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/sig/ - Self Improvement General Blackshirt 06/11/2020 (Thu) 00:40:08 ID: c5b896 No.926
The quote attached to my post is apparently a fake quote, but the spirit of it ring true to my ear. A healthy body and a healthy mind are key components of fascist living and a perfect balance shall be a key component of any fascist resurgence to come just as it was in the Third Reich and other societies. Some Books and Info: >EasyPeasy Method (free yourself from porn) https://easypeasymethod.org/ >Convict Conditioning (Calisthenics) https://archive.org/details/ConvictConditioning_201602 >Sun and Steel by Yukio Mishima (Attached)
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Bump. I would rather roll if someone has a template
For /sig/ fuel come to >>961 Ignore all rumors of a typo in the title, those are « Fake News » as all the trendy kids like calling ti Now, to get the thread rolling, What order of /sig/ should one follow? If we are talking about basics then health is obviously the most important, out of this a healthy diet seems like the most obvious place to start; cut the soda, consume less refined carbohydrates (I am not getting into any meme diets, Diet Wars make the Yugoslav Wars look like a playground feud) and eat a bigger variety of fruits and vegetables instead the same tired starches, more often but in smaller portions. It is basic, but requires quite a lot of discipline. In my opinion, only then you should start thinking about exercise. However, like in the last thread I would instead recommend cleanliness as the first step. Cleanliness is a necessary habit you must take with you trough your entire life, just like health. But, unlike health, it is much more accesible, offers immediate gratification and can easily be sectioned for easy planing and understanding. Most people have a problem with starting, and things like diets and exercise have a bit of a learning curve to them, it is as easy as a few searches, but it's effects come with time, 30 minutes of cleaning and you will be able to see the results of your work immediately, something which will help with morale, hopefuly used to push yourself trough the learning curve that Nutrition and Exercise requires. So I would say that the first step in /sig/ is: >Clean your room >Clean your house >Clean your work-space >Make your bed as soon as you get up >Wash your dishes before too much accumulates >Clean your floors at least twice a week, if your house is small then broom daily. >Little by little, don't attempt to get everything done in a single sitting >Each week pay extra attention to something different >A lack of order can be excused for, but filth; never At the same time start working on your health, cutting sugary drinks and superfluous candy seems like the best place to start if you are new
>>1077 I needed to vacuum, thanks blackshirt Already quit sugar, no regrets
>>1148 >Already quit sugar, no regrets I will never quit sugar, my sweet-tooth is too massive, but I only consume it in sort-of special occasions, same with alcohol. I only drink alcohol with some meals, and I absolutely detest drunkenness, I have only being drunk once and it was because my family opened a bottle of wine and never touched it, I drank it all since I hate wasting and refrigerating an open wine of such quality is blasphemy. As for sugar I only eat high-quality pastries, or what I make every two or three months. Made Kouign Amann yesterday, ate a single piece and gave the rest away, I enjoy the process more than actually eating; the marriage between chemistry, economics, art, history and culture, not that I do not absolutely love sweets. I also tasted Cacao paste (Dark chocolate is Cacao paste + sugar), it bites but once you get used to it it is like coffee, I could totally see myself eating it over classical chocolate. >tl;dr: I only consume the good stuff and for a reason I guess this approach can also help people who want to quit sugars and alcohol altogether.
What method does /fascist/ use to curb their appetite? After work and exercise I'm so fucking hungry I basically eat enough calories to make the progress negligible when I should be on a deficit of them.
>>1369 A combination of things >Drink more water / tea >Get used to strict timed meals and avoid eating outside of these pre-set times >Eat more low-calorically-dense foods, like vegetables >Eat a variety of small things instead of a single big portion of a single dish
Best shit: >Zen In The Art Of Self-resistance http://www.angelfire.com/ny5/shenandoah/OBB/OBB.html >15 minute workout pdf http://www.sierraexercise.com/workout.html
Open file (202.18 KB 768x1024 1587707483.jpeg)
Open file (660.68 KB 1538x2560 91y+khg2w5L.jpg)
>>1369 Change your food. Try Keto, Paleo, Atkins &c
>>1369 I drink a lot of water. I probably go through a gallon or more per day. Tea is good, too.
What have you done thins week, /sig/? >>1525 >gallon That's too much, plus suddenly drinking lots of liquid can damage your kidneys.
>>1371 >Eat more low-calorically-dense foods, like vegetables This is the key, you want to aim for less calories per bite. It's extremely difficult to adjust to less volume of food, the stomach doesn't shrink overnight.
Open file (108.69 KB 612x792 1502654655813.jpg)
>>1534 Something else is serving-sizes, as we eat double or triple of what we should eat. Before agriculture people ate very little relatively high-nutrition food, after agriculture but before industrialization people ate a bit more less- nutritious food. But now we are eating a lot of highly nutritious food. I have a book containing a list of different ingredients with their serving size and nutricional value. These serving sizes are sometimes dictated by practicality (things that come in portions like sausages or slices) but the rest are standardized to be all around 100Kcal. A serving size of red meat is usually 30g, fish goes to around 50g, chicken 40g. Meanwhile there's lettuce with an obscenely huge serving size of 3 cups With how most people eat (Big slab of meat + vegetables and/or starch) it is very easy to overeat and meet your daily nutritional requirements in a single sitting, only to then have two other similar meals. Even I, who eat very little meat, know how ridiculous 30g is, so you are supposed to « save up » these portions for a single meal a day (I do it weekly) and eat very little meat for the rest of the time, same with starches and the sugar I love so much. I also eat mostly aged meats, they are usually high in fat, but you eat so little of them that you come-out the other end with a win. When it comes to eating there is a lot to get used to, something I have found works for me is trying to do as much as you can yourself. In an urban environment this means baking your own bread, not getting too efficient with it, maybe making it weekly, leaving starches mostly absent for the rest of the week. Raising your own meat is also great when you can, their life cycles, aging and processing serve as moderators for consumption if you keep it small-scale. Moderating mechanisms like this give you a why when lowering the volume of food you consume Right now I am proofing the last of a batch of croissants I made last Monday, my kitchen was too warm while making them so shaping them was impossible *thus no pictures since it is offensive to call those things croissants*, but I rather do this once a month and get good than to visit the bakery next to my house every-time I have a crave for bread.
>>1552 >eating a lot of highly nutritious food >corn starch, corn syrup and sugar >nutritious
>>1569 I said nutritious, not balanced
>>1528 Not all at once; but if you drink a cup of water at a time you only need to drink one every hour.
>>1528 I've been pushing myself more fitness-wise. I'm up to 30 pushups and 5 pullups, which is a dramatic strength improvement versus what I could do this time last year (10 pushups with a lot of exertion and no pullups).
>>2121 >>2122 I would advise to also take into account the water you consume in food, I would instead say 2.5L of liquids a day with the rest of the gallon being consumed with foods. The exact numbers depend on on the individual, but I am sure this a good place to start, Drinking the appropriate amount of liquids has very noticeable effects, I knew I was in the right path once my lips stoped cracking every winter, nowdays my motivator is a feeling of « Hey, I have not drink any water for a wile » instead of thirst. Although, about the kidneys, I did not necessarily meant that drinking a gallon in a short period of time was bad (But it is and takes a special kind of stupid), what I meant is that suddenly increasing your daily water intake by a lot can stress your kidneys since, while they are always working, they are used to a set flow, increasing this flow must be done gradually. >>2122 Do you keep a log of some sort? I have heard that it helps a lot with motivation, specially since improvement is very gradual and manny end up giving up for lack of noticeable change.
>>2127 >Do you keep a log of some sort? I have heard that it helps a lot with motivation, specially since improvement is very gradual and manny end up giving up for lack of noticeable change. I don't, I merely keep track of my progress in my head. My weight hasn't changed much but my physique has noticeably improved, especially my chest, arms, and upper back which is actually somewhat toned now. Seeing that improvement has pushed me to continue.
I haven’t gotten my haircut for nearly three and a half months now, so it’s starting to get pretty annoying, especially around the ears. What are some /fascist/-approved hairstyles? I’ve been having fun with my hair ever since this Covid psyop has started to wind down a bit. Just this weekend I shaved my moustache down to a Hitler stache and did some shopping. No one said anything, but I got some funny looks and some awkward customer service. Worth it though.
>>2281 Hitler youth, by far >>1600 Cut your hair to look good, not to fit a stereotype >>2131 Glad to hear that
>>2284 is there another name for hitler youth cut so It's not as awkard to ask from the barber? I might be getting a job interview soon and I need to make myself look as presentable as soon as possible.
Open file (76.01 KB 797x507 undercut wehrmacht.jpg)
>>2293 >is there another name for hitler youth cut I think it's some sort of undercut. You might have to be careful though, there's a thin line between fashy and hipster faggot. >>2284 >Cut your hair to look good, not to fit a stereotype Don't worry, anon, I always think of aesthetics before all.
>>2281 >I haven’t gotten my haircut for nearly three and a half months now, so it’s starting to get pretty annoying, especially around the ears I'd get a buzz cut, pretty easy to yourself and you'll get a lot of respect by the vets. As long as you don't dress and act like a retard like in the third picture everyone will think you served.
>>2304 I was probably going to go with a buzz cut to try something new. I don't think it'd look bad on me. >As long as you don't dress and act like a retard like in the third picture everyone will think you served. Kek this won't be surprising once I point it out but that pic's from a (((Challahwood))) movie
>>2293 I just show a picture to the barber, but the one I use is of myself, so I am not sharing it here. But I am sure you will find manny references as it is quite the common style, plus barbers are used to work with only references. >>2295 Your picture of Dylan Roof is what worried me, you can defend his actions and fashion sense; but not his hairstyle.
Open file (153.32 KB 938x808 roof bowlcut.jpg)
>>2307 >Your picture of Dylan Roof is what worried me Imagine not being bowlcut gang in the current year
>>2307 >Dissing the valiant and manly Tizoc Cut Shamefur dispray
>>1148 I recently cut a *massive* amount of sugar from my diet. It was my killer, that much I know. Since I've done that and have been using sweeteners in replacement (Which I know, aren't fantastic either but better than pure sugar) I've lost weight, feel better, and want to be better. I'll never be fully out of it and I still get urges, but I've done well so far.
>third pic >self improvement: go to jail, do not pass go lol
>>2281 Are you a homosexual trying to act like a woman? Do you want to virtue signal how you're brain dead? Get a fashy haircut today! Don't forget to visit your local Pool party for all your jewish rent boy needs! Get a haircut that suits you, not a meme one. Your head shape and build is going to define what looks good on you. You want to look well groomed and smart, which means short back and sides with whatever on top fits you. You stand a better chance of finding a good woman and having kids if you dress to suit yourself then if you larp as a 1940s German.
I'm dropping two books I read recently, the first is on diet for improving body composition and athletic performance, and the second is for incorporating functional movements into strength training. If anyone has any requests on specific topics related to lifting weights or diet drop a request, I have a small archive of all the training books I have read and found value in.
I still want to get /fit/ before I do any of this, but does anyone know how one would even start to look into founding their own group? Any guides on this stuff?
>>2474 >guides There are guides on getting people to like you and listen to you all over the place. As far as starting a fascist group, I'm not sure where to steer you.
>>2476 That's no problem, I assume with every case what exactly one would need to do would differ, especially since different founders have much differ visions politically, organizationally and goal-wise. I've been overdosing on Whitepills recently so once I'm a done with my own self-improvement I'll be itching to give my energies an outlet. My thinking is if you can't even bring yourself into good shape, how can one expect to help their own nation?
>>2494 >My thinking is if you can't even bring yourself into good shape, how can one expect to help their own nation? This is helpful thinking, Anon. I've been struggling with weight because I'm a gluttonous fuck, but I realize I need to do more for my folk and get to work or else I'm no help to them.
Open file (565.30 KB 2109x3200 mishima working out.jpg)
>>2518 I think it was from one of the Integralist ideas of "revolutionizing the self" that I got that concept from. It's definitely very intuitive though and a good motivator to begin to whip oneself back into shape with though. Plus as everyone knows it's just wholly beneficial for the self alone as well. Best of luck with your struggle anon, people are going to wish they had done these things when things get bad.
>>2525 Getting into shape and becoming a fetishized version of yourself isn't the same thing. It's good to be healthy, it's not good to be a hunk of meat who has zero stamina. Places like /fit/ are full of autistic asians trying to become men by masturbating to muscle. That's not healthy and requires a lot of effort to become unhealthy that way. Figuring out how to improve your life and taking those steps should come before going to the gym. Running, cycling and hiking will do more to improve you than a gym ever will. Gyms are like a microwave, you use them if you must not over an oven.
>>2534 I completely agree with you actually, but I can see how attaching a picture of Yukio Mishima — regardless of how much I like him as an author — might give the wrong idea (since he was undeniably a very narcissistic and outrageous figure in many ways)
>>2538 Let me help you improve anon. You said ching chong, ping pong, flied liceu chin ching. What you should of said is "I'm sorry for posting a gook, I won't promote non-whites again". If you want an ethnostate for your people you have to stop promoting other races in everything you do. Every asian you post is 1 less post a white man could of had.
