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Open file (446.05 KB 1400x934 IMG_2435.jpg)
Anon 12/11/2020 (Fri) 14:20:38 No.3183
Post here when you visit /comfy/ Thread number four. "It's warmer in the south" edition. Old thread: >>2377
Some nice winter themed images.
I visit /comfy/ eberry day. Visiting /comfy/ makes me comfy.
Open file (1.67 MB 4608x2880 77RtccsE-3.jpg)
>>3183 >"It's warmer in the south" It sure is..
>>3186 thank you. anon. its 40c outside and i had to work today. these are berry comfy images hope youre all doing ok second this >>3192
>>3192 Same here friend
I'm getting really tired of imageboards, well, some users of said imageboards.
>>3199 Why are you tired anon? Politics?
Aaaaa it's 502ing again
its 7:25 am i have been awake since 16:00 and i worked quite hard yesterday im still not tired.... what a strange feel /late/ and /comfy/ at the same time
Open file (94.92 KB 586x559 1783680728440403.png)
>>3203 I'm in a similar situation, woke up at around 15 and am still pretty awake. >its 7:25 am It's 7:44 am now
>>3203 Hard work is bad for your health.
>>3202 aaaaaa
Open file (300.71 KB 240x240 Energized_Terror.mp4)
>>3208 I feel like my ear drums just went silent...
>>3211 Why, was that too powerful for you?
>>3212 Yes, because my browser's audio is at 100% so it was extremely loud for me. I'm getting tired so I'll be calling for today.
>>3201 A complete lack of nuance in almost any discussion, granted IBs are not by far the only place where this is happening, but it sure feels like it has it the worst.
>>3208 A pile of batteries started buzzing loudly near me. It was almost like they were screaming in pain.
>>3213 Good night!
Open file (1018.81 KB 500x281 mugen rain.gif)
I love it when it rains, especially when it's accompanied by a cool breeze. The sound of it and the smell of humidity I find quite pleasant.
>>3219 It's berry nice for falling asleep.
Open file (254.56 KB 500x270 beary wet grill.gif)
>>3220 Indeed.
Open file (2.20 MB 1200x904 ClipboardImage.png)
I hate it when it rains, especially when it's accompanied by a strong wind. Getting a power outage and all my clothes wet is quite unpleasant.
>>3225 Do you live in a shed?
>>3225 Just like don't live in the slums.
>>3227 rain oligarch
>>3225 when I had no electricity and a/c, I wood get excited for the rain., being hot isn't berry /comfy/. The rain cools you down
Gee, /comfy/ will argue over anything.
Open file (66.30 KB 500x478 cozy.jpg)
>>3231 Throw me the gum macaque.
>>3233 No, we won't
Open file (34.59 KB 625x624 1547256853251.jpg)
A square mug is the site's new logo. I 'm not sure what statement they want to make.
>>3237 Maybe that it's nice but still has edges.
Open file (17.48 KB 283x278 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3238 I did my own mug logo. it's round Donut steel
Open file (107.32 KB 300x300 mug.png)
>>3239 Is beautiful anon. Here's mine, plz r8
Open file (2.45 MB 2235x3000 1581962144767.jpg)
it is 5am the world has now become uncomfy as it gets more and more /early/ instead of /late/
>>3248 But early morning air is the best in the world.
>>3248 imagine living in the part of the world where it's 6 months of daylight, and then 6 months of /late/, eberry.single.year. >>3244 naise.
too late still awake still awake too late
>>3258 sounds comfy for the half of the year where its /late/ just move somewhere when its all sunlight 3/4 of the year is /late/
today i tried to make my day good as i can there are shifting in moods but i trying to think on what bother me and have joy in what i do and thinking about what habits should i drop out
Open file (395.03 KB 730x1000 ClipboardImage.png)
Had to choose between saving my money and see how much do I earn in interest rates, or buy a rocksmith cable. Needless to say, I've chosen the latter
The winter so far has been far too warm, quite uncomfy
>>3290 It's colder in the north
You know what? Forget anything bad I've said against rainy days, I can barely exist with this heat
>>3307 Today there's literal floods in my country with some wooden houses moving 50 meters in landslides and heaps of water My area doesn't have as much rain as the flooded areas and the buildings are more sturdy here in general Rainy days are comfy...
