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QTDDTOT - Questions That Don't Deserve Their own Threads Blackshirt Board owner 02/14/2021 (Sun) 21:20:56 ID: 9f7944 No.23085
If you have a one-liner question that won't generate much discussion and isn't related to moderation or requests, or want to post something of interest to /fascist/s but doesn't deserve a thread, post it ITT. Old thread: >>15030 https://archive.fo/PAtaL
Edited last time by FashBO on 02/14/2021 (Sun) 21:21:07.
The last shah of Iran was an Anglo-American puppet and the Islamic Revolution happened in response to his aloofness and disregard of the country's well-being but interviews with journalists towards the end of his reign show him saying that he would slowly break off the west's leash and criticized how powerful the jews were in America media. So now pieces are coming together that maybe the CIA burned down Rex Cinema and not SAVAK or Khomeini's supporters to instate revolt against the shah using the solidly and unashamedly anti-western Khomeini and his clique of mullahs leading to the standoff we have today with Iran that the US hopes to achieve will subjugate the country without fuss because they're an evil regime and hate Freedom(tm) all because the US and Britain didn't like what the shah was proposing. I'm floored by this retarded idiosyncrasy America has of prioritizing short-term goals in the rashest and jumped gun manner possible.
Open file (288.79 KB 1024x765 1584745271563.jpg)
I'm building an archive of /pol/ content and I just finished downloading and numbering every Murdoch Murdoch (including announcement videos and some crappy non-episode memes the Murdochs wanted deleted). I swear somewhere along the way I came across a spreadsheet listing every released MM video, what music was used in it, and what date it was originally released. Does anybody know where I might find such a chart? I mainly want to preserve the date published as part of the filename and possibly metadata. It's not on the cheekyvideos.net site obviously, and I couldn't find it on the argentbeacon.com, murdoch-murdoch.net or the helicoptarianconstitocracy.org mirrors. If I had to guess, I remember the chart had similar color scheme to the helicoptarian site but I just can't find it. Help a datahoarder autist out? And on a similar note, is there any Murdoch Murdoch fan art (such as pic related) or other associated MM data kicking around your hard drives?
>>23147 >And on a similar note, is there any Murdoch Murdoch fan art (such as pic related) or other associated MM data kicking around your hard drives? You can just check in google "murdoch murdoch border runners art" or ""murdoch murdoch art"" and grab them all. But i have some on my hd.
>>23147 Wasn't Murdoch Murdoch saying how some shitskins were based or something?
>>23200 What irked me about Murdoch Murdoch was how obvious of giant newfags they were. This became clear when they gassed Pierce. They backpedaled heavily after that. It's nu/pol/-tier, but if they are waking people up and pointing them in the right direction I can't complain too much.
>>23209 >This became clear when they gassed Pierce. I forgot about that scandal LOL. I never watched the episode though so I don't know how or what, but some criticisms of pierce wasn't "radical" enough and so on and that he was "wrong" when got pissed and went his own way when he wasn't appointed a successor etc. I always tell people that he played his part, he had his avenue and the more White men and women actively playing their parts the better. I think it's so funny though that people's criticisms of pierce is literally so much in vain, he was good at what he was doing and was full on into creating White media before it even was a thing, he was stunningly great at it too.
>>23211 It's been so long since I watched that episode or Murdoch Murdoch in particular I kept watching for a while after that still but basically I think they were using the classic alt-kike shtick of saying that people like Pierce and others from his time were all "WN 1.0s" who were low-brow and actually harmful to our cause. Pierce, unfortunately for them, was exactly the opposite of that. Maybe it would have been smarter if they had gassed David Duke or some sort of Klan fed. Honestly even Duke's book on jewish supremacy isn't that bad though. And yeah, Pierce was a treasure. It's interesting to listen to his radio broadcasts from the late 90s and to see how spot-on he was about everything and how in many ways the same tricks are being pulled today
>>23200 >Wasn't Murdoch Murdoch saying how some shitskins were based or something? I don't think so, although he has said he won't attack non-Whites that understand the (((enemy))) and fight for White interests, though he won't team up with them either. In other words, "the enemy of my enemy is not my friend, but what's bad for my enemy is good for me." >>23209 >obvious of giant newfags they were Yeah. They've come a long way since then. Before they were cheerleading for Trump and encouraging "unity" with the Alt-Right idiots, nowadays they've learned unity comes from a shared weltanschauung and a shared willingness for sacrifice, not diving into a piss-filled swimming pool for the sake of all being in the same place. We were all newfags once, and they were the least obnoxious newfags because they at least learned from their mistakes and made the transition from "muh aesthetics and freedom" to "muh philosophy and destiny." The show is still cringy and badly animated though, and I'm still not sure if that's intentional or not. Mostly I just watch it to remind myself that there are others still out there holding on to their hopes and dreams for the Aryans.
>>23209 No not that. I remember a scene where they were saying something about based shitskins.
I find GypsyCrusader funny but does anyone else thinks he's retarded? He thinks he's fully White while is total cope. >inb4 muh celeb That's why I'm in this thread. Better than making a whole thread about him right?
Is Stormfront down for anyone else? >>23308 I don't like him or any of those other eceleb weirdos like Kami who spend their time yelling about jews and niggers to little kids and mutts on Omegle. It's very sad that so many people follow these people for the dopamine hits and le funnies when they could be trying to better themselves and actually learn more. I've seen a few clips that were chuckle-worthy but I don't get why one would spend a good deal of time with these faggots. It gets old.
>>23310 Why are you using stromfront? Isn't it known to be all ethnopluralistic?
>>23311 I just occasionally lurk there. I don't have an account or anything. They're pretty cucked on Christianity and Trump, honestly. They're really in the past compared to some of the places where people talk nowadays like here. Not all of them, of course, but a good deal.
Did the Greeks and Romans actually accept homosexuality as many fags and (((academics))) claim? I seriously doubt this, however I don't have any evidence nor am I knowledgeable on the subject.
Where will /fascist/ go?