Open file (654.74 KB 1211x1920 aryan ubermensch.jpg)
>>2539 Thanks for the advice, bro
>>2539 >should of
A Spartan lifestyle as well as other warrior lifestyles such as the Samurai or Roman Legions to name a few are good choices, ultra-discipline and high willpower will create a strong mind and body which is what everyone should have. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MAFl-gngwS8&t=331s
Open file (44.59 KB 1068x568 mishima violence.jpg)
>>2539 Imagine not liking Yukio Mishima.
Open file (1.20 MB 630x1200 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2539 Judging by your very violent behavior, I don't think it's worth listening to you.
Open file (54.27 KB 713x551 index(2).jpg)
For those new to running that wish to boost stamina, couch to 5k is useful. Pic for ants related but there are other regimens.
>>2633 Here is the same image but without looking like shit.
Open file (628.73 KB 2576x3200 the_plan.jpg)
>>2635 wait a minute........ that pic....... familiar......
Everyone should read Ben Klassen’s work on salubrious living. https://archive.org/details/salubriousliving1982_201907
>>2928 That book is good in some parts, dubious in others. I'm not sure about adopting a "Fruititarian" diet, but I wouldn't say that book is wholly bad and is filled with good info when it comes to refraining from alcohol, soft drinks, processed foods, cosmetics and the like. Likewise there is some very obscure redpills involving shoes and feet in there (shoes deform your feet and make them soft and weak). It probably could have had some redpills about deodorant and spraying yourself with aluminum compounds daily
>>2949 I wonder what is is about diet that everyone has very different and strong opinions about it, we all know about how Vegans never shut up, but neither do Ketofags, carnivores, and every other fad diet. Your diet is holy arcane knowledge buried by evil corporations, and every other diet is evil. Completely ridiculous since we all know /med/ is the best diet and so no further discussion is required
Open file (362.11 KB 577x546 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2950 Med diet seems pretty tasty tbh
Open file (181.59 KB 1224x1176 Integrated Whole.png)
>>2518 >>2494 Microcosms and Macrocosms. Cultivate the self, harmonize with the Laws of Nature. Change in one dimension will ripple out and effect the Whole. https://www.bitchute.com/video/fB022QUjFuqg/
>>2950 >Med diet IIRC Italians had also a set of "unwritten" rules or at least not as well-known like their cuisine that put prohibitions or limits to certain stuff like not cooking meats with herbs or limiting the acidic content of certain stuff due to tomatoes/lime already present. I remember that very well because italian chefs get appalled and distressed when they see northern food like tacos de cabeza, gallina pinta, ceviche among other things (micheladas too i believe) because of them being meat stew with tons of herbs, some of them "poisonous" (bay leaf), and the others being acid bombs with vinegar, conserved tomato sauce and lime. It seems they claim such things either fuck you up with gastroesophageal reflux and mild indigestion with flatulence. They aren't wrong.
Open file (267.42 KB 1440x2560 U3m6Lao.jpg)
>>2950 IMHO the best diet for you is the one that your ancestors would have adhered to. So for example if your ancestors were Scandinavian, you want to eat a lot of fish and meats and not so many plants because of the short growing season. If your ancestors were Mediterranean, you'd eat traditional Mediterranean foods. If your ancestors' diet consited mostly of dairy, then consume dairy! And of course if you can obtain them, wild plants and animals are always better to eat than cultivated/domesticated/GMO/processed food.
Open file (188.34 KB 1080x1080 beautiful white girl.jpg)
>>3008 >tfw no loli daughter to give her lunch This is why I /sig/
Don't forget that self-improvement comes not only from improving the body, but the mind as well. Choose a subject or two that you are interested in and study them, anon. Mathematics or a language are good places to start.
Open file (45.83 KB 489x466 bdm girl league.jpg)
>>3018 >Just as, in general, racial quality is the preliminary condition for the mental efficiency of any given human material, the training, of the individual will first of all have to be directed towards the development of sound bodily health, for the general rule is that a strong and healthy mind is found only in a strong and healthy body. MK, Stalag edition pg. 456 >There must be a certain balance between mind and body. A degenerate body is not more beautiful because it houses a radiant spirit. >What has made the Greek ideal of beauty immortal is the wonderful union of splendid physical beauty with nobility of mind and spirit. MK, Stalag edition pg. 457-8 I also think that this sort of idea is what is touched on when speaks of the the fascist unity of thought and action as touched on by Gentile, Mishima and other (see >>1922), which necessarily condemns navel-gazing intellectualism at the expense of actualizing those ideals and living in touch with reality
>>3045 Right, that's why I said "the mind ''as well'" as it's undeniably essential to hone one's body to be beautiful. However, there is nothing to be lost by honing your mind as well - note the phrase "wonderful union of splendid physical beauty with nobility of mind and spirit." All aspects of a man are essential and none should be neglected - least of all the body, but the mind and spirit are important, too.
>>3047 I might not have made it as clear as I should have, but I was just adding some complementary quotes to your post for the hell of it. When you say "aspects of a man are essential and none should be neglected" you are 100% correct and I couldn't possibly disagree. Both the brainless meathead and sickly intellectual are two kinds of imbalance. A harmony is required.
Open file (1.12 MB 3285x4926 p3iHC90.jpg)
>>3012 Wanting loli daughters is a very understandable reason to /sig/, my friend.
Open file (32.81 KB 540x378 amish family.jpg)
>>3080 Ever since becoming redpilled I've always wanted a big family since I come from a small one. Back when I was bluepilled I didn't even want children, or at least that's what I told myself. May all anons /sig/ until they can have a big family.
Open file (1.43 MB 720x404 Heaven.mp4)
>>3008 >>3007 According to a teacher the Mexican diet before the Porfiriato was pretty /med/, Aztecs and other precolumbian tribes were next to vegetarian, pretty sure they are more human meat for ritualistic reasons than animal meat for nourishment. Our obsession with meat comes from the idea that since Europeans ate a lot of meat and drank beer then we must too if we are veer to reach their level. Pretty sure almost all cultures were like this, eating this much meat is poorfag coping trying to be like the gout ridden nobility, not knowing that monasteries had by far the best diet. The only reason the diet is referred to as « mediterranean » is because they were the only ones who kept this diet until the time these studies were conducted >>3007 The Italian diet makes a lot on emphasis on controlling acidity as it is one of their main flavor profiles, it makes sense that they developed such doctrine. I think Mexicans are slightly more resistant to acidic foods, but if you get sick and fuck-up your gastrointestinal flora you will be very restricted on your diet, aside from stoping this obsession with acidity we must also introduce more probiotics in our diet. >>3012 >>3080 Healthy and happy Lolis are a rebellion against the modern world
>>2950 I think the carnivore diet makes the most sense, personally. Although, you have to remember that carnivores do include fruit into their diet for sugar and hydration so it doesn't consist purely of animal products. Anything that takes hours to prepare and takes a shitton of sauces and herbs to be able to taste appetizing can't be what nature intented us to eat (you don't really need to add anything to animal products for it to taste good for example, it just naturally feels right to eat them). But if you don't want to stick to that, at the very least, you should avoid foods with grains in it and eat the reverse of the modern food pyramid (so, foods in the upper layers should take higher priority and foods in the lower layers should take the least priority). It's weird how people who realize that those ruling over them have bad intentions and want them to be unhealthy do not apply this same mindset to what they have been taught about food from the same media and education system that they acknowledge as harmful. Animal products increase your testosterone and are what give you essential nutrients, plant-based foods make you fat and give you digestive issuses, it's obvious which one they would prefer us to eat. Which is why we have been taught that we should eat as little animal foods as possible and that we can even stay healthy without ever eating meat. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CBlGLtCll3k
>>3206 Carnivore in theory isn't bad but too much carbohydrate restriction can crash your testosterone. It's a bit individual but in my case I can keep to a mostly carb free diet if I do carefully planned carb refeeds twice a week. I train frequently so it is possible to go longer without carbs if you aren't depleting glycogen, but I wouldn't drop below 1 day a week of adding in carbs.
>>3206 I think that would be paleo, but I dismiss them as their main argument seems to fail to take into account human evolution, if chimps went from vegetarians to omnivores then we can too change out diets trough time. Nutrition and naturalism aside, the main reason I would not recommend a carnivore diet is because you are not going to be capable feeding a defendable population, red meat is about the least efficient source of nutrition, production-wise. I am fine with humans being omnivore-master-race, no need to limit ourselves, we already do plenty of unnatural things, unless you consider this behavior to be an aspect of human nature, in which case cooking would also become natural. >they would prefer us to eat I am sure (((them))) do not care about malnourishing us, but making us eat the most cost-effective diet, peak-condition goys generate the most shekels. They don't tell you that you should eat more vegetables from your garden, but that you should eat processes plant-based meat alternatives. or factory meat full of hormones. But, oh well, when it comes to diet these discussions go on forever and never result in any conversion, so there is no reason for discussion between opposing sides. The fact of the matter is that; all these fad diets sort-of work, but not because of their main argument, but because all of them eliminate junk food and delineate very strict portion-sizes, we humans are too adaptable for just one formula to be the one we should all follow. Plus, I am kind of bored of meat, it is too simple and always tasted the same
>>3205 That video is really comfy. German Shepards are great dogs, I have one myself. That video is the dream haha
>>3209 >I am sure (((them))) do not care about malnourishing us It's less about malnourishment and more about making us low-T soyboys who are easy to control. The promotion of the vegan and vegatarian diet is part of a greater plan, which also includes the promotion of excessive masturbation and porn consumption among young men and the inclusion of estrogen in every possible product you can come across. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P6mq5Fzylek skip to 3:50, that is what the vegan diet does when applied to boys who are still in the process of developing their bodies and that is what they want all boys in the west to be like. And I agree with your last point, so I won't dwell further on it.
>>3212 I was looking for a picture of a man doing a handstand while his daughter watched in amazement, but I forgot to save it, sad, hers was the face I want my daughters to see me with in the future >>3213 Veganism is wrong, any diet that needs multivitamins or obscure « superfoods » from the other side of the pond to complete it is just absurd, peak modernity, thus I do not condone it. My argument is that while meat has manny nutrients not found anywere it is too nutritionally dense for it to be present in every meal without consuming too much fat or the like, but even if reduced, it must always have a presence in out diets. And Serrano Ham is too good for me to ever leave it I do not mind discussion, as long as there is the understanding that we are not convincing anyone with a developed doctrine. In my country medication is not popular, but I think multivitamins and constant medication are the norm in the US, proposing a lifestyle which is only feasible tough (((them))) is very scummy, part of /sig/ should be to promote a lifestyle that can easily be adapted into a self-sustainable one.
>>3214 I am not so autistically into the diet that I would mind people eating the occasional non-animal product purely for taste. But I don't see why one would include vegetables or grains into his diet for health-related reasons as there is nothing to gain from them. Also, according to its Wikipedia page, eating a Paleo diet essentially just means skipping out on processed foods, coffee and alcohol so I don't see how it's that revolutionary. I naturally do not consume cofee or alcohol and avoid processed foods as much as I can, without thinking too much about it.
>>3214 >I was looking for a picture of a man doing a handstand while his daughter watched in amazement, but I forgot to save it, sad, hers was the face I want my daughters to see me with in the future That sounds like a nice picture, if you happen to find I'd like to see it. >>3213 >skip to 3:50, that is what the vegan diet does when applied to boys who are still in the process of developing their bodies and that is what they want all boys in the west to be like. Wow Looks like an ugly little girl. Man, vegans are scum.
>>3219 >Man, vegans are scum. Sadly, you can find lots of these kind of videos of of child-abusing vegan parents destroying the health of their children. They are nearly always white because veganism is based upon self-hatred and favoring the well-being of others over that of your own and your children just like leftist ideologies so there's a lot of overlap between naive white leftists and vegans. https://youtube.com/watch?v=WVTLvKPSg7M https://youtube.com/watch?v=Fxz4P4WM95I https://youtube.com/watch?v=OrTHwabud-g You can always see that the children do not like what they are being fed. Parents always need to force-feed their children brocolli or whatever but there are never cases of parents force-feeding their children chicken or dairy because that is what humans are naturally supposed to eat. When children eat food that their bodies naturally crave, they gobble it all up without protest and will look visibly happy doing so.
>>3223 There's of course this story, where a Australian baby girl was so malnourished on a vegan diet that at 19 months she apparently looked like a 3 month old. https://archive.fo/rUwB1
Open file (89.47 KB 640x799 Why Yes.jpg)
>Why yes, I do read about warrior culture and A E S T H E T I C S for inspiration for my own /sig/, how could you tell?
Open file (337.67 KB 889x465 chad bookstack.png)
>>3288 Hit me up if you need some more books, king.
I am talkiing to myself everyday one part of me says I have gotten stronger but the other part of says I haven't gotten very strong or other people don't notice it and I should quit now. How I stop arguing with myself? I usually out talk myself into letting the Former win but the latter always comes back to bite later on, It's mentally tiring auguring with your own self.
>>3304 You simply have too much time for thinking. When you start to argue with yourself, start lifting or reading something instead.
>>3305 To clarify; only when you argue with yourself about this and other petty trifles. When you're in serious thought, don't interrupt it, obviously. Godspeed, at any rate.
>>3304 It takes almost a decade before you realize how much progress you've made, don't stop or overthink it
>>3304 Take pictures of your journey, specially to keep in mind were you came from, as >>3307 said, it takes a while for you to notice such a gradual change, but if you have a picture of your former self it is much easer to compare and feel motivated
Is it normal to have a hard time breathing (out of breath) for a long time after 10 minutes on one of those bikes which you trample your feet on? Because i've been trying to self improve but i feel like im doing something wrong. Im just trying to start somewhere but it just all feels wrong. I've been isolated for a long time maybe that plays a factor? I was just wondering if anyone here had any knowledge/has experienced this yourself.