>>3309 That sounds berry bad. I hope no one got hurt
Open file (57.11 KB 381x281 aeaeab.png)
Nice captcha
Open file (114.32 KB 682x1024 1582858855078.jpg)
Today, I did what I planned to do.
>>3320 well done bud, u did good. I try not to plan things then i cant get mad when they dont happen lol
>>3320 what u get up to ?
This might sound a bit pessimistic, but are dreams and ambitions an obstacle to comfyness? Both come about from an idea of a better state, and tend to inspire effort to making them a reality, they can be good when they end up making one's life comfier, but I think the majority a lot of them are not only impossible or near-impossible to bring about, they can persistently make one disappointed. Something to think about. >>3321 That actually sounds pretty ingenious, good job.
Open file (70.69 KB 1170x1114 media_EpnWYGrVQAEZeWD.jpg)
>>3325 >are dreams and ambitions an obstacle to comfyness It depends I guess, people are always talking about going out of your "comfort zone", which sounds pretty uncomfy. It's probably a matter of expectations, if you expect to become famous or rich you'll probably end up disappointed. Now if your dream is, for example, make that video game you always wanted to create and don't care if many people afterwards play it, you can be comfy while creating it and maybe enjoy the end result at some point.
who is /comfy/'s mascot?
>>3328 Just doing what you enjoy and seeing where it leads sounds pretty good. Goals can change, too. I get new ideas of what wood be nice to do one day all the time. >>3329 We don't have one, why?
>>3330 I want to draw comfy mascot.
>>3331 How can you express this idea in an image?
>>3332 lol idk
Open file (118.71 KB 665x718 Comfy.png)
>>3335 She looks berry comfy and slightly smug
Open file (271.35 KB 3840x2160 Comfy.png)
>>3335 Maybe the steam shouldn't be so dark
Open file (122.00 KB 676x720 Comfy.png)
I forgot to crop it how foolish of me.
Open file (19.79 KB 600x600 sleep in the nether.jpg)
I don't know how Ableton works I do just a bit, juuust a bit, but I wish I knew more
>>3339 >Ableton tf is an ableton?
>>3340 Oh it's a DAW, truckin' nice my man, make them musics brah.
>>3335 smug snug burning mug
Open file (94.13 KB 128x128 dansu.gif)
I haven't even prepared the christmas tree yet
>>3345 You have a christmas tree?
>>3346 I have, but nobody at home feels like celebrating it
>>3347 At home it's me the one who doesn't feel like celebrating, I just can't be comfy with a bunch of people over at home.
>>3348 But it's your family anon. Family time is comfy.
Is /comfy/ really just three people?
>>3349 It's not only family, sadly. >>3350 I'd say we're at least five
>>3349 >Family time is comfy kek
>>3352 what kek? it's true
>>3353 >it's true jej
>>3354 what jej? it's true
>>3355 >it's true ses
>>3356 what ses? it's true
>>3357 >it's true ligma
>>3360 it's true
>>3361 it's true that you LIGMA BALLS
>>3362 I don't believe you
>>3363 it's true
waitin' 4 christmas
Not Christmas eve yet, but we close. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AKsmOi9iGVk been thinking of buying a gift for my parents, they've given so much to me as is. but cash is a little tight.
Open file (369.97 KB 443x578 cruisin berries.png)
>>3350 I /comfy/ from Tor, so I'm not counted in the unique IPs.
>>3369 I woodn't mind, I played a forum game with like 3 people for months.
>>3369 Berry nice
Happy Christmas Eve comfy! I'm going to play Morrowind and eat, sadly I don't have any panache's but oh well. >>3370 You got any forum game in mind? Sounds like it could be fun
>>3382 Happy Christmas Eve yo you friend. >I'm going to play Morrowind and eat Sounds like a nice plan, hope you enjoy it.
I have visited /comfy/! I have brought /comfy/ a Christmas card! I have posted in this thread. Merry Christmas, /comfy/.
Open file (296.01 KB 834x870 comfy.gif)
>>3384 Thanks friend. I hope you're enjoying your Christmas Eve as well.
Open file (52.36 KB 640x480 bbt.png)
Merry Xmas, BiglyBT! https://www.biglybt.com/
Merry Christmas y'all
merry chrismas bearynice friends
I just spent my Christmas eating cakes, and playing vidya, only bread and water after this.
Merry Christmas from /co/!