>>23404 Three possible paths right now: >staying here >zzzchan >8moe Staying here is the least likely, but I have asked regardless if it is possible on the stipulation that I crack down on certain types of posts. I do not expect this to happen since a notice has been posted and everything. The second option I am working on in case of the likely failure of option one. I have emailed Sturgeon, the admin of zzzchan, and he has responded to me. Nothing definite here yet, 'but he has responded. With 8moe, we already have a bunker set up there, but obviously there are issues with this site with feds, jews and stuff, so that will be the last-case scenario.
>>23405 >Staying here is the least likely, but I have asked regardless if it is possible on the stipulation that I crack down on certain types of posts. I do not expect this to happen since a notice has been posted and everything. The second option I am working on in case of the likely failure of option one. I have emailed Sturgeon, the admin of zzzchan, and he has responded to me. Nothing definite here yet, 'but he has responded. With 8moe, we already have a bunker set up there, but obviously there are issues with this site with feds, jews and stuff, so that will be the last-case scenario. Are you still going to keep the neuchan bunker running just incase? I know I'm just reiterating the concerns of others but 8moe has that jack off mod Mark who deletes anything he doesn't like so I see that being a huge problem. Looks like these inbred fedniggers are going after site admins as a way to deplatform our types of boards. Would 16chan be a bad option? Seems ok there.
>>23411 >Are you still going to keep the neuchan bunker running just incase? Yes, of course. >I know I'm just reiterating the concerns of others but 8moe has that jack off mod Mark who deletes anything he doesn't like so I see that being a huge problem They're our last resort; I know it's unpopular for obvious reasons, if zzzchan falls through I will try 16chan, though while I use it occasionally, I do not know what their process is for getting new boards there. It would not hurt to try though.
Edited last time by FashBO on 02/18/2021 (Thu) 21:38:03.
>>23374 I've heard some arguments that said that Plato was particularly harsh on homos for his time. That Xenophon advocated for homosexuality in the military and that sex with male slaves was not considered homosexual sex.
Why not go to Neuchan? Easy answer. Btbor course, of the non-Whites here trying to suck on our toes (as evidently seen before in post history) can't come in.
>>23417 I think it happened to an extent and was subject to a bit of controversy from time to time from those who thought it was degenerate. It's very disingenuous when homos try to use ancient practices to justify the modern homosexual lifestyle though. For one, we know that there was no such thing as "gay marriage" since it makes literally no sense, especially from a traditional perspective where marriages built family ties and continued on one's blood line, secondly these weren't even lifelong partnerships (as should be obvious from the first point) but relationships between a younger and an older man, and thirdly they didn't even seem to have a sense that something like an exclusive homosexual "sexual orientation" even existed, and fourthly it appears that sex between the thighs was the dominate form rather than anal. Does that excuse any of this and make it not degenerate? No, but it always redpills one on faggots when they try to tell you that their perversions are perfectly normal. I can't think of the name for it either, but there was a guy who theorized something about homosexuality and climate, someone let me know if they know what I'm talking about. It would explain potentially why some Europeans fell prey to this
>>23420 I want to stay on the clearnet as long as possible, which is the same reason why I refused all attempts to get me to exclusively to move to Neinchan. Plus, if Neu goes down for any reason, where will they bunker? It makes sense to have a place that is separate right now, especially when Neu is new, and while it seems stable, we don't really know yet.
Everyone, remember to archive and screencap everything >>23412 >They're our last resort; I know it's unpopular for obvious reasons, >if zzzchan falls through I will try 16chan, that's the best course of action
Does national socialism have class analysis?
>>23472 Sure it can, Hitler himself talks about class issues in Mein Kampf. Instead of just dismissing the concerns and bad conditions of workers, he is clear to mention that they have real grievances and issues caused by mismanagement and greedy capitalists. The problem wasn't created by jews, it was co-opted by jewish communists. There are other chapters in Mein Kampf too where he attacks the bourgeoisie for various things as well. Class analyses of societies certainly predate Marx. Even in Aristotle's Politics we can see what is some basic class analysis and discussion of how a society with too big of a gap between wealthy and poor is unhealthy and unstable for a variety of reasons. The difference between the National Socialist and Marxist analysis is much different though, as we recognize more than Marxists certain constants in complex societies such as hierarchy, division of labor, certain biological determinates, etc. The goal is not leveling society but a healthy, harmonious organic society. Ways need to be found for the conflicts to be satisfactorily resolved. If that's impossible then we can seek more radical means. Marxism thrives on social conflict, National Socialism social harmony within the group
>>23474 So would you say that Fascism/NatSoc were influenced directly by Marxism?
>>23476 No, they are diametrically opposed.
>>23476 >>23472 NatSocs build directly on the work of Marx, but they're embarassed by this fact and will deny it every step of the way while spewing his ideology. It's sort of like how their entire economic policy is based on the shit-tier economist John Maynard Keynes, but they'll shout >muh third position Because it looks bad when you point out Keynes' theories are what destroyed local economies and allowed the current globalist hegemony to take power. Assume when a NatSox says "we don't use his theories" what they really mean (intentionally or unintentionally) is "we butchered his theories with populist illiteracy and claimed it as our own original idea."
Open file (23.53 KB 600x600 laughing pepe emoji.jpg)
>>23482 >NatSocs build directly on the work of Marx
Open file (124.70 KB 735x873 try.try.again.jpg)
>>23483 You didn't know, Marx himself invented the entire philosophy of the common weal and even traveled back in time to teach the Romans how to tie bundles of sticks
>>23477 Well based on what I've read Mussolini was himself a Marxist, and since he developed Fascism as a response to Marxism, wouldn't that mean that Fascism was born out of Marxism?
>>23489 Everyone tries to claim to build their shit from the Romans. Libertarianism came from the Romans. Fascism came from the Romans. The Romans might as well be the ideological equivalent of "WE WUZ KANGZ" when in reality said Romans were a bunch of ancient frat boys only interested in war, sex, and gluttony/alcohol.
>>23492 Fascism =/= National Socialism, and no it wouldn't, it would mean at best that Mussolini understood what he opposed.
>>23482 Nice try kike, but your bullshit lies wont work here.
>u stole everything from Marx >A commie jew who is only good at stealing from others Fascism is ALWAYS a reaction to communist filth and subversion, and National Socialism was an evolution of that defense mechanism. Only a retarded inbred like you would conflate the two. Marxism/Communism is false rebellion against the "bourgeois" under jew control. Marx was one of them, and like Einstein he stole credit for everything his name is used for. Semites are the world's most deceptive, repulsive, unashamed thieves and swindlers. They are the shit that must be scraped from the collective heal of humanity.