>>3317 How long have you been doing this particular exercise?
>>3317 When it comes to cardio, it takes a long time to build up serious endurance. You'll have to keep at it. Also, I'll second anon's question here: >>3325
>>3325 For a month. But i just feel like something im doing is wrong? >>3351 >it takes a long time to build up serious endurance I'll keep at it. Im just worried that something is wrong.
>>3352 >a month give it up to half a year, depending on your current condition. a month is nothing
>>3353 A month is not a long time, but it's possible your form is faulty.
>>3365 I've only been improoving for the last 2 years or so, so it's not like I'm an expert on this. But for me personally, it's something that just came to me naturally as a result of being fed up with the state of my life and living like a pathetic loser during my teenage years. So the fact that you feel the need to improve yourself is already a nice start. I think NoFap is definitely the first step, doing that and quitting my porn addiction was what gave me the huge boost of motivation & energy I needed to pick up lifting, start reading books and generally give up my former nihilist mindset. I know many people who haven't tried it view it skeptically and so did I, but just to be clear, I'm not saying it will give you some sort of superpower or turn you into a different person overnight like some online do, it will simply relieve you of symptoms like brain fog and extreme fatigue that often come as a result of chronic masturbation.
Open file (813.86 KB 1027x1212 mjYEZQX.png)
>>3376 Forgot to add this image.
>>3365 >how do I start Changing your mindset from content masturbating to frustrated with yourself for masturbating is the first step, so you've begun already. >diets Just count calories and eat at a caloric deficit if your goal is to lose body fat. >exercise At the beginning, make a habit of doing it every day. You should walk a mile minimum every single day just so you're moving your body if you are lifting or doing more rigorous exercise. >procrastinating Think about the peace of mind you'll have during the things you enjoy if you don't put off your obligations. At least, that worked for me. >become disciplined I've always been disciplined since I was raised that way, so I can't help you here. >stop consooming I just did this one day. I can't explain why, but I was scrolling through jewtube when I realized I really didn't give a shit what I was doing. That day I went to the library and picked up a book (it sucked, but that's okay) and haven't stopped reading daily since. I wish I could tell you what created that impulse. >stop masturbating This is hard and sometimes I falter. I set up a website blocker for porn and non-imageboard social media sites which has helped a lot - the extra step is enough to deter me every time. There are plenty of browser extensions or add-ons that let you do this for the big browsers (Chrome, Firefox) but if you're using something like Pale Moon or Iridium there are probably legacy extensions (haven't found any for PM which is what I use). Not having one-click access to porn stops people from looking at porn, who knew? >masochism This will come with stopping masturbating. >being social I don't really bother with being social beyond my circle of close friends and family. >foods that are anti-psychotics I'm not a shrink so I have no idea about any of this.
>>3379 If you aren't** lifting or doing more rigorous exercise. Polite sage for double posting.
>>3365 There are two things that need to be done, building of confidence through small successes and habit forming. For the most part anything you can force yourself to do for 3 months will become a habit that you have no issue replicating. You make your way through the first 3 months by taking small steps that make you feel good for succeeding at. For example, if you try and run a marathon your first time exercising you will fail and be discouraged, but if you jog a quarter mile and then walk another mile you will be able to do it and have room for improvement.
>>3365 >How do i stop procrastinating? my school performance was ruined because of me procrastinating Organize, have a schedule, set deadlines >How did you people become disciplined and how can i learn to discipline myself and become a chad like you guys? >like you guys? Anon... I... At least I am still a work in progress, but taking things slowly instead of trying to adapt a bunch of new habits at once has helped me a lot >How can i undo the coomer mentality? i keep consooming non-stop, be it scrolling through imageboard threads or binge watching T.V./youtube and other media etc. When i try to stop i get this weird feeling of emptiness/sadness and go back to consooming. Get a hobby where you produce something >how can i learn to stop masturbating and how can i lower my libido? Get a hobby, I realized that I only masturbated when I had nothing else to do, so I keep myself occupied >how can i stop being a masochist Define >how do i learn be a social human being once again? in only a few years i went from a somewhat social introvert into complete physical isolation, sometimes days pass without me even talking to anyone. Dunno, I stoped caring about that but people still gravitate towards me >are there any foods that are considered natural anti-psychotics or are there natural remedies? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
>>3377 >does nothing all day only improves i had a giggle
Open file (94.30 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
I didn't go to gym today didn't do anything
>>3410 Why don't you just lift at home?
>>3410 Do some pushups or something.
>>3413 I've never understood paying for a gym-membership tbh. I've only ever did calisthenics shit and basic dumbbell stuff. I'm sure I'm not reaching my full potential but I'm a poorfag and like to do stuff in privacy anyway.
>>3419 You can get a lot of lifting equipment for relatively little money if you look in the right places.
>>3419 Memberships grant you special facilities and basically a free entry to a social group, for example my local one has a couple Squash rooms, also a small pool. Paying to do calisthenics and dumbbell is questionable unless someone lives in a really tiny chink-tier apartment. The low-down actually is that some people go to gyms to flex their physique and get picked/pick-up partners for degeneracy. Happens all the time.
>>3442 >I'm trying to gain weight not lose more, what kind of healthy diet do i follow? oatmeal, (white) beans, (add a good shot of oil to everything), rice, cereals (no Kellog's shit), cheese ... basically all cheap high energy food (but again NO junk food) Try not to gain too much weight, though. Even with a very good fitness and lifting program you won't build up more than about 8 pounds of muscle a year on the average, assuming you take no shitty roids (DON'T EVER!) and you don't need to build up 20 pounds of fat in that time that you just have to get rid of later. Some is good though >i don't have the discipline to stay on schedule then have your environment discipline you, organize everything in your life so that all possible distractions demand you to make efforts. Focus by channeling, make a plan, don't think about it write it down, TWICE, THRICE burn it into your brain. It won't be easy but there's no other way and people way below where you stand have made it!
>>3419 >I've never understood paying for a gym-membership tbh Because you're not an idiot. Congrats, gyms are just useful for people who want to turn their body into some semi-degenerate piece of art not really useful for anything anymore. Also for faggots and shallow weak-minded retards who need the approval of their peers to get anything done. If you just want to get /fit and reasonably strong you don't need a gym ever.
>>3442 >trying to gain weight Eat a lot of whole grains and proteins. Junk food will just make you a lethargic fatass, they won't help you for bulking purposes. I'm sure a proper /fit/izen could answer these questions better. >upper body exercises Pushups, pullups, leg raises, sit ups, etc. There are six million exercises for the upper body. >getting impatient for results Envision small gains rather than the final product. >job interviews Depends on the job. For anything decent, wear a decent suit. Most stores will be happy to fit you for one on-site. >how do I not look like a hobo/criminal Shave daily. Shower daily. Style your hair with a pomade or gel or something. Get nicer clothes. >what clothing styles are degenerate or unmanly You should know them when you see them. If you want something safe, go with jeans and flannel shirts or, if it's too hot for that, shorts that go past the knee and plain t-shirts (graphic tees are for redditors). >is long hair inherently degenerate No, as long as it's styled in such a way that you don't look like a woman from behind. Anyway, anon, it seems like you're obsessed with not looking degenerate rather than not being degenerate. One of the easiest steps you can take toward stopping being a faggot is the way you type - cut the emoticons, capitalize the first word of each sentence, use proper punctuation, and stop posting so many faggy memes all the time and your state of mind will improve.
ALWAYS CHECK THE FUCKING INGREDIENTS https://www.bitchute.com/video/uKU6FF5hZL4x/ Junk food is riddled with xenoestrogens, so are most chocolates. Factory-farmers feed their animals (generally cattle, I assume) xenoestrogens to make them fatter for less shekels, it turns up in the meat & the dairy. Oestrogen is a growth hormone & a stress hormone, it will render you fat & neurotic so that your loosh plummets, & your schedules will all begin to fall away.
>>3465 >Too hot for jeans Sorry to meddle in but, hwat? How hot is too hot for some good old sturdy jeans? i use them in semi-arid areas and they are the best thing you can possibly wear for less than 40 bucks. Also agreed with everything said, Integralist hear this man.
>>3442 >is cooming without porn allowed or is it just as bad? Only coom within a woom (sic.)
>>3470 Once it hits over 100 degrees jeans start to get uncomfortable and stick to you.
>>3475 >stick to you. That's a high humidity thing, i agree that tends to happen. But you need +75% for that kind of ball-sticking action, in a dry environment jeans are probably one of the few good pants you can have over 40 degrees. Anything over 60 is just begging to get cooked or you are a demon, chromed hazmat suit is mandatory desu
>>3442 >but i don't have the discipline to stay on schedule >how did you learn patience Not with that attitude Keep it simple and not very strict at first, do not think of « at 18:00 I have to do X » instead allow some flexibility by organizing this as « today I must do X, Y, and Z ». And do not overwhelm yourself with things, again, it is a mistake to try to fix every single aspect of yourself at once, I think that the first thing you should do is to establish a cleaning routine, establish orderly behavior and start on fixing your alimentation. After that you can start with other aspects. I would too start learning manners, the only people who think manners are not necessary are those who do not know them or don't know the why. >you are such a chad (*~*) It may sound like a lot, but I just never openly judge people nor follow gossip, people feel safe around me. Is not charisma, I still treat most people very distantly and speak in a very cutting manner with people I do not know. >You guys have any advice for giving the best impressions during job interviews? Confidence, seriousness but not not in the stick-up-my-ass way, still be friendly but make it clear that you know when to stop having fun and do what needs to be done, eye contact in a reassuring and confident manner; too much and you will pressure people, to little and you will be too passive, make it clear that you want to work, do not imply any intent in leaving, following other plans and the like. Your language also gives up a lot, the difference between « When do we start? » and « Let's start » is that of someone who gets a manager position and someone who gets a lower job. Modern job interviews are full of hidden traps like this, you have to be very sharp. Mind your manners, most are about being mindful of others so they give out the best impression. >how do i not look like a homeless person/criminal Hygiene, cleanliness, nice clothes (not expensive, just well-taken care of), clean skin, clean hair, nice breath, smelling nice, admitting responsibility without making yourself less, >what clothing styles are considered degenerate/unmanly Aside from « bad taste » anything that tries to make up for your faults as a man, clothes are decoration, not the whole thing, wearing nice clothes is fine as long as they match your body and personality. Usually, excessive clothes devoid of culture do not represent any realistic part of any man, and must be avoided >someone in the thread above mentioned hair style, are there degenerate hairstyles? is long hair inherently degenerate? Same as clothes
Bros I am really struggling to give up the liquor. I just love having a few shots of whiskey at the end of the day and listening to my music or watching an old movie with my woman. I know I shouldn't want it so bad but I feel like I need it to really be myself.
>>3523 Sounds like you're a broken person. Wean yourself off it.
Open file (868.43 KB 1562x4158 calisthenics.jpg)
Open file (207.37 KB 1736x1439 gavins workout.png)
I'm not sure if I posted this in another thread or not, but I think that both of these workout routines are great and will give you full body strength, provided you are consistent with it. Personally I am able to do raised leg 1 handed pushups, towel assisted one handed pullups, wall balanced handstand pushups and jumping pistol squats, all for a minute per side(if applicable). I also run 2x a week and recently beat my record for a 5k which is 19:34
>>3566 >is soy milk really bad because i aske because i have milk allergy I know this anon has been b& but to be clear - do not - do not - put soy in your body if you can help it. For that matter, don't drink very much milk as it isn't good for your bones after a certain age.
>>3566 >is soy milk really bad because i aske because i have milk allergy Yes, full of estrogen. They tried forcing it on inmates in American prisons, which caused female inmates to no longer have their menstruation cycles and male inmates to grow breasts. So unless you want to turn into a tranny, it's not recommendable. As for your milk allergy, dairy is mostly good for B12 but you can get that from most other animal products as well so eggs, meat and fish are good enough replacements.
Open file (5.46 MB 2728x2128 soylent.png)
>>3669 I misremembered the story, they injected inmates with actual estrogen, my bad. It's still harmful though.
>>3734 I feel like forced estrogen injections are going on far more than one would think. I'm sure you heard this story but just the other day it came out that a boy in juvenile detention or some similar facility was given estrogen because he was "too aggressive", causing breasts to bud. And then there's pic related. It's weird.
>>3736 They used to castrate prisoners long ago, now they just force-inject estrogen into their bodies. We have come a long way.
I just saw an anon posted a question that /sig/ anons might be interested in helping with: >>4070
Open file (90.02 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
Any suggestions for finding a job today? I just graduated from college and haven't found anything in the last 3 months (my major is related to science). I've been on a couple interviews for entry level positions, but got rejected. I also don't have any useful trades skills. If I can't find anything, I could try working for minimum wage at a grocery store or something. Any help is appreciated.