Open file (236.37 KB 431x640 1441318410118.jpg)
How to spend time with my brother and sister-in-law? I hardly know her since my brother lives 7 hours away but my brother and his wife came down for Christmas(they are leaving tomorrow early morning)
One day later but I hope you all had berry good Christ!mas
>>3401 Just be yourself, anon
Got some niece cunny and going to watch the full cold moon in another day or two. Ford came out with a hybrid f150 and you can even put a truck camper on it. So I was considering getting one and doing that for the first part of nect year. You know, pull into a tiny midwestern town and watch the kids do gymnastics. Maybe get one or get drunk at the bar and crash in the camper. Then go for a week on federal camping land in middle of nowhere. Got solar panels on top and conpressor fridge. Do some hiking and maybe some little girls on a app. Just sorta waiting around till international travel opens back up.
Listening to wild cymbals, and ghostly voices is comfier than I'd thought. >>3401 How did it go anon?
There was a website, an internet radio with comfy pictures in the background, I found it through a wallpaper board on 4leaf, I was wondering if any of you might have any idea of what I'm remembering. >>3412 Beautiful pics, thanks for posting them.
>>3412 Nice images Anon, thanks.
>>3417 Got some nice food, a couple of beers and a bottle of wine from a friend. So berry enjoyable yes. I hope you did too Anon.
>>3414 if you find it please share, I wood be berry interested
>>3407 Sorry I took so long to reply as I was busy, It went alright just don't know when they are coming back. I have them added on Facebook because I sort of forced but I really don't know what to say on the site. What really sucks that people from my dad's side are also adding me but I can't speak Hungarian, I also added a few friends never talked since high school.
Open file (263.76 KB 1081x1351 plunge.png)
>>3475 Seek commonalities.
>>3475 Good to hear it went alright. Now that you have them added on Facebook, you can talk with them, if you want, I don't think anyone's forcing you to keep talking with, I don't even know if adult normalfags like talking through the internet. >a few friends never talked since high school Pretty normal, even I do the same ship.
was cut off from contact with another person for being too "negative". a bit thin skinned but I understand.
>>3483 >>3476 > you can talk with them, if you want, I don't think anyone's forcing you to keep talking with, Yeah I don't want to bother them too much, saw the place they bought in person after the wedding. The neighborhood looks nice but they are renovating the inside. So it must be a lot for them before they begin to settle in. Also I probably have outdoor allergies or something because I was constantly sneezing when I was in area.
Open file (83.52 KB 441x635 tomb of horrors.jpg)
>>3486 Did they explain what they meant? Do you know what they meant?
>>3495 Scary!
Open file (2.40 MB 250x188 not a happy man.gif)
There's so much to learn about in IT. It drives me to despair, I hope I can learn it with time, but I still worry.
Open file (107.86 KB 847x463 Dunning-Kruger.jpg)
>>3498 Just the Dunning-Kruger effect, anon. Don't give up!
>>3500 not >3498 anyway, ah that dreaded "the more i know the more i realised there's so much things i don't know" effect. i guess we should take one step at a time, for eberrything in life. that's how to be /comfy/. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=26kLM6aQsZw
>>3507 Yeah, supposedly you'll get to a point where you'll be confident again, I haven't gotten there in any field so I woodn't know
>>3509 Not that anon, but can confirm. I'm finally on the uphill slope (maybe half heh :^) in my quest to become a good C++ developer. But it's certainly taken dedication to get here. Since the rewards are well worth it, I hardly begrudge all my efforts. Now it's pretty fun actually. >t. 5+ years focuser on C++
>>3511 That's great anon, wish I had that kind of dedication.
>>3512 Ehh, I don't think I'm particularly special Anon. It's probably more just a matter of taking the time to figure out what's important to you and then going for it once you realize. The things I can do with C++ are important to me, and hard to do in any other way AFAICT. That's all. Good luck Anon! :^)
Board has been quiet these last few days, hope you friends aren't going through uncomfy times.
>>3521 I don't think I am? I hope you aren't.
Open file (39.70 KB 600x585 1608761724811.jpg)
>>3521 Busy times, but not uncomfy times.
>>3521 Cute Reimu! Haven't had much free time either.
>>3521 I've been trying to avoid my PC for a couple of weeks, I struggle to avoid obsessively checking the news. I have to work from home for the time being and the temptation to make myself uncomfy is always in front of me.
>>3524 >eating a birb sanbwich
Never been here before, by small boats standards looks like there's a fair amount of people here. I'll post some stuff when I find them, mostly architecture.