Was Julius Caesar actually a great leader and conqueror or is it all a lie due to the retarded fetishism of him?
>>23492 Mussolini was a former socialist and became a fascist after he got red-pilled on Marxism and how much of bullshit it is. Fascism does not come from socialism nor Marxism, it was inspired and technically started because of the the romantic movements.
>>23482 >It's cute that you're trying to shill here glowie, but pretending to be retarded or coming on a small board just to show ignorant you are is pretty pathetic. >NatSocs build directly on the work of Marx NatSocs was built directly on the works of Germanic romanticism, nationalism/volkism , and classical philosophy. Nat Soc has nothing in common with Marxism for it attacks it as purely Judaic and materialistic garbage that creates illusions of class distinctions and encouraged egilitarian garbage. It's cute that you're trying to shill here glowie, but pretending to be stupid to get an response is pretty pathetic. >but they're embarassed by this fact and will deny it every step of the way while spewing his ideology No one has been embarrassed, I think you need to stop making up things inside your own head. >It's sort of like how their entire economic policy is based on the shit-tier economist John Maynard Keynes Lol what? How are you gonna criticize our idealology by making shit up and not understanding any of our perspectives? Our economic policy is and has always been based on Autarky and not any free-market worships, or Keynesian bullshit or even communist slavery. I doubt you even know who Keynes is and what he advocates. >Because it looks bad when you point out Keynes' theories are what destroyed local economies and allowed the current globalist hegemony to take power Again you're going off on absolutely nothing that we support, take your pills. >Assume when a NatSox says "we don't use his theories" what they really mean (intentionally or unintentionally) is "we butchered his theories with populist illiteracy and claimed it as our own original idea Refer to the post above.
Open file (932.52 KB 320x240 153975694268.gif)
>>23482 Seems you lost your way, anon: bunkerchan is over there to the left, down that cliff.
Why are the jews pushing so much for veganism and synthetic meat?
>>23622 >>23622 >Why are the jews pushing so much for veganism and synthetic meat? Because red meat and a meat heavy diet keeps the endocrine system and testosterone production healthy in men, it gives them vigor and fight, neither of which they want challenging their globohomo empire.
In case if "cunnyposter" or "columbine fag" will return, here is an archive with his posts, so everyone can recognize his shill patterns. https://anonfiles.com/ZeZeI6r8qd/shill_spam_rar
>>23622 To create more of the weak minded and scrawny parasites known as the Leftards. jews want to prevent any future oppositions against them and eating meats such as steak, beefs produces testerone in men and likely cause violence as an act of rebellion against them. Eating purely authentic meat quite literally makes the jew cry in pain, which is why I recommend fascists to eat enough meat even during a civil war.
Is IQ really the determination for success and intelligence?
>>23638 Determinant? no. Highly correlated with? yes IQ doesn't decide anything for certain, but a High IQ is associated with ease of learning new skills and a high natural talent base as it is.
>>23638 An interesting take that has made the rounds on /pol/ before: http://polymatharchives.blogspot.com/2015/01/the-inappropriately-excluded.html TL;DR: The higher IQ you have, the farther away from the cattle masses understanding you are, and finding success within the system is far less likely.
>>23657 I have suspected that for years, tested at 170 at 14 or 15 and couldn't fucking focus on the boring shit we had to relearn year after year after year, glad I got a GED and decided to go into the trades.
>>23626 There are multiple cunnyposters you retard and none of them are columbinefags (Klebold was a jew)
>>23661 Same here, maxed out my test and it didn't help with shit. I'd just short-term memorize the entire textbook for each class in the preceding period, there were very few subjects I actually cared to learn. Dead-average bookworms perform much better at school and in the labor market. The only thing a high IQ helps with in my experience is in using your knowledge flexibly, mostly because it's not gained mechanically. Past 180 points you only get specialized savants that can only function in one field, and the dysfunctional mega-autists they use to push ritalin on healthy children. >>23665 I don't get why people have such violent reactions at the mere sight of a child, but then again I'm not a sociopath.
Open file (414.65 KB 1400x1588 cunnyposter spam 5.png)
>>23664 >>23665 There is only one cunnyposter and it is you. You literally made an edit of Tarrant and Ebba, to portrait him as pedo, but when you were exposed, you began to screeching "lol there is many of us, i'm not one of them, trust meeeee !!11!!". You will never be one of us, you degenerate meatbag, rolfcopter2110.
>>23672 Based
>>23665 Nobody cares about a picture of a little girl they care that you call it cunnyposting and accompany it with increasingly pedo rhetoric and images that slowly push the limits. You also have a jewish way of arguing as if you didn't know all this, like you are not acting in good faith.
>>23665 You need to go away and stop samefagging. You faggots are the type to always have degenerate fetishes in secret. I swear I've found not one pedophile on /pol/ or any fascist circles to not be a furry, a faggot, or into shit that parallels discordtrannies.
Open file (111.08 KB 736x920 girl fashion.jpg)
>>23664 You have to moderate your little girl posting, anon. I'm a little girl poster myself, but I try not to be annoying. This is why people know who you are, but they don't know who I am.
Redpill me on cryptocurrency. Is it real or is it a massive scam? I've been trying to open an account on Binance and several other crypto exchanges but the whole thing seems like a pain in the ass and transferring your money from crypto to fiat if you intend to withdraw seems really complicated and the fees are super high (like 30 USD just to withdraw your money from btc to fiat). Should I avoid crypto entirely? What should I invest my money in instead if crypto is not a good choice. I already have guns, ammo, and food. Thoughts?