>>4100 >finding a job Try to get a research position at your university or another nearby school since you're related to science. You might need to enroll in grad school to do that but usually you can get a stipend if you're worth a damn. If you've already done that, my only advice is to apply for a lot of jobs. I can't speak from experience since I happened to be in the right place at the right time for the company I'm working for now, but from what I understand most people hear back from less than half of the total jobs they apply for, get interviews at half of those, and seldom get offers from more than one. If you're in a specialized field, I'm not sure how many options are available, but apply for as many as you can anyway and be willing make a long commute (or move). >I don't have any useful trade skills Get good at Excel. I don't mean start coding in VBA or learn how to create complicated macros, just learn what the basic, common tools do. You'd be amazed at how utterly inept the average corporate baby boomer is at using spreadsheet software, so it's easy to say "Advanced Excel skills" when all you know are pivot tables and VLOOKUP or other relatively simple functions - the company president where I work was stunned at simple sparklines, so the bar is very low for this kind of thing. >interviews "Dress for the job you want" is a meme, wear a nice suit when you go to any job interview after college. (You should wear suits anyway). Men's Wearhouse or some small business equivalent will be happy to get you fitted for a suit and aren't terribly expensive. I recommend getting two to start so you can mix and match shirts or ties and look like you're wearing a different outfit. It sucks to dress according to what's "in style," but do it because that's what interviewers will be looking for. About interview questions, don't try to prepare because your answers will come out rehearsed. Just treat them like a normal conversation (don't be yourself, though, because anons and HR shitters don't mix) and try to seem like you're in control of the situation, but don't be overbearing or overly dominant. Basically, just take it easy enough that you aren't sweating or stammering, but not so easy that you're sitting with poor posture and blowing off questions. To put it another way, pretend to be a normalfag for a while. Once you have the job you can drop the act, though.
>>4103 Thank you.
>>4103 Interviews are honestly the worst fucking thing because the niggers that hire people will schedule tons of fucking interviews hire the first three people that show up and then waste twenty people's time. I once had an interview to be a fucking dishwasher at a restaurant where they made me wait a fucking hour to start the interview then they are very rude to me throughout the whole thing like I'm wasting their time because I showed up and didn't leave after having been made to wait for ten minutes then after the interview they tell me they just hired a bunch of people and that they don't need me. The best advice is try not to give up because you are going to get rejected a lot unless you are super lucky. If you get really desperate for money fast food will always hire anyone they can get because the pay is shit and they treat their employees like slaves so everyone they hire quits within a week unless they are desperate for cash.
>>4103 I was in a hurry earlier and didn't have time to fully expand my post. Anyway, >Get good at Excel Good tip. In fact during my last interview, they asked me what type of experience I had in a certain program similar to Excel, and I said I only had a pretty simple understanding of the program. I'll refresh my skills in these programs. >About interview questions, don't try to prepare because your answers will come out rehearsed Agreed. The night before my first interview, I stayed up late studying interview questions and I ended up feeling more nervous during the interview trying to remember everything. I did however bring up a project the company recently worked on and they seemed to like me mentioning that. Again, thanks for the informative post. >>4123 I guess if they treated you that poorly, you're better off not working there. I'd be pissed too. >If you get really desperate for money fast food will always hire anyone My first job years ago was in fast food and it sucked. I'm sure it's a lot worse now with coronavirus. But I agree, fast food is always hiring, and it's usually a short commute since fast food is around every corner. Thanks.
>>3466 Thank you. Very Informative Video.
>>4204 The alternative is corpulence and stupidity. I'd rather be the best I can than a fat, slow wastoid.
Open file (1.53 MB 3744x5616 1596027343671.jpg)
>>4204 Lolis! More specifically though, marrying a young woman and then raising traditional loli daughters and sons.
Open file (5.38 MB 854x480 The_dreamer hitler.mp4)
>>4204 Politics is the motivation in itself for me. From the moment I wake up in the morning, to me laying in bed late at night, I'm almost continuously thinking about the JQ, the race-problem, eugenics, societal organization and environmentalism. It is painful to look at the world around us now. I only see filth, ugliness, and degeneracy, but I also know what could be if all of this is swept away. >>4211 Also this tbh
>>4222 (checked) How long were you into it until you got burnt out? I've been riding this wave since about 2017 now. The one thing I did get burnt out on was American politics. I realized that it is a complete waste of time to concern myself with for obvious reasons, but outside of that I am endlessly discovering new topics and ideas to explore. Soon I will have to find a way to get into real life stuff, since outside of /sig/ stuff and talking with people I know about these topics, I really do much less than I should be doing. >But i feel powerless as nothing i do will ever make a significant change. Most individuals alone are powerless, at least when it comes to enacting political changes. Don't take this as me targeting you with a tactical blackpill or anything, to me it is just a statement of fact. When individuals cease to be powerless though is when they come together and organize themselves. Great organized groups of people can accomplish great things. >When will that day come? Will we even be alive to witness such rebirth? I don't think anyone can know this for sure. I do know that if no one works towards it will never come. Even if we never see it in our lifetime it is worth working towards, just like people plant trees for their grandchildren to sit under. Even if there was absolutely no chance of victory it would be worth showing the sincerity of our dedication. Better to overdose on Whitepills than blackpills any day. https://www.bitchute.com/video/fB022QUjFuqg/
>>4212 You're caught in a paradox, anon. You can't achieve anything if you're stuck thinking and not doing. Remember, unity of thought and action.
>>4230 Believe me, I'm well aware of the fact right now that I'm in danger of sinking into endless navel-gazing. At minimum, at the moment, I do practice what I preach in regards to anti-degeneracy and health, but beyond the individual level I am woefully inadequate at the moment. The real question for people who reach this point and are self-aware is this: how can someone best help their race and act on their politics? I have a few ideas, for example I've thought about attempting to make an organization sometime in the future, or something similar, but that is a route that I would have to explore some more before making any serious steps.
>>4204 Keep your body healthy and your mental health will follow, it's as simple as that. Also, try not too spend all of your free time obsessing over the degeneracy of the modern world and reading/watching stuff that is meant solely to blackpill you. I think a lot of young people on the right make that mistake. Try to focus on the positive aspects of things.
How reliable are kettlebells for losing weight and gaining lean muscle? I remember on Julay there were NSDAP fitness manuals that used kettlebells a lot but I think it was untranslated from German so I forgot to save it.
>>4300 Well for losing weight, you'd want to focus on consuming less calories than your body burns. Search for a TDEE calculator and find out approximately how many calories you burn in a day, then eat 500-1000 calories less than your calculated TDEE. As for gaining muscle, kettlebells would work if they're the only things you have access to, though in my experience it's better if you can progress over time with heavier weights using barbells or dumbbells.
>>4340 If it's too expensive to keep buying new weights or get a gym membership just doing progressively more reps with the same weight is also good but that generally gives you a slimmer muscle mass with more stamina rather than huge muscles.
Open file (1.07 MB 1586x1120 1568999260658.jpg)
What do you do in a day? >~530: Wake-up and get ready >600 (first light): go out and jog based on >>2635 but I skip rest days, instead repeat yesterday's routine and do it for longer. I jog in the nice part of town, around my favorite construction sites >~645: get home, bathe, make breakfast, get dressed >800: online classes >~1100: Work, half time >1500: French classes >1700: I teach English to my parents >1900: Cook, homework, etc. >2100: A N I M E >2300: Choose my clothing for the next day, Sleep Should I try to eat something before exercising? >>4204 Pic related
Open file (312.09 KB 1059x962 wojack suicide.jpg)
>>4647 >Pic related Fuck bros I gotta find a wife
>>4647 I am unable to function normally on that little sleep, I need at least 10 hours of sleep to feel like my usual self. What's your secret?
>>4647 >1700: I teach English to my parents You're a good son
>>4649 I don't even remember last time I talked to a female that wasn't my mom
>>4647 >Pic related A good motivator, but it shouldn't be the only one. It does feel like the world is against us in this regard, with multiple forces trying to corrupt and pervert all women (specifically European women) to become the whores, sluts, bitches, and cunts we commonly see today. That isn't to say all women fall into these categories and that some good women still exist, but most of what remains of them either married early or silenced in one form or another in order to continue the status quo. Not gonna say this is the best way to handle the state of our world, but rather than wallowing in what we don't have now and being depressed about it (or be like >>4649 and >>4683), it is better to face reality and accept the truth (in this case, how fucking bad things are) in order to help you find the actual good in this world that will inspire you to protect and strive for it's survival. Better to find a woman while doing something you truly enjoy rather than just trying to find some random one in "usual pick-up places". Do not pass up potential chances to be with someone, but don't just jump at the first woman that gives you attention either. Discipline is key and it takes time and patience to know whether they are right for you. This should also be kept in mind for those wanting to find a wife; even if you were to find your ideal wife now, what good will it do if that's all you are striving for? If, as an individual, a community, or a nation, we are not strong enough physically, mentally, and spiritually to resist the forces that would take that away from us within a generation or 2, what good is having what you currently desire the most now? Even after you find someone, never stop striving to make yourself and your family stronger. The path to a stronger nation starts by making ourselves as individuals stronger. The individual should help the nation and it's people become and remain strong, and the nation in turn helps the individual find what their strength and purpose within it to preserve it. Finding a good woman and starting a family is an important step, but it is still a step that is apart of the bigger goal towards reclaiming and preserving our homelands and our people. Do also keep in mind that there have been many a great men that have done much to achieve such goals without ever having descendants themselves (whether they wanted children or not). Don't give into despair because you don't have a wife and kids. Better to work on and leave a legacy of helping your kin survive and thrive even if you don't continue your lineage, than to have a family, but leave your descendants unprepared and doom them to a world much worse than what we are experiencing now. It's obviously not as simple as all of this, but something to keep in mind. I still have much to work on regarding what I mentioned personally and need to do better at taking more practical steps towards such goals, but I've made some improvements since starting to better myself years ago.
>>4345 That's what you should aim for, anyway. Huge muscles are garish and vain at best and a symbol of perversion of masculinity at worst. >>4647 >daily schedule >6:15 - Wake up >6:30 - Morning shower >7:00 - Breakfast >7:30 - Read or briefly study something, or just browse an imageboard or two depending on my mood. >8:00 - Work begins. I'm working from home, though, so I have a fair bit of free time during my 9 hour shift which I usually spend either working out, reading something, or watching an episode or two of an anime. >17:00 - Work ends, rinse in the shower since I exercised during the day. >17:15 - Make and eat dinner. >18:00 - Study Japanese. >20:00 - Read for pleasure, right now I'm reading a collection of Clark Ashton Smith's short stories. >21:00 - Imageboards or writing depending on my mood. >23:00 - Go to sleep.
>>4694 Good post
My path to obtaining a girlfriend was started with me being depressed about having no girls being interested in me. I began thinking all women were corrupt and I started following MGTOW. But I later had a realization that MGTOW was like the male version of feminism, so I got all the MGTOW thoughts out of my mind and started self-improvement (like lifting weights, being more social, being optimistic). I think a very important thing here was that I improved myself NOT for the purpose of attracting girls, but to actually start loving myself. And within like a month of self-improvement I had a friend tell me that a girl was interested in me. So I went from being a MGTOW, thinking all women were trash to getting a girlfriend in under two months. I agree with what >>4694 said about being depressed. There's a much greater chance that you'll attract someone when you actively try to improve yourself. But if you want to self improve, make sure you do it for yourself, and not for the sole purpose of attracting girls. Women can sense when you are depressed and desperate from a mile away.
Here's my routine >wake up >brush teeth >use imageboard or play vidya >sleep How can I find encouragement to improve myself? I feel that I use imageboards too often and the "haha everything is reddit" culture is just ruining my life as a person who's a normalfaggot at heart.
>>4649 You always be an incel anon. >>4683 imagine being a based WN preaching about your racial superiority when irl you are just a sad incel, cry me a river wh*toid
>>4708 >You always be an incel anon Lol I will never identify with this term. They are cancerous. They spend all of their time blackpilling each other, mindlessly hating women, praising Elliot Rodger and acting generally resentful towards the entire society.
>>4657 10min siestas here and there When you get good at it you can remain conscious while half-sleeping. I also wake-up on my own at mornings when I have self-imposed plans, so being proactive helps me a lot since otherwise my contrarianism will make doing things people tell me to do (even if beneficial) next to impossible, I should fix that since it also manifests in other ways which make speaking with me difficult, I regret manny interactions and recognize that I am in the wrong manny times. >>4649 Not with that attitude. Insecurity is self-proving doctrine, most limitations are self-imposed, the only way of stoping the cycle is out, so go and clean your Room/House, start making your bed right after waking up, have a loose routine, eat healthier and more varied foods, stop seeking distractions >>4694 I've always had a very peculiar situation with women. I am aware of how bad things are, but I am so selective (like a 90% rejection rate, plus I avoid places where degenerates gather) that my sample-group is pretty biased towards the positive. While I still recognize how vapid and stupid most women are, the women I know and get along with stop me from thinking « All Women Bad! ». However, my answer was a bit of a meme, I do not /sig/ for just a woman—and cute daughters I will persuade to never cut their hair—, but also everything around it, if I am to sustain a family than I must be a « complete man », I will not attempt to share my life with someone until I am satisfied with myself. I go by « Become the man you would be confortable marrying your daughter to » . But I do see a family as necessary, since my plans require a family to take-over my work after I am gone, I believe that well-raised, moral, happy children are more beneficial for the world than a lifetime in politics and battlefields. >>4706 >How can I find encouragement to improve myself? A E S T H E T I C S >>961 Are step one, they are motivation to find and develop your discipline. And start thinking for yourself, don't think about what will those anons from my Romanian Baking Chatroom would think, satisfy yourself first
>>4708 How are you able to improve? Isn't you being a shit skin mutt going to make you depressed like that blackpilled ethnoglobe shit skin? What is your source of confidence that you use when you felt that no WN will ever accept what you are?