Retracted leg of a sea slug or something
>>3547 Slug... legs...
Open file (162.15 KB 1280x852 comfy bed.jpg)
Posting. Soon I will be gone, anons.
>>3550 Nooo Why anon?
>>3550 I hope you enjoyed your time here. If you woodn't mind me asking, why are you going to stop posting?
test 2
>>3550 don't leave me anon
>>3550 If nothing else, please make your exit a bang rather than a whimper.
>tfw want to talk about a character with other anons, but I'm too shy to post her I did not want this feel. Anyone else ever felt something like this?
>>3572 >Anyone else ever felt something like this? Yes, anons are always rude to me
Open file (244.49 KB 1110x742 1610322819865.jpg)
It's going to be okay. We just have to hide from the crazies, stay healthy, and plan our reprisal. The ages are moving faster, and the new darkness won't last long. The collapse was inevitable; the foundation rotted through. What we build next will be greater and more glorious than anything that came before.
Open file (87.56 KB 750x665 25f1d5e3fa4ed900.jpeg)
>>3575 My apologies dear anon, allow me to break your unfortunate chain of interactions by politely communicating with you. I like your image, the pepes communicate their suffering and camaraderie quite well and I'm being honest when I tell you that. >>3579 I can't wait to see it. It's been exhausting an d painful, but maybe our suffering will only make our posts that better.
>>3579 As much as I've feared for the fate of this world, I understand now that things will get better. I believe in God the All-Father, and I know that he will set things straight. In the meanwhile, I pray that all of you will be protected, and that we will survive these dark times to build the new world.
>>3588 Amen.
Open file (3.71 MB 640x480 megadeth.webm)
Open file (22.59 KB 333x424 1421567215808.png)
>>3579 I hope so. I'm going to be taking steps to go off the grid so that I can hopefully still have electricity when things get hairy. Hopefully we'll all still be able to communicate, even if we have to go underground to do it. >>3591 >tfw you will never hang out with Beavis and Butt-head
I feel like I'm f** dying please send help
>>3615 What happened, anon?
>>3615 Don't you die on us Anon. JK Livin. https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=y8wBjH8aXw4
Diarrhea and vomits and nausea it feels terrible.>>3616 >>3617 Oh I will live but I wood rather die than suffer this much
>>3592 >tfw
>>3615 It's been two days, are you feeling better now?
Open file (6.83 KB 222x227 images.jfif)
It's berry, berry hot right now, I hope my Southern Hemisphere friends are staying hydrated
>>3621 Ship sailing forward now!
Open file (145.78 KB 640x422 Metroid Prime.jpg)
>>3622 It isn't hot yet in my sub tropical area. It's only in the 70s probably during the day, 80s tops. Fahrenheit of course. But at night it's in the 50s last I checked of which is what I prefer.
>>3625 >at night it's in the 50s Sounds like heaven, here it's like 80 at night
>>3623 Are you on a ship voyage?
>>3629 The rocky cruise that is life itself
>>3622 >>3625 for me, it flunctuates around 75 (if it rains) to high 80s. by night time it slope down to high 70s. since i have no aircon in my room, i depend heavily on my wall fan to regulate the indoor temperature. although generally i'm more afraid of the cold than warm
Open file (312.43 KB 1005x684 Buhgok!.png)
>mfw people say temperature in Fahrenheit >mfw Americans are beings American near me >not using Kelvins like smart people do >>3623 I'm glad to hear that!
Open file (182.33 KB 306x396 tedros.png)
>>3637 And I'm here cooling down my laptop with the air from outside because it's so cold.
Open file (131.89 KB 1000x667 20161029-IMG_0209.jpg)
Open file (1.88 MB 4332x3342 DG performing in NYC.jpg)
Open file (1.98 KB 192x160 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3244 >>3239 This is also a mug
Open file (50.30 KB 500x655 1553804106083.jpg)
I always worry about the future because the present is never good enough.
Open file (8.41 KB 54x54 assets-2.png)
This place feelz warm and cozy,.. I feelz like cuddling g up in a blankeg
>>3647 welcome! we're all under one big blanket here.
Open file (57.49 KB 640x480 ycjygen0n66z.jpg)
>>3648 I just put on a fresh pot of Covfefe for all frens here
>>3649 Gotta get your morning dose of smugness.
Open file (119.79 KB 401x338 heh.png)
I got banned eberrywhere for posting lewd stuff Can I stay here?
>>3655 why did you do it?
>>3655 Just be nice to other comfy bros
Open file (389.60 KB 1416x1360 harkinian caress.png)
>>3657 I don't know, just the thrill of shipposting I guess. Seeing eberryone go WTF just for a few seconds was a pretty good reward. >>3658 I'll take it
>>3659 Alrigh, you're allowed to stay here... if you can...
What is the best strategy for becoming more comfy?
>>3665 Inner peace. Always trusting your destiny will bring you where you're meant to go. Not letting anything get to you.
Open file (220.70 KB 453x453 1610242020962.png)
I caught a cold. Ugh.
>>3670 Hope you get well soon, fren.
Open file (302.37 KB 545x623 born to die.png)
>>3676 uhhhhhhhhh.........
What are the coming public holidays/festives you're looking forward to?
>>3681 I'm currently a NEET, so eberryday is a holiday. But, I'm preparing soon for my mother's birthday.
Open file (29.52 KB 640x480 1612291538926.png)
Heres a nice comfy picture for all you anons :)
>>3681 Weekend after the next one is a four day weekend in this country, and I can't wait.
>>3667 Easier said than done, truck I'd say it sounds impossible >>3685 That is comfy, keyboard reminds me of one I had in 2008... wish I could go back, the internet is so degenerate now.
>>3686 ah i know what it is! either we're in the same country, or perhaps neighbors.
>>3684 guess we both are on the same boat. nice of you to celebrate your mohter's birthday!
>>3688 Yeah probably, I don't think they'd have this holyday anywhere else.
Open file (2.68 MB 2560x1440 1612087272590.jpg)
>>3685 Another comfy image for you anons >>3687 Glad you enjoyed it. Though, I'd argue internet has always been degenerate, know plenty of people who just used it back in the day for porn. I guess it's varying degrees of degeneracy.
Open file (172.46 KB 1200x1600 ski.jpg)
Hey /comfy/ you done anything comfy lately? I've been skiing a lot since we have great weather and the lake is frozen
Open file (10.63 KB 600x338 sfgwry.jpg)
>>3695 that's noice though for me i definitely rather be sitting by a small fire and people-watch
>>3697 that sounds comfy too, here where I live people watching is pretty hard since there are like 50 people around. but I agree on the fire part, I have a woos oven in house so it's nice to come and fire it up after a long walk/ski-trip
>>3695 I sit and watch anime, eberryday, it's comfy to me.
/comfy/ stays /comfy/
Open file (348.23 KB 980x912 1529125449181.jpg)
>>3711 i hope it does
>>3670 Are you feeling better, anon?
>>3632 Life's a beach.
>>3714 Much better, thanks for caring
Open file (17.47 KB 480x360 duki nuki.jpg)
Open file (164.88 KB 255x255 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3726 Good to know, taking vitamins or eating fresh veggies & fruits help a lot against colds.
>>3729 It also helps that back when Covid panic was a thing I bought three bags of Vitamin C. A small spoon of that eberry day certainly did help
>>3730 did it help you C?
Open file (352.38 KB 800x442 shieet.png)
>>3731 No, I'm fact now I'm blind!
>>3406 heh...
What happened to the site? I was scared
>>3736 heard something but i guess they ain't true
>>3736 Don't know but I'm sure it was something stupid
>>3736 lynxchan shat the bed the server was still there it just wasn't responding to requests
Open file (1.48 MB 208x186 database.gif)
Thank god /comfy/ is back, I was starting to get worried.
Open file (127.24 KB 545x392 happy vigne.png)
>mfw /comfy/ is back
hmm should we have a bunker?
>>3751 Hey!
>>3753 >>3752 How it goes?
sorry guys, havent been on in a while, place looks a little more dead than when i left shame hope u guys are doing good though
>>3755 Welcome back, anon. Site went down for a few days last week, so maybe it's that... It was always a slow board to begin with
This is nice
Open file (6.52 KB 81x86 1zt8im8d.png)
/comfy/ bros... our time is finally come?
>>3762 oh why is that so small hold on
Open file (107.12 KB 676x720 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (278.42 KB 1000x7000 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3765 That’s more like it. Currently snowed in, sitting by the window with some freshly brewed coffee. I have classes in about an hour so I gotta get my /comfy/ on now.
Open file (595.35 KB 868x1320 1600625344101-0.jpg)
Just stopping in to say hello before I head to sleep. I'm going to put my daki on top of me and then a weighted blankie on top of the daki. Then I will put a regular blanket (for warmth) over the weighted blankie/daki combo. At that point my cat will likely jump on top of said daki-blankie pile and I will be able to experience a sensation similar to my waifu sleeping on top of me as I drift into the dark abyss of sleep. Sleep snug, /comfy/.
>>3768 If my waifu laid on top of me I wood probably die.
Open file (140.46 KB 1000x563 flat,1000x1000,075,f99.jpg)
>>3768 I thought this was some giant Stålenhag-esque creature from the main page.
Open file (5.96 KB 184x95 wtled.jpg)
>>3762 >>3763 just so you know, you can delete your posts :) oh, and always remember double-check the dimensions of the saved/exported final image before you upload, to save you from future headaches
Open file (44.33 KB 315x425 jjuR77e4sfgo.jpg)
it's approaching /early/ from where i'm at should i get Mac'n'cheese from local 7-11.. also, not feeling great - random ringing in the ears have been going on since i woke up some hours ago, nevertheless, am /comfy/
>>3775 >should i get Mac'n'cheese from local 7-11.. Isn't that how people get parasites? Ringing in the ears suck, hope your day is going better.
>>3777 comfy numbers >parasites uncomfy post
Open file (39.34 KB 600x600 S88r$1_dfnow$.jpg)
>>3777 >Isn't that how people get parasites? nah.. there aren't, as far as i know and for as long as the times i've eaten the ready-to-eat items from my local 7-11. thanks, am slightly better now. guess usually food is the answer for all discomfort.
hello i am comfy
>>3783 Hello Comfy, I'm Anon
How are you comfy fellas today?
Open file (401.38 KB 600x681 LXABpK0.png)
I figured something about myself. Sometimes I long for something like "friendship" and "being in a group", but whenever I try that I just don't want to follow it. Same thing happened with me wanting to learn to draw, learn to play a guitar, learn to use a daw, learn to make a game. I make an attempt at first but then I get repulsed by the idea of doing it again. Maybe I just don't find joy in that stuff, I like the idea but the execution may get draining. Something's wrong with me but I don't know what, only things I can pull off well are playing videogames and browsing imageboards.
>>3788 Well, part of coming into manhood is learning to overcome adversity. Whether it's demonic oppression intended to rob your life of purpose or progress, or social manipulation intended to force you to 'conform' to the agendas of (mostly) women. >tl;dr Stop being a lazy-ass neighbour. Dig into your soul, and then get to work on something other than vidya and shipposting, Anon. Helping others (if you are doing so honestly and selflessly) will always help you with motivation. Do this long enough and you just might find your purpose in life while you're at it.
>>3785 pretty oaky and you?
>>3788 >Sometimes I long for something like "friendship" and "being in a group", but whenever I try that I just don't want to follow it. I can relate to that. I've forced myself to be more sociable in the past, and most of the time it's done nothing but lead to me champing at the bit to get some time to myself. Some people are just extremely introverted. I don't have any real friends in the usual sense and don't expect that I'll ever have them unless I lived somewhere where I have more of a chance of meeting people I actually have things in common with. But the seemingly low chances of finding someone who has similar interests while being accepting of my political views wood present a problem. >Same thing happened with me wanting to learn to draw, learn to play a guitar, learn to use a daw, learn to make a game. I make an attempt at first but then I get repulsed by the idea of doing it again. I'm in the same situation but force myself to keep on going, even if it's just a little bit each day. I never want to give up my dreams, no matter how difficult it can be to hold on to them.
I'd like to share with you, the second stanza of the poem "The dragon is withered" by Tolkien, I think it's comfy in how it praises the beauty of nature and simple pleasures in comparison to other more extravagant luxuries. The stars are far brighter Than gems without measure, The moon is far whiter Than silver in treasure: The fire is more shining On hearth in the gloaming Than gold won by mining, So why go a-roaming? O! Tra-la-la-lally Come back to the Valley.
>>3794 I think you're looking for >>>/pol/
>>3795 That has nothing do with /pol/.
Open file (18.32 KB 637x164 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3794 Neat. I was just listening to the unabridged audiobook of The Fellowship of The Ring yesterday. Ofc your verse happened 60 years earlier in the universe, but the entire epic is loaded with songs and poems. Tolkien was a brilliant writer, one of my all-time favorites tbh. >>3795 >>3797 It's obs a gayop squatter on the board. I tried to share Hitler's 1923 poem The Mother but they didn't seem to appreciate that AFAICT.
drinkin kava, playin runescape, listenin to asmr. feel berry comfy
Open file (271.01 KB 1280x1440 There!.jpg)
>>3798 As in, it got removed or wasn't appreciated? As a poster there, I woodn't appreciate it; the only really curiosity is that it was written by a celebrity. His arts were generally 'ok', not bad but not anything noteworthy if it weren't for the artist's fame. I woodn't be surprised if it were interpreted as /fascist/ edgeposting for the sake of edgeposting and not for legitimately poetic reasons as the board topic suggests. As a comparison, the Lovecraft poem remains; he's a famous writer for good reason.
>>3800 I wish to retract this comment as my view was overly harsh and I now disagree with it; the board should not need to be about outstanding poetry.
>>3798 it's just a poetry board named /pol/ as a joke, come on
It's also still up >>>/pol/7
Just relax a bit, fellas.
i'm in that comfy posting mood. Tell me what you guys are thinking about?
Open file (340.41 KB 2880x2880 daft punk death.jpg)
>>3808 I was searching for something to eat and opened up a cream cheese pot on the fridge, to my surprise it was green and had a stench so strong, it still remains in my face three minutes later
>>3809 Woah thats nasty. How long was it in there? And did you get something else to eat?
>>3810 >How long was it in there? Probably a berry long time if it remained like that >And did you get something else to eat? I've already eaten a lot though, so I though I should stop there.
Open file (3.42 MB 1463x1094 ClipboardImage.png)
How do they call these were you live?
>>3817 flour empanada
>>3818 yeah that was a given
>>3809 Home grown antibiotics!!
>>3817 Gonna cook fish empanadas this saturday, hmm so tasty
>>3827 Nothing beats the ham 'n cheese ones
>>3817 Teigtaschen
>>3828 Gonna have to politely disagree with you there, anon.
>>3839 I disagree with your disagreement, which do you think are better than the ham 'n cheese ones?
>>3846 Nothing beats sweet beef for me.
I am obligated to post here. But do not take that as an insult, since I visited with the intent of posting. Thank you for being /comfy/, and to the admin who has managed to maintain a /comfy/ atmosphere. Your work is appreciated. Sincerely, moderator of another site.
>>3855 >I am obligated to post here Huh, how does that work?
>>3856 >Huh, how does that work? Simple; when I see a thread, I read at least the first sentence of the OP.
Open file (17.86 KB 500x400 fixingumaru.gif)
>>3183 awww truck im a lurker but I remember when I got here last year and somehow forgot the site always wanted to go back
I don't have much to say so here's an old Roll Minecraft skin that I found on Pixiv long ago that I edited and updated to function with the new skin format. Make sure to use the Alex setting or it'll be completely glitched.
>>3859 I remember when I did a Postal 3 dude skin for minecraft. Wish I still had it
about to go to sleep, hope you guys are having a good night
am retard
>>3873 me 2 wanna hang out?
hope fellow anons are /comfy/ someone came into my room, handing me a letter that is addressed to me and asking about it. the person wasn't rude or anything. it's the letter that got me so un/comfy/ now. it's about some old stuff which i thought i had ended more than a decade ago, but somehow it now suddenly reappears, kinda reminding me that i didn't really cut it off. so now i have to find out how to do it properly, and gosh what a downer it is.
G'night /comfy/
>>3882 Sadly none of those are false claims, fren >>3884 >more than a decade ago Lost son? time capsule letter from relative no longer here?
I hope eberryone is having a comfy night.
>>3858 Welcome back!
>>3893 it's just some finance issue. a small sum, it still got me feeling a bit stressed though i'm feeling pretty /comfy/ now
>>3908 >a small sum You are going to make it, buddy
Let's poll: >glass window on high apartment room at night looking out at the rain and citylights [comfy] <-> [not4me]
>>3910 super comfy
>>3910 not4me I'm more for a small rural cottage with open fire kinda comfy, but i can see how it could be comfy to some
not4me I like my room dark at night
>>3910 Berry comfy, I lived in an apartment like that until about a year ago, I wood sit on the balcony to have a drink, listen to music and watch people go about their lives. Sometimes I miss it.
>>3876 sure fren :)
>>3918 sent ;)

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