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Open file (6.38 KB 225x225 revicon.jpg)
barely ever touch women transporter319 03/22/2021 (Mon) 09:36:54 No.3999
I just turned 41, I have been alone so long. I can talk them up and get to know them but going on dates or being in a relationship never happens. They seem repulsed by me if we ever hang out. The only times I have touched a woman in the past 15 years is drunk at a bar or once from tinder. I am so tired of being rejected. I am a decent looking guy, 6' tall white economically stable enough I am just tired of feeling like a loser. I live in Chicago plenty of decent women here but it's eating away at my self esteem and making it even harder to get with them. I feel so pathetic no woman has ever been in love with me and the women I like always reject me. How do I change
stop caring, stop chasing them, do you, they'll come. getting a gf isn't your purpose in life.
Wish I could give you any advice, anon. But I'm an almost 30 kissless virgin so...
>>4002 take this advice from me, a chad. >>4001 I managed to figure this out despite having autism.
>41 op it's time to stop thinking about women and look into retirement homes
>>4003 I never chased after women, though, at this point I really don't care.
I wish I could help anon, it seems quite confusing and scary to me that one could fail to mate in our world. Although I believe the same happens to women too. Hell, look at Japan. It seems sad as well, since you are being denied your ability to procreate due to the circumstances of our modern world. It is my stated policy that if I ever end up in the same situation you do (no offense, and certainly no fault of your own) I wood try monasticism. Perhaps that can give you some closure.
>>4001 I'm only 25 but that's not really great advice, at least for my social pattern. I've only had three come to me, one was a friend's friend and the other two were approaching me only to ask if I was gay on behalf of a male friend. I wish I were bi, I could have made out a berry conventionally attractive version of moot while dressed as Patrick Bateman, I am not even kidding
>>4009 >>4005 You are still caring Stop caring
>>4011 I only care about comfyness now
it's hard not to care, not having sex and effection makes the world such a harsher place. like you can get away without caring for a few years in your 20s but if you do it for 20 years it becomes really painful. I drink a lot of beer to compensate but my life feels so empty without love
>>4031 Honestly, at that stage I think only a direct relationship with God Himself can suffice. Women alone will never be satisfying.
>>3999 this is the beginning to a manifesto preceeding a grocery store shooting
>>4087 As long as it's not the one I work in, it's all good.
>>4088 >Digits confirms it is the one Anon works in
>>4090 Oh well, I had a nice life
Open file (12.84 KB 426x400 morsa.jpg)
I woodn't worry too much about women, they probably stink a lot.
>>4126 No, you stink!
Open file (196.88 KB 1000x1500 1616620435978-v.jpg)
>>4131 Sounds like something a woman wood say! Hmmmmm........

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