>>4733 It would be wise to avoid using the word incel if you wish to be taken seriously. Also, /fascist/ is a board of peace and her users would never do something as violent as start a revolution, "anon."
>>4733 >90% of this board's users spend all their time staring at their computer screens while larping as revolutionaries, they are no better than leftypol at this point. Actually, /leftypol/ will always be worse due to their ideology. I'm not just saying "hurr at least we aren't Marxists", I'm saying that they believe that Communism is inevitable and arises out of the contradictions of the current mode of production, so even if they sit on their ass, it appears, the workers will one day simultaneously wipe everything away and usher in some "utopian" future. They're also based on the masses. Here on /fascist/, I have never once heard anyone say that the future we talk about is necessarily inevitable, in fact it is usually put in terms of "act, or go extinct". Now how many people actually do act is another question. This is why we have to keep pushing the notion of the unity of thought and action so anons actually start to get involved in groups IRL and practice what they preach.
>>4779 Neither of those are dialectical materialism, Ethnoglobe is a logical consequence of racial groups following the Natural Order, if it isn't Whites it will be somebody else. and Cosmotheism is also entirely logical and based on the collective observation of European men over the course of our history, put together by one very Intelligent man.
>>4787 What did that post say about Cosmotheism? Was it another "hurr it's just atheism" post? I keep thinking that it might be good to make a thread on this topic, because I honestly believe that it offers a compelling reason both for White survival and that compared to many religious / spiritual philosophies I think it might actually be onto something. Pierce was right when he said that Cosmotheist-like thought can be found all throughout science, Romanticism and European philosophy beginning in the 19th century
>>4820 >"utopian" future. then explain the ethnoglobe thread or the cosmotheist crowd. It's basically dialectical materialism but for Whites. Thats all it said, I didn't know BO-sama removed it, I can still see it.
>>4826 Specifically everything above my addition starting with Thats is what it said.
>>4826 >Thats all it said, I didn't know BO-sama removed it, I can still see it. Really? >>4799 is gone on my end, but I never deleted it – it says “Not found”. I did a delete by IP against one poster and it took out more than I thought, it wasn’t purposeful
>>4828 Was it the integralist Mutt that you deleted? because i thought that was who i was talking to.
>>4830 Yes, it was a broader delete than usual but it was targeted against him
>>4729 I am not the guy you replied to, but I feel that I must say that being accepted by a WN movement should be your source of confidence, being aceptec by any group should not be what gives you feel confident about yourself. >>4832 For how long have you been dealing against him? lately every post under ##Board Owner## has made me picture an image of a man tired after chasing a rat and trashing his entire house in the process, raising his fist in the air and shouting « Dam you Integralist Mutt! »
>>4845 >being accepted by a WN movement Dude you are a hue mutt. The WN movement is only having you around because they don't want the public to paint a bad picture of them. >see? we don't hate all nonWhites! When the jews are gone, you think the WN/NS community is going to still have you around? Think VERY carefully. If you want to know what's really the true plan, go to Neinchan. You have a bounty on your head.
>>4847 And we have a bounty on our head from shitskin invasion. If you don't disengage peacefully and fuck off out of our lands, of course it's a zero sum game. The truth is you won't of course, you won't stop coming here and breeding until we're replaced, so we'll have no choice but to eradicate you.
>>4847 >>4848 Let's not spoil the /sig/ thread with petty discussion >>4851
>>4845 Honestly identification and removal are simple. I’m not gonna say much more though because I do want to remove this issue from the spotlight. Now that people are aware of it it becomes more prosaic and something that can be dealt with with little to no fuss from myself or others.
Is there any good way to make money online with political stuff these days or is it basically impossible with how hard the Jews have cracked down the last few years?
>>5783 Online stuff is for faggots and grifters. If you're gonna put yourself out there might as well be some sort of Mishima-esque madman rather than another LARPer online.
>>2635 >Be stuck at running for 3min and walking 2 for three days. Sure, I can do it, but it feels like I am just barely doing it >At the same time meet with an old acquaintance, he had therapy for running in concrete without the proper shoes >Decide to buy running shoes >Try them this morning >No longer feel that tired Guess I will do R4-W3, my biggest concern at the moment is that I live in a hilly area and I will be literally going uphill once I need to find a new, longer route
Open file (355.76 KB 1080x1350 1598238198900.jpg)
>>5863 >my biggest concern at the moment is that I live in a hilly area and I will be literally going uphill You can do it, Anon. Uphill sounds like a good challenge. I don't run much but I'm strengthening my feet by walking and lightly jogging barefoot on trails innawoods. When you go barefoot your feet become aware of the soil and its composition, wetness, vegetation, warmth, etc. You can walk on the bark of fallen trees, over stones, gravel, sand, mud, and leaves. Each type of terrain has a vastly different texture and feeling. All that information is lost when you wear shoes. I highly recommend going barefoot innawoods to anyone who's feeling adventurous.
>>6143 Sounds fun. Tomorrow is my rest day so I might do some walking innawoods nearby.
>>6143 Form tends to be much better when barefoot as well
>>6592 >>6598 Isn't HRT tranny shit? Correct me if I'm wrong isn't this that same medicine that those fucking rainbow hairs use to change their genders?
>>6677 It’s just another shill post.
>>6143 In the Mexican State of Chihuahua there is this tribe famous for being able to run very long distances in the dessert and either barefoot or with minimal footwear. A woman from this tribe got first place in the UltraTrail Cerro Rojo, and second place in the 100km race, using sandals made with car tires. Can't verify the story, but after the race she rejected an offer from a sportswear company sayung that those who use their shoes are always behind her. Her people are also named « Raramurí » which can be translated to something like « running feet », guess they evolved to be great runners, shame that our government has done nothing for them. I also remember that my grandfather found western footwear very uncomfortable, his whole life he used a slab of leather cut to shape with his hunting knife, then tied with random rope. However, I will not be running barefoot because I live in a city, and all nature around me is not /comfy/ forest lined with moss, but steep hills, sharp rocks, spiky bushes and poisonous animals (similar to what the raramuri are used to). I once had to run barefoot after my dog, got blisters from how hot the street was. Plus, I do not want to invoke footfags.
>>6822 You realize that flags are available here for a reason? And that reason is for posters to use them.
>>6822 How new?
Open file (28.54 KB 400x225 anta baka asuka.jpg)
>>6830 He's just tsundere for you >it's not like I want you to notice me or anything, baka Synarchist-kun!
Open file (315.88 KB 1200x1385 leatherboots.jpg)
Open file (126.62 KB 367x499 hunt.jpg)
>>6814 The Raramuri, or Tarahumara as sometimes called, are tough as fuck dudes but actually their running man traditions doesn't come from going around in mountain sides feeling free (i know you didn't say that but many do) In Northwest MX/Southwest US aka Aridoamerica aka the manliest place this side of the continent there's still some folks who do endurance hunting which is running behind an animal until it gets really tired, then they just bonk it and carry it or cook it on the spot. Nowadays it's done as a ritual only or if rich american tourists pay them for a guided tour, now that's a good trivia from round these parts... They are actually bloodthirsty anglo vets from Irak-Afghanistan War coming in droves from Phoenix in small learjet planes, they usually wear full camo the moment they land in the airport, carry big cases with cool guns (some of them are feds who sell them to local rich guys/cartel snipers) and they are quite hostile to any locals (bad eye, never respond questions) which is bizarre taking into account americans are somewhat known for being idle-minded or friendly when they know spanish. I once flew on one of those planes, cheap as hell to be honest but customs take way to fucking long, and i heard them talk a lot: They are actually very friendly between each other but change tone immediately when talked to by anyone not in camo, even other americans. They are boarded on ground in Land Rover cars made for hunting like the ones you see in african movies, those are the only Land Rover cars in the entire half of this country and you can usually find them parked in airport lots, and some local dudes just drive them to the giant cartel ranches so they can run around for deer and other shit. The Raramuri are the best for that kind of running man hunting but the Hiaki and O'odham nations also do it, in fact the Tarahumaras only use shit footwear because they are eternally butthurt their mountain region is not appropriate for cattle herding, hence why they never had milk, cheese, beef or cool leather mocasins like the hiaki had, so in their tradition they made shitty sandals and deal with it. So anyways the 6'4'' american psychos on top of a truck would just be driven around in the middle of the desert, scanning for animals while the guides/trackers would walk or run behind the truck and tell them which direction or when an animal was moving around; usually this is bullshit, they are the ranch's guards and they know exactly where they are but they need to put on a show to these highly-trained autists. I heard plenty of stories from these ranch guards, they get paid filthy amounts of money and they are all drunkards, talk too much but never details that would put in risk somebody. Once they told me the americans drank an animal's blood, they cut the neck and started pulling out steel mugs and chugged it down, i don't believe it but they say so. Also there's another about some eccentric rich hunter from California who told them that in a previous tour he was tracking and chasing a big ass mule deer (Buro) some time passed and suddenly when he went to piss on a bush the animal appeared behind him, angry as fuck, so he just stood there and the animal walked away glancing at him; The dude didn't shoot out of the surprise and on his way back he realized by the tracks that the deer had actually followed him for a long while, so he advised the vets to not be cocky because the animals there are older and more intelligent than random forest deer. Also the guides swear by the Onza legend, a "cryptozoology myth" which they say is just a cheetah with cougar colors and patterns, lives under rocks or in caves and also high-pitch howls instead of growling, vicious as fuck because they attack dogs and people at will but are a very rare sight. I always loved to ask them about the chupacabras, always got mixed reactions, some look uncomfortable others just laugh, none have seen it but they say to have seen cows victim of weird shit and horses getting scared as all hell near their bodies, which they say usually doesn't happen, the oldest guy i talked with said he only saw that 3 or 4 times in a couple decades so it's just not normal like in the Northeast part of the country which supposedly is more usual (Texas/Coahuila). Wildly off-topic but that's my 50 cents of a peso for more Raramuri context, also just wanted to tell americans to send friendlier people and stop drinking blood from either deer or people.
>>6835 >tfw you will never eat Synarchist anon's bean burrito Why live?
>>6835 >n-notice me, Spic-kun!
/fit/ is dead outside of 4um so I'm asking here. I'm thinking of buying some work out equipment soon. Thinking at the very least of a rack so I can do squats and bench without leaving my house. What else would you recommend?
>>6937 A rope or a big iron screw with a tense nut, both for twisting exercises, those help forearm strength a lot, or just juggle a heavy pole that you might use eventually for lifting. Also a hand grip, you might already have a strong handshake but you'll be surprised how many people ignore exercising their pinky and ring fingers, that's where most of the strength comes when holding some sort of knife/bat/golf/machete/sword/pike/etc and the first thing chinks used to train along with balance that's why the samurai cut the pinky as punishment Hold the grip upside down and squeeze it with only the pinky/ring fingers, it's tougher but you'll feel the difference soon. Not an expert but those are beginner exercises that help a long way, in real life wrist, finger and forearm strength is more important that biceps or a six pack.
>>6937 Certainly get a pull-up bar if you don't already have one. Also I hear gymnastics rings are great for a lot of body weight exercises though I don't own any myself since I don't have anywhere to hang them in my place for now. Dip bars, too. Anyway, for lifting, a rack is probably all you'll need (besides the weights themselves, obviously).
Open file (146.99 KB 1755x2000 1598936440150.jpg)
>>6814 >a slab of leather cut to shape with his hunting knife, then tied with random rope. Nice, I've been wanting to make minimalist sandals like that for thorny terrain. I'm sure the thorns in my region are nothing compared to those in Mexico. >Plus, I do not want to invoke footfags. Lol good point. But yeah, you don't want to go barefoot without access to /comfy/ nature. >>6937 I bought a used bench really cheap like the one in pig related and I love it. It came with an olympic barbell and 300lbs of plates. You can easily do squats, bench, overhead press and many dumbbell exercises. A doorway pull up bar like the other Anon suggested is really good too, you could also find something sturdy to do pull ups on like an Oak tree branch, an I-beam, etc.
>>7052 Plant life is not THAT bad, most spiky plants are very obvious. What you should look-out for are snakes. I have a friend who wants to introduce me to falconry, but we must wait for the climate to cool down so snakes become less active, still, I must wear boots for the who ordeal (not a problem since I have been wearing the same air of boots almost every day for the last four years). I also remember a thread at 4chan's /pol/ about some footfag trend of traditional barefoot women. You just had to see a single picture to know this was a footfag's doing (not just a picture of a woman in a dress who happened to be barefoot, but her lifting her legs to put her dirty, wrinkly feet at the center of the frame), and everyone was calling OP for it. But it shows the coomer mindset of relating everything back to their fetish, people like these are very subverting, even if not intentional, they are hungry for validation so they can feel less guilty about their degenerate habits. >>6834 Your post goes from intriguing, to schizo and back to believable Guess anglos do need blood to survive
I have wooden floor and I don't want to damage it by heavy weights, plates and so on. What do you use as a layer between floor and weights? Some rubber mat? Carpet?
