802 >>11799 >dude im not fucking anything that young though, Dude, I don't care what you will or won't do, your choice is your own.
>>/cuckquean/1619 >>1561 I enthusiastically support you in this endeavor. The trick is finding a man who digs the idea as much and really anal. Be
>>/fascist/11801 >>11783 We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children, because the beauty of the White Aryan woman
>>/fascist/11800 >>11735 that looks like some aleister crowley satanic jew magic shit i aint touching any of that.
>>/fascist/11799 >>11794 dude im not fucking anything that young though, and i would second guess the humanity of someone that would. i think lat
>>/fascist/11798 >>11792 thats what i think would be best. polygamy for the common man isnt mathematically practical nor is it in line with the n
>>/loomis/939 >>74 Design a gun! Image spoilered because I don't want to influence potential replies too much.
>>/lego/697 >>689 I didn't pick up on that but that is interesting >>690 The current City wave has characters from the Nickelodeon show