>>23672 >>23675 >>23679 This "cunnyposter" created the thread on Neuchan about his Columbine fetish, and accidentally says that he's also "rolfcopter2110". It's a user on Piratebay tracker, and if you watch his uploads it's a mix between schizo tier conspiracy stuff, some /pol/ related things, but major uploads is dyke, gangbang and interracial porn. He's not only a degenerate, but a hypocritical one. He screams about the jews, but in the same time is wanking on jewish produced porn. https://pirateproxy.surf/search.php?q=user:roflcopter2110
>>23688 This isn't proof at all. Three threads were made within a certain window of time therefore they're all by the same poster? It's hilarious seeing you make this shit, because there are absolutely at least two cunnyposters (including myself) and due to the fact that I made the loli thread in the first pic and the CREST shitpost because at that time Neinchan was in chaos. And yes, I'm different from >>23664. It will be proved eventually, and you will feel dumb. Columbine shill =/= OG cunnyposter =/= cunnyposter 2 (me)
>>23689 If you're different then you wouldn't respond and be so depressed to deny that you aren't him. This pathetic dude, there are millions of different things you could instead of stupid crap like this nigger.
>>23690 >Depressed Meant desperate, don't know how I messed that up.
>>23690 >>23691 I'm just trying to stop you from creating a boogieman who doesn't exist.
>>23687 Asked you fags a legit question but if you rather talk about irrelevant board drama then ok.
>>23694 This board is dead the admin cucked and went censorcore like the major corporations google and facebook. If you want to get genuine discussion wait for the 16chan spinoff or go to Neu
>>23692 You made a boogeyman of yourself when it was told you multiple times by multiple anons to stop the lolibait posting but you kept doing it relentlessly, even associating tarrantposting with your disgusting shit lately. Fuck off, degeneracy is not tolerated.
What do you guys think of attack on titan?
>>23702 There's nobody to attack there. Besides that, we don't have weapons that can reach Titan's surface.
>>23702 SNK is one of the most redpilled pieces of media to emerge in the last decade
>>23694 This whole site is a shitshow right now, wait a bit and you will probably get good response from someone.
>>23514 He was a great leader based on his military leadership. He exploited Gaul having a major civil war to conquer the region. However if his nephew Augustus hadn't succeeded in becoming the first emperor then I doubt many would know or care about Gaius Julius ceaser. How often do you hear about Sulla, or Marius?
>>23692 It's not a boogeyman if you quite literally prove that it exists and make it clear that you were the one posting like a fed. >>23702 All I know about it is that it's about Germans fighting humanoid monsters and the guy who made it supposedly defended Imperial Japan and their conquests of East Asia.
>>23712 >It's not a boogeyman if you quite literally prove that it exists and make it clear that you were the one posting like a fed. It’s a boogieman if one tries to turn what is several people into one thing
>>23689 I'm also an infrequent lil' girl poster so that makes at least 3 of us. I guess others of "our kind" tend to congregate on /fascist/ since this is the only place we can post little girls and discuss right-wing matters. Glad we have such a well behaved and intelligent group of loli anons here. >>23687 While I don't know anything about cryptocurrency, I think it's better to invest your time and money into tools, knowledge, exercise, and skills that you will need in the future. Sorry for a poor answer to your question, but like the other anons have said, it's probably best to ask somewhere else or wait until the board moves and ask again.
What's a good source that describes how the government, economy, schooling, and general lifestyle of the average citizen worked in Nazi Germany before the war? What are some /fascist/-approved critiques and quotes on Democracy?
>>23704 What's so redpilled can be in trannime?
>>23720 I wrote about 30 greentext lines attempting to summarize the story but it was too much so I deleted it, you'd just get lost. To be brief and to glance over everything, Attack on Titan goes from dumb run of the mill teenage superpower shit that attracted hambeasts into yaoi, to borderline unapologetic self defense fascist genocide propaganda and an expose on jewish manipulation of Whites through guilt tripping and false records of history. The protagonists gets redpilled over the course of the story culminating in him single handedly cleansing the planet of non-Whites, including Japan. Also majority of main characters have Germanic names, coloured eyes and light hair. The people who tell you that Eldians are jews are retards who were tricked by armbands. Marley are the real kikes of the story. Sort of unrelated but Legend of the Galactic Heroes is a space opera that discusses why democracies are degenerate by design and how great a society built on merit based authoritarianism can be.
>>23714 >It’s a boogieman if one tries to turn what is several people into one thing >(1) There aren't several people getting blamed it's just the one guy aka (((you))) who constantly hides his IP using tor or VPNs to IP hop to create an illusion that there are more than one person posting the crap pretending to be another person. There is no boogeyman you only further proved my point with this post. >>23720 If you actually watch anime you would know about LOGTH and SNK are the most redpilled animes that aren't afraid of express their views and values.
>>23725 Holy shit if you applied this level of schizo energy to offing jews the race war would already be over. I've already told you to calm down and stop being an autist several times, you're so obsessed with this one guy that you've derailed multiple threads across two boards already. Calm the fuck down and stop pointing fingers, I asked you nicely on Neu and I'm not going to ask again. FashBO's too busy to clean up your rants, stop taking advantage of it.
>>23728 Not >23725 but stop projecting and trying to turn the situation in your favor, disgusting perv. It was your awful shitposting that derailed threads in the first place.
>>23720 At the beginning of the show / manga we're basically told that all of humanity has been eaten and devoured by giant titans, and that the only surviving members of humanity live within giant concentric stone walls. All of the characters except one are extremely obvious Germanic as well. It later turns out that they are not the last humans, but rather they are living on an island and outside the whole world hates and despises their people for building civilization and ruling the Earth in the past. They were the Eldians. Most of the Eldians who didn't escape within the walls are oppressed and feared, but they are still reliant on them for their powers to transform into titans Basically: >be Eldian Empire >dominate the entire world and build civilization through the power of the titans bestowed by Ymir (Norse God) >King Carl the cuck feels sorry for the sub-humans so he implodes the empire, brainwashes his people, and brings them to a distant island >the Eldian diaspora left behind gets herded into camps and brainwashed by the (((Marleyans))) to hate their race and feel guilty about their ancestors >Marleyans are entirely reliant on a few Eldians with the power of the titans for their entire empire Once the main character Eren realizes this he realizes that the impediment to his freedom is not mindless titans, but the entire world beyond the island he lives on. This is why he asks if when he kills them all whether his people will finally be free. Also he has a cuck brother who wants all of the Eldians to be sterilized so that their race goes extinct, and he is rejected by Eren, who decides to carry out his ethnoglobe plot. I have to catch up on the manga. It’s not quite finished yet, but his cuck friends are trying to prevent him from ethnoglobing everyone even though the process has already started. I’m sure I will be disappointed. TL;DR The main character is literally an ethnoglober
Open file (16.10 KB 317x472 Codreanu.jpg)
>>23718 >What are some /fascist/-approved critiques and quotes on Democracy? CODREANU ON DEMOCRACY "Nothing frightens jews more than a perfect unity in others: the unity of feeling in a movement, in a people. That is why they will always be for "democracy" which has but one advantage, and that one for the nation's enemy. For democracy will break up the unity and the spirit of a people, which, faced with the perfect unity and solidarity of judaism in Romania and the rest of the entire world, once divided into democratic parties, thus fragmented, will be defeated." "1. Democracy breaks the unity of the Romanian people, dividing it into parties, stirring it up, and so, disunited, exposing it to face the united block of the Judaic power in a difficult moment of its history. This argument alone is so grave for our existence that it would constitute sufficient reason for us to change this democracy for anything that could guarantee our unity: namely our life; for our disunity means death" "2. Democracy transforms the millions of jews into Romanian citizens, by making them the equal of Romanians and giving them equal rights in the state. Equality? On what basis? We have lived here for thousands of years; with the plow and with the weapon; with our labor and our blood. Why should we be equal to those who have been here for hardly 100, 10, or 5 years? Looking at the past,it was we who created this state. Looking at the future, it is we Romanians who hold the entire historical responsibility for Greater Romania's existence; they have none. How could jews be made responsible before history for the disappearance of the Romanian State? To sum up: they have neither equality in the labor, sacrifice and fighting that created the state, nor equality of responsibility for its future. Equality? According to an ancient maxim, equality means treating unequal things unequally. On what basis do the jews demand equal treatment, political rights equal to those of Romanians?" "3. Democracy is incapable of continuity in effort. Divided into parties that govern one, two or three years, it is incapable of conceiving and accomplishing a long range plan. One party nullifies the plans and the efforts of another. What was conceived and built by one today is demolished next by another. In a country in need of construction, whose historical moment is that very construction,this drawback of democracy constitutes a threat. It is as if on a farm the owners would change yearly, each coming with different plans, doing away with what the predecessors did, their work only to be done away with by the next owner coming tomorrow. "Democracy makes it impossible for the politician to do his duty to his nation. A politician of the greatest good will becomes, in a democracy, the slave of his supporters; he either satisfies their personal appetites or they destroy his backing, The politician lives under the tyranny and permanent threat of the electoral agent. He is placed in the position of choosing either the renunciation of his lifetime's labor or the satisfaction of his supporters. And then the politician satisfies their appetites; not out of his pocket, but out of the country's pocket. He creates jobs,positions, missions, commissions, sinecures, all of them loading down the national budget which burdens more and more the ever more bowed backs of the people" "5. Democracy is incapable of authority. It lacks the power of sanction. A party, for fear of losing its supporters, does not apply sanctions against those who live through scandalous business deals running into the millions, through thievery or embezzlement; nor does it apply any sanctions against political adversaries lest they expose its own shady deals and incorrectitudes" "6. Democracy is in the service of great finance.Because of the expensive system and the competition among various groups, democracy needs a lot of money. As a natural consequence it becomes the slave of the great jewish international finance which subjugates it by subvention. In this fashion the fate of a people is given into the hands of a caste of bankers"
>>23717 I think I have interacted with you here before a few months ago. Nice to know you're still around anon
>>23734 as for the upcoming chapters his cuck friends betray Eren and try to kill him by allying with traitors..this is in chapter 137 of attack on titan.. My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.. the last 2 chapters of attack on titan are still being translated i think.
Open file (85.71 KB 720x720 moving forward eren.jpg)
>>23753 The last few chapters have been retarded. I've seen a lot of people comparing it to the Avengers and to Naruto with how Eren's friends are acting and speaking. Especially the giant ass-pull with Falco made me groan with how dumb it was. I'm really hoping that this is some sort of misleading series of events, because anything less than full Eldian ethnoglobe makes zero sense at this point. Either Isayama is a massive hack, or he's going to turn it around and have one of the most based pieces of media in recent memory. Time will tell. Also the last chapters are absolutely already readable, just look at Mangadex. You might need an account though: https://mangadex.org/title/429/shingeki-no-kyojin
>>23736 > equality means treating unequal things unequally What would Harrison Bergeron think of this, Anon?
>>23755 He would agree with that definition. Equality pulls down the natural elites and elevates subhumans. It is always the superior who are pulled downwards and punished merely for being superior by the resentful and envious, which is exactly what happens in the world of that story. The greatest inequality is treating unequal things as if they were exactly the same.
>>23728 If you really aren't that (((guy))) then don't constantly respond back to me. Calling someone schizo and proving my point and over again is just proof that you're suffering from eternal brain damage and probably the reason why you're acting autistic.
>>23762 I'm literally neuchan's admin, this just goes to show how ridiculous your obsession with this is. How many people have you accused of samefagging at this point, is it 5 already? Seriously chill out and think over your actions, this isn't healthy.
>>23762 It's taking all of the power that I have not to little girl post at you to make you sperg out
>>23766 >I'm literally neuchan's admin Proof? >this just goes to show how ridiculous your obsession with this is Quite literally isn't considering you're obessessed with responding to me instead of deflecting it and shutting up. >>23770 >It's taking all of the power that I have not to little girl post at you to make you sperg out >Responds to me twice Lol
Open file (12.73 KB 816x234 ClipboardImage.png)
>>23774 Take your meds
>>23775 >Take your meds Oh sorry for not being able to distinct two of the same torfag, but please keep seething and making excuses that you totally aren't that (((shill))). Allow me to continue to rent free in your head retard lol.
>>23777 >has his schizo samefag theory BTFO >still thinks I'm some imaginary shill living rent-free in his head Kek, wasted trips honestly.
>>23778 >Btfo No matter how many buzzwords you used it won't stop the fact you're coping. >still thinks I'm some imaginary shill living rent-free in his head If you aren't then leave tor or better yet stop responding to me. At this point your just clearly asshurt that you can't convince anyone that you're clearly not a samefagging shittier.
>>23775 I didn't want to get into this convo, but you're retarded, because no one can tell the difference between two anons when they're using Tor unless there is a clear distinction between how your posts especially when you're constantly responding to the same guy. If you aren't the spammer then be quiet and treat a schizo poster as if he's schizo.
Open file (122.61 KB 400x349 chad cunnyposter.png)
>>23775 Un-BTFO-able
Open file (66.00 KB 638x717 cunny juice.jpg)
>>23783 Unbelievably BASED.
Open file (181.41 KB 935x458 schizo.png)
>>23774 Stop fighting windmills. >>23780 Everyone should be using tor you retard. Since when did we go from "imageboards based because anonymous" to "imageboards based because namefag"?
>>23783 >>23793 >>23796 Nigger this is getting pathetic, it's another (1) and torfaggot posts. You're all the same person and you're still asshurt by him calling you out from your kikery. You are quite literally the worst of fascism with being this much of a sperg, because we don't like pedoposting.
Open file (566.80 KB 1024x1024 really.jpg)
>>23797 I've only posted pic >>23796 related to quell the schizo shit, but I guess that won't work with your power-level. I'm literally the admin of this board's sister-site, how have you even survived until now with an IQ this low? I've never [redacted]posted in my life, nor care to, and I'm entirely ambivalent to [redacter]posters. The reason I'm forced to defend them now is because a) they've never actually done anything degenerate and regularly contribute, and b) retards like you are intent on marginalizing people who've done far more than you ever will against the jew. How do you feel knowing that two random autists from across the globe are more based and chadpilled than you ever will? You can rest easy knowing that this shit won't ever be tolerated on /pol/ and I'll be nuking spergposts from orbit starting with today. If friendly advice and mediation doesn't work, it's time for moderation.
Open file (27.07 KB 736x378 unnamed.png)
>>23800 > I'll be nuking spergposts from orbit starting with today Good. You should also be aware when you're getting your place smeared by fake "non degenerate" cp connoisseurs who, maybe, just wish to destroy your board in the cradle to take back their userbase (pic related is from a Neinchan post). on a personal note, I agree with the policy explained in that post completely, and many others as well: degeneracy has no place in national socialism
>repeatedly jump into derail conversation and blow it out of proportion >i am chadmin i am chadmin >fucking derail spergs Slow it down fren
>>23738 Likewise, Anon. I hope we'll be welcomed over at 16chan.
Open file (248.63 KB 746x689 ClipboardImage.png)
>>23783 Highly based
>>23783 >>23793 >>23827 Samefag alert.
Open file (4.80 KB 427x147 ClipboardImage.png)
Does (You) even work for Torfags? I know browser developer tools does.
>>23842 It depends what one has their security settings at on Tor
>>23842 Literally never seen a (You) in my life, I identify replies by their psychic energy signature alone.
>>23797 >You are quite literally the worst of fascism with being this much of a sperg Why are you calling him a fascist even though you yourself correctly identified him as a kike shill? Do you actually believe a fascist would tolerate this sort of Weimar kike degeneracy? It's not a sperg, it's a nose.
>>23853 >this sort of Weimar kike degeneracy? "It was real in my mind"
Are there any good critiques of individualism?
>>23881 Unironically Kropotkin's Mutual Aid. I say this because it BTFOs individualistic Social Darwinism so hard and gives many examples of altruism and cooperation among numerous animals and humans. He doesn't deny the obvious reality of struggle either, but instead sets out to show that struggle is not everything and not necessarily always the best strategy. He's an anarchist obviously so take some of it with a grain of salt but I think it's a good book. Also, if we view groups as units in which there may be greater or lesser amounts of internal competition among the individuals composing the group, it is clear that in a competition between two groups, all else being equal, the group that is more internally harmonious and cooperative among each other will triumph over the groups composed of non-cooperating individuals. Also, people are not complete within themselves. They are necessarily social and dependent upon others for sustenance and support. True complete self-sufficiency is extremely rare. Society is not founded on letting individual passions and desires run wild, but rather by imposing order and discipline. Individualism is the result of capitalist anarcho-tyranny and atomization Things like the prisoner's dilemma are another good example of why rationally self-interested behavior can be self-defeating for all involved.
>>23883 This completely ignores how in-group competition is a driver of individual competency and fitness. You have to weigh the benefits of a homogeneous society against the drawbacks of a feminized, passive population. The ideal group would be the one that engages in total competition internally during peace, but co-operates perfectly when an external threat arises. Most tribal societies were in fact like this, tribes within the same race and confederation would be in a constant state of mild conflict, raiding each other, but would band into a cohesive unit under a king to defend against or invade external groups. This is why the seemingly disjointed, warring Germanic tribes outlasted and later incorporated the Roman empire. A cooperative society is more efficient, and usually stomps everything else at first, but then quickly decays and dismantles.
>>23884 I don't think you're wrong definitely. The only time total cooperation and discipline is necessary is when there is an external threat which requires it. What is crucial is whether one can flip from one to the other on a short notice if necessary. Some competition is not necessarily bad. Humans are not bees or ants, for better or for worse.
>>23370 Someone just posted this in the pagan thread and I thought it was worth reading. It starts talking mostly about Germanic societies but touches on Vedic, Greek and Roman: >>23911
I'm giving up nicotine cold turkey now for a week in feeling so weirded out brain fogged and shit lmao it's actually ridiculous. Imagine thinking nicotine isn't a (stim)drug. Also hasten the transfer I wanna leave this censorcucked niggerfaggot site already
>>23974 I am roughly the same but I have had a single cigarette twice, I do not have these symptoms you describe.
>>23974 >Also hasten the transfer I wanna leave this censorcucked niggerfaggot site already Last I heard they were working on seeing if we could transfer our current threads over. I wasn’t given a time-table but I’ll ask in a day or two for any updates. I don’t want to rush them too much. Good luck on fighting your addiction too. I had a horrible time when I went cold turkey a while back from anything with caffeine, I imagine nicotine would be much worse. Keep it up
What do you guys think about Mark Felton Productions? I like his videos a lot, there's so much footage of Hitler that I've never seen before, and I've seen quite a bit I think.
>>23980 Can you upload an mp4?
>>23974 >Also hasten the transfer I wanna leave this censorcucked niggerfaggot site already To be fair it does seem like they are kicking /fascist/ out begrudgingly. I'm not sure if it's fair to accuse them of censorship, maybe cowardice for bending the knee to the bullies but not censorship.
Open file (90.25 KB 567x754 kekx.jpg)
>>23986 I don't care, I still go to 4chaim sometimes and I literally see posts of that caliber there almost every time. It's just that 4chaim is a comped honeypot and they can and do collect people's digits easily because there's no reason the kikes let it stay up otherwise. Not being able to do this scares them a lot, not being able to topic dilute and fuck over places scare them. So likely these glownigger pedos have to literally resort to posting CP and extort people in attempts to get what they want. And the admin of this site bent the knee and complied which of course means that he's weak little worm who's exactly the reason the internet is dying and even to the extent of lying about it and playing the victim for literally no reason instead of just being honest(I'm guessing they're up his ass so bad he can't be honest or upfront). It's still censorship and It's clearly some kind of a setup because we literally(not joking lmao) have these weirdo state sponsored shabbos goy bullies after us because we live rent free in their neurotic heads for simply being based and disagreeing with the narrative. But whatever, it's no more than an annoyance, myself and everyone like me are just going to keep on trucking.
>>23976 Actually, Caffeine is supposed to be worse than heroine the headaches are something fierce, i've heard, but I never get them.
Open file (422.22 KB 750x1130 Rock-750-1.jpg)
>>23989 Strange I've never really felt I've been addicted to coffee and I drink very strong espresso every day. By the way whoever said coffee withdrawal is somehow worse than H is a total idiot lol. >>23976 Ty and no problem brah, I don't see coffee as anything bad though quite healthy compared to nic.
>>23992 How would you know unless you had withdrawn from both?
>>23993 Lol read about opioid withdrawal.
>>23994 I watched my brother go through it when we shared a jail cell, I have no need to read up on it.
>>23989 What I got was horrible headaches, constant drowsiness, and weird pain / cramps in my lower back and legs. It lasted over a week for me. It wasn't coffee for me though, it was Pepsi and Mountain jew. I don't have anything to compare it against but I’d hate to see how much worse some of these other substances are given that even something like caffeine was relatively unpleasant
Edited last time by FashBO on 02/28/2021 (Sun) 03:22:37.
>>23997 Yeah sugar addiction can be quite tough, soda has to be the worst. Besides that I'm sure the kikes put some crap in there to addict you. Coke seems to be the worst, coke's recipe is also one of the only few products which have their content declaration secret legally, somehow. By the way Russell L Blaylock MD - Health and Nutrition Secrets-Health Press NA Inc. (NM) (2006) link: https://ipfs.io/ipfs/bafykbzacebhufa2ys3kylb34o7apn47nk3ajomqjlob6qbzow4wdnhtylhh7w?filename=Russell%20L%20Blaylock%20MD%20-%20Health%20and%20Nutrition%20Secrets-Health%20Press%20NA%20Inc.%20%28NM%29%20%282006%29.pdf is truly fucking amazing on the subject of health and nutrition and I recommend everyone to read it. It's a gem, like a secret tome you only give to people you care about. >>23995 Yeah it's fucked
>>24001 Of course this was all on purpose. A genocide would probably not be enough punishment against the kikes to avenge the amount of damage inflicted to our race by them.
Open file (289.98 KB 760x580 what to avoid.png)
Open file (984.44 KB 1526x1158 jews_behind_fluoride.png)
jews and (their) freemason servants were behind fluoride, what a big surprise
>>24001 >>24029 I'd like to see the science behind these claims not just words on a White page, where's the data, and the proof it's a significant correlation.
>>23370 Adonis Georgiades - Homosexuality in Ancient Greece; The Myth is Collapsing https://files.catbox.moe/g447s4.pdf
anyone have any suggestions for english/british history?
how is national socialism gonna work if Whites don't help each other? is it even possible nowadays? looking at what the reich was and comparing it to what we are makes it all look like a dream. so much backstabing, abandoment and betrail, just why?
>>24083 We don't have a choice if we want to preserve our race.
>>24083 Go away shitskin and learn how to english before you speak.
>>24083 The people are told and encouraged to be atomized selfish consumer drones by the organs of power. Remove the jews, encourage a cooperation Voelkisch spirit and have the leaders lead by example and society would change greatly
>>24000 >Yeah sugar addiction can be quite tough Tell me about it. I've been trying to quit for 2 years and I keep struggling with it. I've hardwired my brain to associate stress with sugar cravings, and after I have the sugar I feel even worse. Sugar and porn are my worst vices that I've been stuck in for 15 years. They've robbed me of emotional stability, mental clarity, and made me anxiety ridden to the core. Sugar should be classified as a drug and these inbred rats know how addicting it is which is why they put it in fucking everything.
This is the rules of the Nordic Resistance MovementSupporter chat on telegram, i said i;d post them a while back but never caught it until now. >Here's a re-cap of basic rules of this place: >1. Discussions of what Europeans are White or not is not tolerated and will result in an immediate ban. Everyone who's not retarded knows who are Europeans and White. People pushing hostility among Whites are doing the job of the enemy. >2. No siege-posting what-so-ever >3. No posting of degenerate content unless it's relevant to make a point in a discussion about, as an example, modern day society. >4. No "Fed-posting" >5. No religion debate. The resistance movement is not a religious movement and doesn't care about your religious views. Bickering about what religion is best/worst is pointless. Discussing the issues with judaism is of course a different topic. >6. You are free to post links to your own or someone else's content, but do not spam. We reserve the right to remove any said links and will warn if the generosity is abused. >7. No Gore, unless it is relevant to the topic or breaking news. Ask before posting very graphic material.
>>24100 Not horrible rules honestly. The only one I'd consider bad is rule 5. I just think the religion debate is simply too important to ban outright, as long as it isn't pure shitflinging and is constructive.
>>24100 >No siege-posting what-so-ever >No "Fed-posting" No winning allowed
>>24102 All of the rules are kind of shite except 7 and 3 and six literally does not matter, The first is literally in opposition to their name "Nordic" as in Nordicism, the basis of NS racialist theory. the second is of course just fucking retarded, and more about the fucking memesters who don't read siege and just meme the aesthetics, and uberviolence. the fourth is ill-defined and i hyave never seen a real "fedpost" even though feds are certainly in there watching. the fifth defeats the entire purpose of National Socialism and an Aryan awakening at all, Christianity has been what is killing us since it was created we have to defeat it or we will die because of it.
>>24100 >Nordic Resistance MovementSupporter Does this mean it’s not an official chat group at the very least?
>>24110 No it is their official English language chat.
>>24114 Wew lad. I wish I had been right then
>>24100 Notice how they did not say no non-Whites allowed. Unless non-White sympathisers is an okay thing for them?
>>24121 Most people realize that it’s autistic to witch-hunt for non-Whites constantly and the vast, vast majority of non-Whites won’t bother spending their time posting on a chat for a Scandanavian fascist party
is there a right wing matrix server?
>>24122 I'm not sure that them having a rule listed or not says much one way or another. But it's not hard to just ban someone when they say "As a black/asian/spic". Not sure why you would characterize something so simple as a witch hunt. Seems more autistic to White knight for their inclusion on a White nationalist forum.
>>24126 I made that reply thinking the poster might be the guy who is constantly concern trolling about the mere possibility of non-Whites even lurking here, even though it’s impossible to control and not worth even trying to stop. Attention whore non-Whites *should* be banned and anyone who is shilling for inclusion has questionable motives as far as I’m concerned, especially on some place like that.
>>24128 Everyone knows you can't do anything about lurkers.
>>24125 There should be more. I just started using it recently and it’s pretty comfy
>>24137 which servers and rooms are you in?
>>24143 Only the 16chan one. One of the guys helping set up the board for there said it would be better than emailing back and forth so I've been hanging out on there a bit. I'd never really used it before that. I'll have to really explore what is on the platform.
Does anyone think that Anon Cafe 'as a whole has gotten slower ever since it was announced that /fascist/ was getting booted? Am I overthinking and overestimating our importance or is it just a coincidence you think?
>>24157 Most of the activity on the cafe is /fascist/, /k/, /cuckquean/, /britfeel/ and meta boards. Since /k/ got comped by a literal glownigger and /fascist/ is getting deplatformed there isn't much reason to post here except for harem porn and comfy bongposting.
>>24162 Yeah, you're right. The top two boards here have had it rough the last few months, /k/ especially. They were consistently top board until glowniggers had their way with it.
>>24121 They can't or spaniards and italians wouldn't be allowed.
>>24157 a little bit, people must be afraid of losing their posts in case backups fail. I would expect it to regain traction once launched in the permanent board.
>>24153 it would be nice to have a /fascist/ room
I wish these 16chan niggers would speed it up. It doesn't take that long to move threads
>>24170 I wouldn't mind that. I can make one if people are interested and so long as it doesn't turn into cancer
>>24172 It will always be cancer, but make one anyway.
Open file (20.93 KB 766x420 ClipboardImage.png)
>>24177 I'm just getting the 16 chan rooms i was already in, weird. .
>>24178 Wait what happened? A different link that should work: https://app.element.io/#/room/#fashgen:matrix.org Any issues are probably my fault, I'm not very skilled with this yet
Edited last time by FashBO on 03/03/2021 (Wed) 02:34:18.
What do you guys think of this pozzed video i found https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eCkyWBPaTC8 This guy claims that (at one point of the video) Social Darwinism debunks National socialism and that the JQ is just a conspiracy
>>24203 I don't have time to watch a five-hour video right now, but it's pretty funny that he says that Social Darwinism of all things debunks National Socialism. Social Darwinism in its most popular forms is undeniably a form of individualism and pro-capitalism, but there are collectivist castings of it as well, and National Socialism would clearly fall under that heading, as would the ideas of Oka Asajirō in Japan. At least that is what I assume his critique is, because I clicked onto one section to read that "National Socialism is race-socialism with 'individualism' stuck on the side". > the JQ is just a conspiracy Yes, and it's real.
Open file (195.09 KB 1386x546 iraq italians.jpg)
>>24165 Underrated
>>24211 >>24165 Back into the oven shekelburg.
Open file (30.24 KB 1550x159 ClipboardImage.png)
>>24203 >social darwinism debunks national socialism This presupposes that darwinism (social or otherwise) is correct, which it isn't - the weak excel in nature as a rule thanks to their numbers. National Socialism defies this typical, unfortunate circumstance by promoting, celebrating, and venerating the strong, moving the weak from their path so they can run freely forward, through eugenics and policy which encourages strength.
>>24253 Found the Non-White who thinks he's White.
>>24266 found the kike who's trying to make us in-fight. go back into the oven. also, i'm anglo.
>>24264 Yes, and even Hitler realizes this fact about the masses in his works (not surprising as he is a reader of Nietzsche). He realizes that oftentimes it is brute numbers and superior organization that ultimately win out, and stresses the importance of leadership and a state which, like you says, elevates the strong and allows them to prosper.
>>24267 Spaniards and Italians are not White and definitely not Nordic Aryans until proven otherwise on a case by case basis. You are not White or Aryan just because you decided to backtalk me.
>>24289 I'm not a Spaniard or Italian you fucking retard, stop being a purity spiraling autistic kike. You will never defeat us Mr. Goldbergenstein.
>>24298 \I didn't call your IP hopping ass Spanish or Italian you faggot, and no, I won't stop being a nordicist just because you like those hecking darkies from Europe.
>u're not le wyte goy The most ancient kike d&c, decade old, report and move on lol.
Didn't mean to IP hop, I changed devices. >>24302 You're right, I shouldn't of bitten. Thanks for the heads-up.
Is neuchan down?
>>24330 Many such cases. Hopefully it's just some maintenance, but I didn't see any notice.
>>24329 yes, it's been 24 hours now and no sign of chadmin around here
>>24332 Usually chadmin has dropped in around here but it’s just radio silence this time. Would suck if he got v&
and books or sites that document who was in control of the churches at the time of the witch trials in early modern period?
What's wrong with these dumb religious shills? CRESTcucks on the loose?
>>24339 The Neuchan / Neinchan Christcuck shill must have come here. I even saw someone shilling for Andrew Anglin yesterday wew

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