>>7219 Carpet or mats would protect the weights from scratching a wooden floor. I'm not a physics expert but I would not suggest dropping heavy weights on a wooden floor without an inch or so of thick foam/rubber pads. For my home gym I use 2 thick rugs over a concrete floor. For plate storage, I use a weight tree.
What Marital Arts you guys recommend studying?
>>7372 Boxing is the best martial art for practical use. Learning to make your hands deadly is a great tool in situations from self-defense situations to shit hitting the fan and not having any other options. But, there are a lot of useful ones. I saw an infograph on /a/ once, of all places, that listed a bunch of them and why some were or were not worth studying but the main thing I took away from it was the value of boxing. If you're looking for discipline, Karate is probably a good choice.
>>4103 >>4123 Just an update on my post, I got a job. They even offered me the position at the end of the interview. It's not a super high paying job, but it's full time and is great experience. Thanks again for the help, Anons. A tip I can offer to anyone whose applying to jobs, is to make it clear that you're interested in staying with that company for as long as you can. Most places don't want to hire someone who will only work a couple months and then leave.
Is there any one here with a brain that understands what is a healthy apporiate diet that we should take?
>>7568 Eat limited amounts of bread and sweets, get plenty of vegetables and fruits in, and a deceney amount of meat? It's not complicated, anon. Just don't eat like a nigger on welfare, cook your own meals, etc.
>>7441 I'm glad everything worked out, anon!
Anon, what have you done lately? You have clear goals, right? Short-therm, mid-therm, long-therm Sure, it must suck not knowing where to go >>7372 Box, even if you are interested in something else; learn box first
>>8668 >Box It clashes strongly with oriental martial combat and even western based ones due to the legs being sitting ducks when striking. Unless the trainer starts strictly with leg work, because otherwise a basic mid-distance kick to the knee can eliminate any boxer.
>>7372 Any that you can, and like other anons have said, boxing is usually the best available choice for a foundation. Wrestling may be (imo) the ideal foundation, but unfortunately no one really runs "wrestling dojos". The fake pandemic has resulted in a complete shut down of martial arts schools in my area, so good luck with that. Overall, don't worry about styles too much, just try to go with the best teacher. >>8669 I don't want to be an asshole, but you don't know what you're talking about. I've done both (primarily traditional Chinese martial arts and kickboxing, but some pure boxing as well, among other things), and you'll only be better off for learning each. It's really easy to say "just kick the knee" it's another to actually do it when a boxer is busy disintegrating your liver with hooks and knocking your teeth out.
Open file (32.77 KB 298x400 heil.jpg)
Hello, /fascist/! Just your friendly neighbourhood shill here to inform you that Snoozechan has a /fit/ board now. I would love to see the Webring grow its own dedicated fitness community, so please consider visiting and sharing with us your aryan gainz! https://zzzchan.xyz/fit/index.html
>>9203 Nice, we were missing a /fit/ here, I'll be sure to stop in some time
Open file (137.08 KB 736x1308 ClipboardImage.jpg)
Fix your posture, anon.
>>9266 I really need to start doing this. I have a bad posture problem, the problem is that I'm so used to it that it feels strange to not slump or be hunched over by keyboard.
>>9267 It's natural. I'm not sure if your chair has this, but some computer chairs let you adjust how easily it leans back. I keep mine on the highest resistance so I don't just fall back in the chair when I'm reading or watching a video. One thing that can help is putting a pillow behind your head while you sit, so you have something to straighten up into.
Open file (70.74 KB 262x294 ClipboardImage.png)
>>9268 >It's natural A good posture undeniably looks better too. My chair isn't very suited for the recommendation you gave, but I might have to pull out another one and see if that makes a difference. I'm on the computer alot, so it changing that and sitting better could make a lot of difference pretty quick I bet. I'm trying to sit up straighter as I type this, hopefully I can get into the habit of doing it naturally.
>>9270 There are exercises to stretch the over-active neck muscles and activate the underused muscles which can help make it feel better and put less strain on it rather than forcing it. Search "forward head posture correction" in your search engine of choice. Of course you want to be sure you don't have rounded shoulders or anterior/posterior pelvic tilt (the former is more common).
>>9268 It is not natural to stay in front of a computer for hours, so the « natural » option ends up been not well suited for the situation. Plus, it is difficult to feel respect for someone who sits incorrectly, I mean, look at them
>>9300 >It is not natural to stay in front of a computer for hours, so the « natural » option ends up been not well suited for the situation. That's a good point, we weren't meant to sit in chairs all day.
>>9300 I guess "natural" was a poor choice of word. "Itvs to be expected given the circumstances" is what I meant.
>>9300 A good tip is elevate your monitor or laptop to your sight while standing up, by using some boxes and books anything your have, so you can have a good posture using your computer. But the optimal is to use your computer only three hours a day, if you don't use it for work. Bonus: you also can do some Calf exercises.
>>7424 Is it worth getting into a striking sport if you have really bad teeth? Not that I'd be missing much if they get knocked out but implants are expensive
>>9381 Use your own judgment, but I'd say at the bare minimum you should train to know how to fight with your hands. You don't have to box for sport but learning how to throw a punch is valuable.
Open file (84.11 KB 1123x1204 1598680147277.png)
Open file (534.71 KB 906x1280 1596917439774.jpg)
Open file (120.03 KB 700x990 1595529765896.jpg)
Open file (33.84 KB 1404x316 1595529309684.png)
here frens. might be useful.
>>9381 Just get a good mouth guard. The custom ones are only like $50 or maybe $100 and it's what pro fighters use.
>>9381 >Is it worth getting into a striking sport if you have really bad teeth Sure. Wear a mouthguard. You don't want to be hard sparring all the time anyway. Just occasionally. Grappling is almost even worse for teeth. They only time I ever really felt like I could lose a tooth was being in a sloppy guillotine around my jaw instead of my neck. Plus you get slammed and landed on.
What should I do? >Learn a fourth language This one would be for fun, Japanese because I am a weeb, Náhuatl because I want to LARP, Mayan because I adore its writing system, or Russian because I already use it a lot or >Learn to draw because an A E S T H E T I C obsessed person like me should know how to draw, plus, I do have talent. I would be practicing my calligraphy alongside it, I have an Arbeitsbuch with some simple, but beautiful handwriting on it. I also would practice sculpting, I am already much better at that than drawing.
>>9573 Three languages is probably enough, I would go with drawing and sculpting.
>>9573 What languages have you studied, anon?
>>9584 Spanish, English, French I am still studying French, ten hours a week, I am at the stage where you can read most things but can't really talk that much, which in my experience with English means that I need practice over study. I can already read Russian Cyrillic and Japanese Kana and some basic sentences >>9576 Yeah, I was leaning towards that >enough It is never enough
>>9597 Wow, nice. I studied German and French back when I was in school, but I never really got that far in them. My grades were good in there, it's just that how Burger schools they just pour endless vocab down your throats, don't do much speaking and never really try to immerse you in the language. The only thing I'm actively studying right now is Japanese, and I'm doing that through a university. The grammar is of course alien when compared to English or any European language I've really looked into with the word order, the way things are negated, honorific speech, relative clauses coming before nouns and the fact that subjects can often be dropped completely and only knowable through context, etc. It's difficult, but honestly the most annoying thing is the writing system. I hate it. The kana are easy to learn (except for stupid ones like シ versus ツ, or ソ versus ン), but what I hate is the kanji, specifically memorizing the form in my head and then reproducing it in the correct stroke order. Brute rote memorization is the only way.
Open file (272.19 KB 1024x1280 dekinai1.jpg)
>>9603 I keep forgetting things like how le+écrite=l'écrit, I actually avoid contractions (is that how you call them?) in English, but in French it is not an option, now I am suffering. There are also manny cases where I struggle to memorize rule, just to realize that is the exact same as in Spanish, it been an acquired language means that I never think about it. But then comes gendered verbs and it puts me right in my place, what flavor do you like? >j'ai trouvé >j'ai trouvés >j'ai trouvée >j'ai trouvées >german I studied German a long time ago, but I have forgotten most of it, now when I try to speak it I end up using German nouns glued together by French articles and verbs >Japanese This channel makes me want to learn it, maybe it can help you get trough it https://www.youtube.com/c/takumitohgu/videos Yes « Uhh, pretty » is enough motivation for me
>>9610 > I actually avoid contractions Portuguese has those too, I find those easy too remember and convenient that my Spanish is becoming Portuñol
Speaking of Portuguese, I kind of want to climb the Pico dos Marins, she a real beauty. Too bad my dreams will never be real, I never get to anything fun.
Open file (101.86 KB 750x491 winning son suicide.jpg)
Finally trying to cut myself off caffeine, the withdrawal is awful. Root for me, bros
>>9709 make sure to drink some cold water as a substitute
>>9710 Thanks, I'll try it. My major symptoms are a throbbing headache and sleeping more than I usually do.
>>9710 >make sure to drink some cold water as a substitute Dude, cold water is the tastiest beverage there is. It needs to be clean and energized water though.
Open file (37.46 KB 1280x720 shinji cry.jpg)
Now the headaches and sleepiness are gone, but replaced with horrible muscle soreness and stiffness in my lower body. Maybe going abruptly cold turkey was a bad idea
>>9815 Well I'm glad to hear your sleepiness and headaches are gone, just push through for 5 more days and you'll make it. https://www.mydomaine.com/caffeine-addiction >day 6 everything back to normal
>>9816 Wow, that lady has a lot of the same symptoms that I do. If this is any indication by Tuesday or Wednesday I'll be back to normal. Once I don't feel like shit I'll probably have to start doing some exercises again
I am so glad that neither Caffeine, Theobromine nor Theanine have any effect on me >>9719 >Energized water Anon... >>9612 Apparently Portuguese is closer to French than French is to Spanish, those Moors really messed things up. Anyways, you said that you were interested in hiking? Why are you not doing it? I used to go to the jungle, mountains and caves with my father, I stopped because there is nothing where I live, I miss those caves.
>>9833 Just don't drink eight plus cans of Pepsi a day for over a year straight and you'll probably be fine
>>9833 > >Energized water > Anon... You better believe that shit works or I'll energize your anus. (Only the receiving end is gay.)
>>9854 gay /fascist/
I have been using glycine for the last few days, it's a body supplement used by bodybuilders that supposedly helps you fall asleep faster and gives you very intense dreams but I haven't really noticed any difference so far. I do feel like it's helping with muscle growth but that may just be placebo.
>>9859 If it’s only been a few days it’s probably a placebo effect. But even *thinking* you notice results has always been a good motivator for me, so either way tbh.
NoFap or NoPorn - which is more legit?
>>10176 NoPorn + NoFap when appropriate (pure 100% abstinence isn't the way and results in lost nights) t. 248 days, fascism is not the way forward
Open file (105.05 KB 323x291 hitler based.png)
>>10177 >fascism is not the way forward You're right, National Socialism is.
>>10178 You're half right.
Open file (113.02 KB 426x553 tarrant thumbs.png)
>>10179 You'll wake up from the /leftypol/ web of lies one day, anon, I believe in you.
Anons I need help I keep masturbating and can't stop last year I didn't masturbate for almost a year then I broke up with my gf and started masturbating again and can't stop every time I try to stop I just say something narcissistic in my head saying nothing masters I really need help I know it's not chronic masturbation sense I only jerk off once to twice a day but still can you help?
>>10181 The best tips are the following, in my mind: >intermittent fasting >keep away from the computer >taking cold showers >exercising when you feel the urge to jerk off >avoidance of all erotic stimuli (porn, anime shit, girls in swimsuits, etc) >getting another girl
>>10183 >intermittent fasting Not a problem I was doing this last week but got off track and started having snacks here and their >keep away from the computer I work on the computer >taking cold showers I take cold showers but don't shower everyday I think I should start taking them everyday... >exercising when you feel the urge to jerk off I can do that >avoidance of all erotic stimuli (porn, anime shit, girls in swimsuits, etc) semi possible >getting another girl can't go outside only back yard
>>10184 >semi possible Imageboards make it hard, since people post completely unrelated pics of girls’ asses or tits just to lure in (you)s. Luckily here on the Cafe it’s not too bad. >can't go outside only back yard Are you under house arrest or something?
>>10185 >Are you under house arrest or something? maybe
>>10186 Hopefully that isn’t a thing that lasts long. That sucks
>>10176 No porn is more important. Porn fucks you up in ways that masturbation alone does not. You should limit the amount you fap, too, though. >>10180 Maybe he means nationalism. >>10184 Look into meditation as an alternative. That, and take up reading (books, not on a machine) as a hobby.
>>10188 I was looking into meditating most of the time it happens when I have nothing to do. so reading and meditating would be very helpful Im currently trying to find threads with stuff on meditating they properly were old Sig threads
>>9610 Namasensei was the closest one to get me interested until I realized I will never use nipponese in my life outside of obscure games that will never get a translation and jap exclusive imageboards that I can put through a translator anyway. No point in learning a language unless I'm going to be in contact with it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZEA54VJEdE
Open file (25.67 KB 490x266 breivik meditation.png)
>>10188 (heil'd) >No porn is more important This was my intuition as well. As everyone knows, most porn is under control of certain (((interests))). I was also reading an article recently that said that porn addictions, like all addictions, create changes in the brain and do damage to the "breaking system" of your brain, resulting in volume loss, which apparently is an area associated with judgement and control. Outside of that there are obvious a lot more negative aspects as well. >Look into meditation What are the practical benefits of meditation? I always hear stuff like it "relieves stress", but then on the other hand I read stuff like pic related. Does sitting there with your eyes closed really have that great of an effect?
>>10207 It isn't just sitting with your eyes closed. You are in a deeply introspective state while meditating.
>>10388 So have I been misled by Buddhists who say that you shouldn't think anything while doing it?
>>10389 Well there are several schools of thought. Meditation is a complicated subject. But that's the way I use it. There is also using it for transcendance (getting high), or just using it to relax, but I mainly use it to look inward.
>>10389 what meditation is and isnt and what the goal of it is depends on who you ask. there are countless meditation techniques. decide what you want out of meditation/life in general and then maybe you can get a better idea of which authorities you should go to for instructions on how to meditate.
>>10389 >>10391 And to be clear, when you empty your mind as buddhists suggest you are still thinking subconsciously. Sage for double post.
Open file (89.35 KB 600x800 zazen meditation.jpg)
>>10391 >>10393 >>10392 What I had been looking explicitly into was zazen or sitting meditation. I'll link the video I was looking into below. What is strange about that video is that it recommends not closing the eyes, and instead holding them partially open. The main reason I'd looked into that particular method was due to its links with Zen Buddhism and the Rinzai school which was of course popular among the samurai. If something works better I have nothing against it though. My main interests are gaining greater control over my emotions and getting better self-disciplines. I have always been described as a fairly emotionless person by others, but I often fly into a rage easily and find myself in its grap for hours afterwards, not to mention how much the degeneracy of today's world angers me. I do not want to become apathetic to the problems, but merely to look at them from a different viewpoint where I do not get pissed at everything. Anger is a feminine trait, men should have self-control over their emotions and passions.
>>10176 NoPorn, porn consumption damages your brain, masturbation only causes you to lose some nutrients (like Zinc) that are contained in your seed. But if you stop watching porn completely, you will automatically feel less of a desire to masturbate anyway.
>>10463 >But if you stop watching porn completely, you will automatically feel less of a desire to masturbate anyway. I feel like this is a classic case of drinking salt water to quell thirst, only to get thirsty, or to throw kindling on a fire that you're wishing to die down.
>>3734 >I misremembered the story, they injected inmates with actual estrogen, my bad. It happened with just feeding them soy too. https://www.westonaprice.org/health-topics/soy-alert/cruel-and-unusual-punishment-soy-diet-for-illinois-prisoners/
Open file (868.43 KB 1562x4158 calisthenics.jpg)
Open file (207.37 KB 1736x1439 gavins workout.png)
>>3377 >4k >20 minutes I need to correct this, it's 5k in 20 minutes. I've done this, with some effort and obviously consistancy. Here's a basic workout plan. My workout is calisthenics MWF, and running TTSS, with a break day or two in those depending on how I feel that day, but it's gotten me quite far. I can do one handed raised leg fingertip pushups for reps, one handed pullups for reps, handstand pushups for reps and one legged jumping squats for reps. I'm not quite at the top of the pyramid, but I'm certainly top 1% of athletes right now. I also do heavybag work and occasionally sprints. Make sure to warm up before any sprinting work or explosive activity because you'll pull something otherwise.
>>10398 >it recommends not closing the eyes, and instead holding them partially open i think the meditation instructions in bhagavad gita reccomend to keep eyes open. theres a very short and simple mediation instruction somewhere in the book. i think it was to sit on a seat made of deer skin and a cetain grass (just sit on a seat) keep back head and neck in straight line or something, concentrate on the forehead breathe or something, and look ahead but slightly down. something like that, look it up. > but I often fly into a rage easily and find myself in its grap for hours afterwards changing your diet can help with stuff like that, like cutting out garlic and onion, which is almost impossible unless you make all your own food.
>>10703 >Gita Here it is, 6.10-27: "Those who aspire to the state of yoga should seek the Self in inner solitude through meditation. With body and mind controlled they should constantly practice one-pointedness, free from expectations and attachment to material possessions. Select a clean spot, neither too high nor too low, and seat yourself firmly on a cloth, a deerskin, and kusha grass. Then, once seated, strive to still your thoughts. Make you mind one-pointed in meditation, and your heart will be purified. Hold your body, head, and neck firmly in a straight line, and keep your eyes from wandering. With all fears dissolved in the peace of the Self and all actions dedicated to Brahman, controlling the mind and fixing it on me, sit in meditation with me as your only goal. With senses and mind constantly controlled through meditation, united with the Self within, an aspirant attains nirvana, the state of abiding joy and peace in me. Arjuna, those who eat too much or eat too little, who sleep too much or sleep too little, will not succeed in meditation. But those who are temperate in eating and sleeping, work and recreation, will come to the end of sorrow through meditation. Through constant effort they learn to withdraw the mind from selfish cravings and absorb it in the Self. Thus they attain the state of union. When meditation is mastered, the mind is unwavering like the flame of a lamp in a windless place. In the still mind, in the depths of meditation, the Self reveals itself. Beholding the Self by means of the Self, an aspirant knows the joy and peace of complete fulfillment. Having attained that abiding joy beyond the senses, revealed in the still mind, they never swerve from the eternal truth. They desire nothing else and cannot be shaken by the heaviest burden of sorrow. The practice of meditation frees one from all affliction. This is the path of yoga. Follow it with determination and sustained enthusiasm. Renouncing wholeheartedly all selfish desires and expectations, use your will to control the senses. Little by little, through patience and repeated effort, the mind will become still in the Self. Whenever the mind wanders, restless and diffuse in its search for satisfaction without, lead it within; train it to rest in the Self. Abiding joy comes to those who still the mind. Freeing themselves from the taint of self-will, with their consciousness unified, they become one with Brahman."
Open file (30.04 KB 400x568 j4h34jh3.jpg)
I wanna start lifting. What kind of program should I do? Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, or Olympic Weightlifting? I just wanna be strong in general and look good naked. I don't really care for competing . I don't wanna get comically huge like some bodybuilders. I just want a nice physique and have some decent strength. Pic related is my ideal body.
Open file (56.74 KB 437x578 mishima weights.jpg)
Open file (565.30 KB 2109x3200 mishima working out.jpg)
>>11023 I'm very curious of what Mishima's routine was. Wikipedia doesn't give much information: >In 1955, Mishima took up weight training to overcome the inferiority complex about his weak constitution, and his workout regimen of three sessions per week was not disrupted for the final 15 years of his life. In his 1968 essay Taiyo to Tetsu (太陽と鉄, "Sun and Steel"),[76] Mishima deplored the emphasis given by intellectuals to the mind over the body. Mishima later also became very skilled at kendo, traditional Japanese swordsmanship. In 1956, he tried boxing too, although he later gave this up. Beyond "three sessions per week" that tells us next to nothing. I've tried to look this up before and found this: https://www.reddit.com/r/YukioMishima/comments/ar53d4/yukio_mishimas_training_routine/ But the Twitter account is protected, and I can't access what the content was. If anyone knows how to grab it or access it, that would be great. We do know that Mishima was going for a "classical" physical type though, like those seen in Greek and Roman statues.
>>11052 I haven't read Sun and Steel - does he mention his routine at all in it?
Open file (88.70 KB 300x265 ClipboardImage.png)
>>11023 its easier than you think. these days bodybuilding is very much over complicated, pushed by elitism and people looking for a shortcut, supplement industry, the p90x guy selling his tapes, etc. you dont need to eat a specific diet or strictly adhere to a workout program, you dont need to push yourself to the maxx everytime. what is important is that you keep a regular schedule and avoid junk food, get a good nights rest. dont be bent on trying to get results quickly or even lifting just for the results, rather embrace the activity of lifting. if you love your job you'll never have to work another day in your life, if you learn to love lifting without worrying about results you will be sure to see results. https://www.muscleandstrength.com/workouts/dumbbell-barbell-mass-workout.html
>>11063 I think it's more focused on his own experiences and the dialectic between the body and mind, thought and action, and the desire for a beautiful life and an equally beautiful death. That's why I've read in secondary sources, and it basically seems to be so as I scroll through a copy of it right now. I should really get to reading it, it's short.
>>11063 >I haven't read Sun and Steel - does he mention his routine at all in it? Unfortunately no. Sun and Steel is filled with his poetic philosophy/musings as it pertains to lifting but he doesn't go into his actual routine.
Open file (87.09 KB 910x1114 Wim_hof_iceman.png)
>>11066 There's a couple of good routines one could get into with a few differing forms of equipment, from absolutely none(calisthenics) to freeweights and barbells to complex machines to isolate muscles for the sake of recovery for injury. I would say the best way to build a base of strength would be to do calistenics(pushups, pullups, bodyweight squats, dips, planks, etc) either max effort in a set time like 60 seconds, or doing reps for sets. The outcome of which will change depending on what amount of reps and sets you do. As for strength types, it varies in terms of what you want to do and what your goal is. I'll give a rough outline of the rep ranges for differing types of strength which you will alter depending on your goals. Pure strength (1-12 reps) Strength Endurance (12-40) Pure endurance (40+) Endurance can be counted as cardio. As for maxiumum gainz, visable and just being able to lift more weights, go with heavy weight and low rep range. A good example of a popular pure strength routine with freeweights and barbells is starting strength which does 5 sets of 5 reps each increasing weight every set a little bit until you reach just under your 5 rep max. This is done with the big four freeweight exercises, being Squat, Deadlift, Benchpress and Overhead Press, of course each exercise will be a different weight where you are comfortable with them, but this is a very good pure strength routine that is fairly simple and easy enough to do, provided you have the equipment to do so. I wouldn't recommend it to total newbies, but it's great for people who have a decent base of strength who want to get as strong as possible as fast as possible. I've already posted my recommended newbie routine here >>10680 and >>3539 There is also pure endurance routines that you can do, which are mostly about holding static holds, or large amounts of reps at fairly low weights for as long as you can do reps for sets until failure of form. NEVER GO TO MUSCULAR FAILURE! This is very important. If you try it you will quickly injure yourself and leave yourself unable to do normal daily tasks. Listen to your body and make sure to listen good. Any injury will make you have to sit out of getting stronger while it heals back to function so make sure to be careful. Make sure to always warm up before any workout with something comfortable enough like jumping jacks, pushups, pullups or something that you can do with somewhat ease before you do anything involving high strength or high endurence. This goes doubly so for anything explosive like jumping, punching, freerunning(parkour/tricking) where warmup is EVERYTHING or you WILL injure yourself. I'll be looking forward to see you anons get stronger in the future. As the anon I replied to said, it's all about keeping up with it, being consistant, avoiding surgar and carbs, getting enough calories, protein and fat to keep you alive. Make sure to drink lots of water and keep hydrated. Also, strech every morning and do a breathing routine, I suggest wim hof and then a cold shower, it's like free coffee that makes you stronger and more comfortable in every enviornment.
>>11202 >NEVER GO TO MUSCULAR FAILURE! among differences between eastern and western views on bodybuilding, the west is usually of the idea to push it as far as you can go whereas the east is saying to avoid pushing it to the maxx, putting more emphasis on lifestyle and regularity.
>>11212 Pushing it to max is one thing, that should be done every once in a while, but never past that point, you know? I've been through bootcamp and I know what happens when you push past that point of absolute failure. Lots of people I met were crippled for life because of it. The millitary covers this sort of stuff up, but I've found there is a very much open level of abuse from NCO's towards recuits, most often shitskin NCO's to White recruits. Things like refusing to let them have salt to the point of a major breakdown of their nervous system. I've experienced it myself, although not to that degree. I know >it isn't as hard as it used to be Is true, in that they are not allowed to literally beat you(they are it's just against policy, trust me, there were a couple nigs that stepped up and were dropped by a 5'4" mexican who could actually fistfight, was pretty funny, tbh) but more often then not White males are targeted with punishment, rather than nonWhites by nonWhite NCO's for various forms of abuse and overtraining. If I said more I'd dox myself, but know that doing 100 pushups in a few sets is one thing, and yet another is to push someone past muscular failure in every muscle group until they can't walk themselves back is something totally different. You can push yourself, just know your body and know your limits. Don't decide to go run an IRONMAN after you finish your first 5k or do 100 pushups in one set or something stupid like that. Moderate yourself, but keep steady improvement over time. You will notice the difference before you know it!
>>11202 I'm not sure about all the meditation and breathing aspects, but cold showers are great and I recommend them wholeheartedly to anyone. The shot of adrenaline/energy you first get is enough to keep you active and aware throughout the day. It's kind of like jumping into a cold pool or lake but every morning and more controlled.
>>10680 These calisthenics guides are better than nothing but they do nothing for the muscles of the low back. A strong back is important for preventing injury, and for those who prefer a minimalist approach it can be trained with kettlebells. >>11023 The classic /fit/ recommendation of starting strength is one of the best beginner programs but it only works for about 2 months if done as outlined in the book. The best option is going to be finding someone in person who can show you how to exercise safely. An average person trying to accomplish the goals you are looking for will succeed with most any weight training if done correctly.
What does one do when feeling sick? Is there anything you can do to hasten your recovery?
>>11846 What kind of sickness?
>>11855 Cold symptoms like runny nose, sore throat, body weakness.
>>11863 Hot tea with honey for the throat, will soothe the pain in the throat and is good for you and hot soup, soak in a hot bath, drink orange juice or take vitamin C and get rest.
>>11863 Drink water constantly Avoid foods that vitiate the kapha dosha Eat pitta foods that are hot and easy to digest. Dont eat big meals Moderate physical activity to encourage metabolism. Stay warm Drink lots of water
>>11867 >>11868 I'll try those, thanks.
>>11871 An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, while you recover, do think what may have caused your sickness, and prevent it in the future.
>>11872 Do you think I could have caught something at a Trump rally?
>>11887 Those boomers are determined to spread disease (not just corona) to own the libs, so probably.
Reminder to stop watching porn. Preserve your test and retain focus.
Anybody have any meditation guides? I stumbled upon some archived /fringe/ posts on Fringebay explaining different meditation techniques, but the jews have since stolen the website and I forgot to save them.
>>11929 It's not a written guide obviously, but I think the vid I've attached to my post is the best one I've seen personally. Just make sure you turn on the subtitles. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LL2XUTeoUsM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5GSMRUl9UPo The Gita of course has some instructions too: >>10705
Open file (242.90 KB 444x560 ClipboardImage.png)
They seriously fear the semen retaining White man. It would be funny if it wasn't so blatant
Open file (59.76 KB 1280x720 honk clown.jpg)
>>11932 >He's smiling because he's about to boost his mental wellbeing
>>11931 Thanks, mate. I'll watch them tonight. >>11932 That man isn't White, Anon. He looks like an aboriginie or a leb. Maybe an islander. The guy who made this is obviously an idiot though. By his logic, heroin is healthy and choosing not to use it is foolish masochism. You need pleasure to live a healthy life, but you also need challenge and you need to know that you are the one in control of your life. Avoiding internal challenges and mindlessly pursuing immediate gratification makes you meek and spiritless which ultimately leads to more suffering in the future when inevitable hardship cannot be avoided.
>>11953 >That man isn't White True but with all due respect this is a problem any man faces. Pornography is a worldwide problem.
I did two years of college, (freshman year at two different colleges) and flunked out because I am retarded. Right now, I looking at moving out of my parents’ house (again) so I am looking for any job that is full time and preferably has on site lodging. Military is an option but a later one, right now I need to start my life ASAP. It has gotten to a point where among my family and friends good will has dried up because of my stagnate progress in life and good faith has deteriorated due to years of my ‘non-normal’ beliefs and constant failures. Every point of intemdancy seems has been turned into a weakness for the wolfs to attack me with. I do not view relationships as repairable with my family even though, fittingly, there was no dramatic event -or any event that all for that matter- that caused this. Right now, I feel as if I need to put myself in a ‘struggle of will’ in which I go off independent from any one and take no favors and forge my own path. To this I will succeed or fail on my own metrics. Being in one of the more fucked places in my country, most of these jobs everything short of being a migrant farm worker requires five years job experience and four plus non-school, non-family references. Have been looking at construction too, but most of those lists being fluent in Spanish as a job requirement. Most of the entry level position in these fields that I have found are forestry which pays about have as much as I currently get now but I get hazard and over time. In short, I am a young man, most likely one of the younger ones here, and I wish to ask for advice. What would you recommend for me to do? What would you tell to your younger self? Sage because blogpost. I don’t want this to sound like victimizing or complaining. Apologies if it came off that way.
>>12436 >five years experience This is a deterrent. My analysis job required two years experience and knowledge of the industry. I applied anyway and got the job. Shit like that doesn't matter if you can do well in the interview. Have one or two references, use old bosses. That said, the forestry gig sounds pretty good to me. The pay cut sucks but getting away from the positive energy vacuum would be good for you. Regarding your family you could try and repair that relationship once you are standing on your own or you could maintain solitude, your choice. I wouldn't bother trying much now though.
>>12436 I have normalfag friends and I just feel a heartache whenever they listen to bigger music and just talk about normalfag stuff. I've grown up with these people for quite some time and it's just difficult for me to just cut them off. They were fun to hang out with. How do I deal with this?
>>12491 nigger*
>>12491 And to add on - I feel that I can be a normalfag at heart (minus the politics). I always thought that /r9k/ just needed a few people to understand their worries and they'll be fine.
>>11932 Not sure if this has already been posted, but any anons who are trying to give up (((porn))) should read easypeasy https://easypeasymethod.org/ It took me 3 reads to actually get it, but it does actually work as long as you follow the instructions. >>11934 I haven't fapped in 7 days and I feel 10x better than when I do fap. Although, I've also been doing self improvement shit so it's probably a combination of both.
>>12495 Thanks for the recommendation of that site, anon. I have just read up to where he is about to begin describing his method. He seems quite confident. If anyone can cure me of the problem I've had he's a miracle worker, so I'm interested to keep reading on.
>>12488 heil 'd Thanks anon, it is nice to hear my train of thought is not unreasonable, will be pulling the trigger on executing my plans this by the end of the year.
>>12584 Best of luck, anon
Open file (107.13 KB 501x276 ClipboardImage.png)
What are replacements for deodorant and toothpaste? I hate that I have to sound like a disgusting slob to even ask this, but most antiperspirants I've learned are full of aluminum compounds and have estrogen-like effects on the body, and we of course know that toothpaste is full of fluoride. I've been thinking of trying a miswak like Arabs use. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3gyLDGaKUGs
>>12665 I use Old Spice Classic, i know it's proctor and gamble but it's primary ingredient is denatured alcohol and propylene Glycol it works quite well and doesn't seem to cause any problems for me but to actually answer the question, i'd look into how old style deodorant the shit in little cans that was a paste of sorts used to be made.
>>12665 >>12665 >deodorant Milk of magnesia. It's odorless and doesn't work quite as well as actual antipersperants but at least it doesn't have aluminum. If you let the bottle sit still for a few hours you can decant some of the water off to make it thicker (and thus dry faster after you apply it). Related video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zvk0JyrDEu4 >toothpaste 2 parts coconut oil mixed with one part food-grade bentonite clay. You can add flavorings like peppermint essential oil but I find them expensive and unnecessary. Also be aware that when you spit it down the drain, it may clog pipes, if you're worried about that. Related video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bAXZkDU4BCs >miswak I've used them and they seem to work pretty good, although the bristles wear out quick and then you have to order more brushes. I'll attach a PDF of primitive toothcare methods. Essentially you want to use sticks from trees that contain a high tannin content.
To any anons keen on getting rid of their glasses via a natural method I highly recommended this book. Reduced lens therapy seems like the best method thus far.
>>11913 So many niggers make fun of Varg but he is right about everything. Especially the porn, I've never felt more alive after 2 months of semen retention.
>>12856 I just spent a bit of time reading through this, and I think I’ll have to try it. I’m so horribly nearsighted that I had someone stop the eye test for me once and start holding up fingers for me to count, and I can definitely relate to what the author said about my prescription just getting worse. I know the book Salubrious Living provided some methods as well >>2928 so I’ll have to see what works. >>12857 I’ve never gotten the Varg hate either. The more I learn the more correct he seems to me. Most of them are probably just assblasted Christians
Open file (102.77 KB 680x680 doomer go-getter.png)
You anons who have trouble with porn or nofap need to check out that "easypeasy method" the other anon posted, I'm like halfway through and I've already kicked PMO for a week with almost no struggles with withdrawal. Feeling Whitepilled as fuck
Open file (261.57 KB 850x478 ClipboardImage.png)
>>13111 You mean https://easypeasymethod.org/ from >>12495? I'm shocked at how well it's working. Without PMO cravings I'm finding NNN pleasurable instead of difficult, it feels great to be free.
>>13142 Yes, that is what I'm reading through. I'm not 100% sure if I was supposed to stop before finishing the book, but reading about many of the things I've read so far, and how PMO has absolutely no benefits and I have everything to gain has really resonated with me, I think. Granted, there are some external circumstances that happened to conjunct with my reading through this that really have pushed me forward, but I think this book has really helped me so far, especially given the fact that I have really struggled with it in the past, I can't remember the last time I have gone more than a day without PMO > it feels great to be free It does, I can't wait to finish the book
>>13111 Keep it up and get ironpilled, bro
>>13111 Having just finished the book I can also vouch for its effectiveness. I don't miss that waste of time at all. I had already curbed my indulgence a lot but I've kicked it for good now.
Open file (113.02 KB 426x553 tarrant thumbs.png)
>>13142 I'll edit it into the OP for you guys since it seems to be working for a lot of people
>>13142 Just finished read easypeasy aswell and it's the best resource on the topic I've found. Thanks brothers for posting it. Remember there are ZERO benefits to porn, a user is always envious of a non-user while making excuses for being a user. Break the chain reaction!
Open file (85.72 KB 751x701 crying merchant jew.jpg)
>>13204 >>13160 >>13142 >>13111 Oy gevalt the goyim are liberating themselves nooooo, they need more dopamine now!!! In all seriousness though, very Whitepilling stuff to read
>>13111 Awesome news anon congrats. I'm in the same boat with the PMO and after reading that book I'm confident I'll never fall back again.
Anons should check out this book next. Intro to combat skills and basic soldiering for the coming bloodshed.
>>13207 Based, thanks. I was going to ask if other anons had any more good reading on where to go next. Gotta put that extra energy to use somehow anyways.
>>13210 No problem. Here are a few more incase you are interested. I sense something bad coming, best that all anons take the time to be mentally and physically prepared for the worst.
What makes that EasyPeasy method so much different though? Is it really just all about making you realize that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain? I started pretty skeptical, and had always had horrible withdrawals in the past, but honestly I'm riding pretty smooth, even though I have no idea why. Something must have flipped in my brain, maybe it really was just fear. Either way, I'm not complaining. I've noticed I have a lot more free time in some parts of the day though that I need to figure out how to best fill though.
>>13359 I've been reading more lately. Cutting porn has also by proxy cut the time I spend online quite a bit.
>>13360 I've been trying to read more too. I've got way too much stuff I need to get through, so on one hand it is a blessing. I think part of my problem is that though I'm finding I have more time, what I do is stay online and try to fill the void by refreshing /fascist/ or some other imageboard out of boredom - this is probably not a smart thing to do, and I should be just getting off the Internet instead of trying to find things to do on the Internet
>>13457 >Just look at these alcoholised animals stupefied by the drink, of which unlimited use is tolerated by freedom! Should we allow ourselves and our fellow creatures to do likewise? The people of the Christians, bewildered by alcohol, their youths turned crazy by classics and early debauchery, to which they have been instigated by our agents, tutors, servants, governesses in rich houses, clerks, and so forth, by our women in places of their amusement to the latter I add the so-called "society women"--their voluntary followers in corruption and luxury. Our motto must be "All means of force and hypocrisy" t. The Elders of Zion Here is some more anti-alcohol information that I have accumulated
>>13359 Varg truly knows his shit. The way he is describing how wallowing in degeneracy "cultivates your own subhuman" is exactly what EasyPeasy talks about - feeding the "little monster" everytime you go back to porn you are greasing the waterslides of DeltaFosB and creating a chain reaction of dependacy on Supernormal Stimuli. The more you try an simply "cut down" the worse the reaction is everytime. The same can be said about nearly every vice one uses as a "crutch"; in the end they do not help you at all with coping, only harm you and bring you down to a worse position. The fear that you cannot cope without it is what keeps you coming back.
Here is a short PDF which discusses masturbation. You'll probably notice that it gives a Muslim perspective, but that's obviously not the reason I'm posting it here. It gives some good academic sources and information that are contrary to the common narrative that tells you to jerk your dick until it is raw. There is also some interesting information that masturbation is inversely correlated with relationship satisfaction, and that penile-vaginal intercourse is the most sexually satisfying, stress-relieving and healthy form of intercourse. What a surprise... Also though some good recommendations for dealing with urges: >fasting >cold showers >avoiding provocative stimuli >lowering one's gaze >exercising >social interaction >>13471 >The same can be said about nearly every vice one uses as a "crutch"; in the end they do not help you at all with coping, only harm you and bring you down to a worse position The redpilling thing in EasyPeasy was where he used the example of smashing your head repeatedly on a brick wall in order to feel the "pleasure" of eventually stopping. Hyperbolic of course, but it drove the point the home. In every way PMO is a form of self-abuse.
Bruh I was good like two moths ago then jurked only once and was like "haha this is not bad I this won't cause me to jurk more" then fucking started jurking it twice a day having no energy stopped fuckn yesterday and fell slightly better but still holy fuck jurking it can fuck you up
Open file (105.51 KB 1124x1080 varg porn.jpg)
>>13483 "Just once" is the ultimate meme, especially after one has abstained for a really long time. Once your subconscious tricks you into giving in once, you start feeding the monster again and it wants more and more. The final redpill is that if you're gonna cum, cum in a girl's pussy (in a committed relationship, of course)
>>13483 Just like the book said when you haven't done it in awhile then fall into the trap again it sucks you in hard and fast; you start justifying it to yourself that you "need" it... Hang in there anon. Remember that it doesn't nothing for you, there is nothing to gain but misery and it doesn't help you cope.
>>13490 ya...I was telling my self "I'll stop next week" and never did but hopefully this time I will stop permanently
>>13492 I’ve had the same struggles in the past. Whenever I’ve “I’ll stop tomorrow” I’m blatantly lying to myself. PMO is all downsides and no upsides. You can do it, anon. If I could free myself from the porn Jew, anyone can!
>>13494 >>13492 > hopefully this time This is the problem. