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Open file (455.64 KB 500x311 hanging lights.gif)
Welcome to /comfy/ Anon 06/01/2020 (Mon) 18:52:53 No.1266 [Reply]
For advertising use the designated thread >>1157 The rules are: >Follow the global rules >Take it easy >Keep it SFW >No rabble rousing That means no unrelated political posts, intentionally provocative posts, posts insulting someone's race or religion or promoting committing crimes >No boat rocking That means no uncalled for insults, rudeposting, or instigating drama. other nice boards: https://late.city/late/ https://kind.moe/kind/ https://otterchan.net/wakaba.html
Edited last time by Butterberg on 03/03/2021 (Wed) 19:30:02.

Open file (446.05 KB 1400x934 IMG_2435.jpg)
Anon 12/11/2020 (Fri) 14:20:38 No.3183 [Reply] [Last]
Post here when you visit /comfy/ Thread number four. "It's warmer in the south" edition. Old thread: >>2377
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>>3910 not4me I'm more for a small rural cottage with open fire kinda comfy, but i can see how it could be comfy to some
not4me I like my room dark at night
>>3910 Berry comfy, I lived in an apartment like that until about a year ago, I wood sit on the balcony to have a drink, listen to music and watch people go about their lives. Sometimes I miss it.
>>3876 sure fren :)
>>3918 sent ;)

Open file (203.78 KB 448x478 ..png)
Anon 02/26/2021 (Fri) 15:23:09 No.3843 [Reply]
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Open file (170.45 KB 480x270 CONDUCTOR.gif)
>>3844 NANOCHAN! What did they do to your hair!?
>>3872 This, nanochan, is not.
>>3905 Silly anon, I was talking about the real Nano-chan. :^)
Open file (335.36 KB 1200x1000 22702109_p0.jpg)
>>3913 I like this Nano-chan.
>>3915 A cute. stolen saved for my robowaifu collection. >Now, if only I could figure out the proper folder for it. >aegis, nope >nano, nada >???

Open file (151.43 KB 1200x1200 er6j5dale00.jpg)
/Comfy/ room Anon 02/26/2021 (Fri) 01:11:48 No.3834 [Reply]
Is your room /comfy/ as of now? Are there anything you will do to make it even more so?
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>>3860 Ngl, the sunset / sunrise simulation lamp sounds amazing anon, I am going to try this...
Open file (65.77 KB 427x600 no money just sleep.jpg)
My space is in the basement, though it doesn't have any doors, the previous owner thought it wood be nice to tear out the extra wall to make it a sitting room, though after her fire and the flooding she realized this was a bad idea. I can't complain though, I keep the floor swept, the window clean, got a nice case for my vidya and books, plus a doggo to keep me company at night. I plan to eventually put nice wooden slats down so that it shines when you mop it, and I also plan to put up pictures that I find online and frame to give it more of a personal feel. Just one step at a time.
>>3860 >one of those sunset/sunrise simulation lamps as my alarm. am curious as to how does it work ( ꒪⌓꒪ )
>>3864 >I didn't want to lose the memories I had You're lucky it's even an option for you Anon. Most of us had our old toys thrown out by parents. I'd suggest you regard each one as a treasure, and figure out the ones you want badly enough to carefully pack and transport across an entire continent with yourself. Then for the others, I'd suggest you stop in at /toy/ and ask for the best ways to sell each type of them. The old movie posters from a Frank&Ollie movie are unarguably collector's items, certainly.
>>3896 >Most of us had our old toys thrown out by parents This coupled with younger siblings that destroyed eberrything I had

Anon 03/04/2021 (Thu) 04:17:25 No.3891 [Reply]
hi i am a fledgling aspiring artists doing csrtoon anime stuff... how do i find out the next trending style and and topic/keyword what people wanna see and enjoy? i have youtube account to draws but it never get much traffic or crow and shilling doesnt make much either... what should i do
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>>3894 work on what? thats so vague.
>>3897 >work on what? Whatever's important to quality/creativity/expressiveness of your pieces. Start with learning to draw real life. Both humans and animals. Also, learn to do layout work like cityscapes, forest scenes, beach scenes, etc. Then focus on the details of emotional expression in faces. After all that, then start working on doing cartoon/mango/animu stuff (but not before). Then you can find your own muse in your work. That's when the fun will begin. Till then, it will be a lot of work. >tl;dr Eberrything.
>>3898 i thought i specifically said i was trying to draw traffic byy keyword and content. i mean.... one piece dont have that good as rendering as dragonball. or xkcd. or andrewhusie no offense but, i guess my question is asking on how to cater to the biggest audience?
>>3899 >no offense but, i guess my question is asking on how to cater to the biggest audience? No offense taken mate. And tbh, I've already given you what I consider the correct answer: >"Work on your craft Anon." Git gud and the popularity will naturally follow. Good luck.
>>3900 ah yeah. guess thats the best you know too goodbye

Open file (57.18 KB 600x800 1544540343982.jpg)
Advertising thread Anon Board owner 05/26/2020 (Tue) 08:43:02 No.1157 [Reply] [Last]
You can advertise other sites, events, communities, etc. in this thread, please don't make new threads for advertising from now.
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>>3877 Having participated in erischan's zine and viewed lainzine, I don't that as a reason not to contribute!
>>3881 If that's then.
>>1914 Omg Wholesome Reddit moment 100!!!!
Open file (606.02 KB 680x703 sad.gif)
>>3885 pls no bully

Open file (1.46 MB 500x558 CrwL2jQ.gif)
Open file (841.55 KB 1800x1200 1416322042084-0.jpg)
Open file (535.98 KB 2500x1668 9274096466_3ff0c3d3e6_o.jpg)
Open file (637.19 KB 1000x664 5549198950_816025f342_o.jpg)
Comfy Images Anonymous 09/06/2019 (Fri) 14:12:39 No.722 [Reply]
Post snug pictures. They don't have to be rainy or cold-looking, even though it helps.
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Open file (957.98 KB 1024x827 ghfghhhhhgfyr5yrgyyui.jpg)
Open file (622.53 KB 1400x964 1371507166959.jpg)
Open file (1.08 MB 1800x1775 1364607440732.jpg)
>>3000 >His art style reminds me of another artist who drew similar paintings except they had a mood of foreboding and depression. Someone compared it to the last episode of Tehxnolyze. The car ones remind me of playing Outrun. >>3001 >An obligatory writer for scrub-level students is the famous Francis Ching, or Frank Chink like eberrybody says, he wrote tons of introductory texts regarding the craft so probably he has one for history. And yes he has, it seems it's called A Global History of Architecture, that one is 800+ pages which is abnormally large for him but he's a relaxed read, i wood say he's probably your best bet and if you somehow want more he has other reads, the conceptual Form, Space, and Order is a modern classic for which he's known for so maybe that could be a second read, although also long-winded. Thanks, that sounds like it's worth looking into.
>>2992 where are the first two pictures from?
Open file (977.98 KB 1600x1293 1508116500672.jpg)
Open file (533.75 KB 948x1200 1508116577515.jpg)
>>3047 I have no clue. This was my source for most of the pictures I put up before that post though: https://80sretroelectro.tumblr.com/tagged/scan Maybe the second one came from there.
Open file (285.39 KB 720x720 ehues5u44.jpg)
something about being in a car late at night,with the airconditioner set to /comfy/ temperature and /comfy/ music playing from the car stereo, is pretty /comfy/

animu thread Anon 05/02/2020 (Sat) 17:11:35 No.640 [Reply] [Last]
Post here whenever you finished watching an anime. I'm very new to it so I don't think I could fit on /animu/, less /a/, so I figured I may make a thread here. Watched pic related recently, it was very neat but I didn't like the ending a lot, seems like the rewards Chihiro got were too given at the palm of her hand there. Other than that it was pretty neat and reminded me to care about your friends.
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Finished watching Non Non Biyori season 1 a few days ago, school girls living in the boonies wasn't as boring as I thought it was, I suspect this might have been due to the unique setting allowing for more innovative stories, but I could be wrong. Definitely recommend it for a comfy watching.
One of my favorites, Yuru Camp. I love eberrything about it, especially the clothes' and gear designs, I wish I could find more patterns like those. >>646 I have to pick these again, I was in a bad mood when these aired. >>1115 Rewatching this soon, hopefully, never finished the second season. >>2380 Gin no Saji is peak /comfy/! Kamichu is on my plan to watch list. >>3792 NNB is a great anime, it definitely is /comfy/ and hilarious. I'm watching the third season right now, but I save up the episodes for shipty days, so I can go to bed feeling better.
>>3792 NNB is just the best on the third season right now.
>>3760 Haibane renmei is a gem, I always tell people about it when asked what my favorite anime is, the setting of waking up in this unknown place, (not talking about isekai stuff, this was cool before that kinda thing became mainstream) and immensely enjoying the relationship between her and reki. I only wish I could something like it to scratch the itch.
>>3792 me too, only that i watched half of season 1 last year and just finish up the other hlaf earlier this week. >living in the boonies wasn't as boring i lived in similar environment for like the years before i have to start schooling. if i am to choose now, i don't mind living back at the same house i grew up in. The only problem is, since me & my family moved out (due to getting a new home in the sub-urbs that is both near to a preschool for me and better transport system for my parents), the area has been developed, and the old charm is totally gone. a pity. it's a place that's pretty /comfy/ (and i bet pretty affordable) for people seeking a place to stay which is near or within forested area, and away from constant street noises. back to topic: personally i won't say the boonies "weren't be boring if you 'so-and-so'". Each to their own, i guess.

Open file (106.79 KB 800x640 crazy taxi.png)
Comfy vidya thread Anon 06/27/2020 (Sat) 15:23:10 No.1760 [Reply] [Last]
ITT we discuss video games that possess the comfy factor. For me it's all manners of RTS games, taking time to gather resources and build a cool base is great fun. Driving games are cool too, I have fond memories of pic related (although I was pretty bad at it as a kid).
61 posts and 37 images omitted.
Open file (885.04 KB 904x692 ssslo.png)
>>3837 You mean this one? It's kinda tricky I guess. Thing is I've been playing this game for so long that I feel like I've known these things since forever, so I don't even know how I figured this out, or maybe I just read it in a magazine.
Open file (18.39 KB 640x360 norfair wall.jpg)
>>3838 No no, it's this one. This pic shows that the player has gone past the wall (the right one) but what I mean is that if you xray it before you go in, it shows nothing (making you think you can't pass through it). But you actually could. I am so glad that DEER FORCE did not do this more than once. If the game had half of such secrets, the trust between the tools given and the player wood be broken and it wood make him give up.
>>3840 >the wall (the right one) Sorry I meant the wall that's slightly near the center of the screenshot
>>3840 >>3841 Oh ok that one, but that's not a secret, it's the path you have to follow... I think it's in the same room, the thing about that room is that since it has those firefly things lightning works differently and the X-Ray scope doesn't work. But I think it's just hardware limitations, not devs being cheeky.
>>3597 >greenish wood stairs Mod or texture pack?

Anonymous 10/03/2019 (Thu) 19:02:01 No.673 [Reply]
Reminder that life is great
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>>3812 >does /comfy/ have a /fascist/ userbase? no >Or are you guys apolitical/hate ebil natzhees? yes
>>3812 Fellow shipskin here, just be yourself, as long as you're being comfy it'll be fine. This board is for enjoying yourself, not judging others,
It's an anonymous board, nobody needs to know your skin color.
Open file (97.79 KB 717x1000 motorhead.jpeg)
Life may not be great, but you have to see the good side of it, even if it's small, because there's already enough of the other side anyways
>>3822 Being a pessimistic cynic is easy. Being an optimist is rewarding. >>3812 >In relation to that, does /comfy/ have a /fascist/ userbase? Berry much no. On a similar note, rabble rousing is also frowned upon. Do have a look at the rules if you have not already. >>3628 The trick is the 'healthy salad', not the broger!

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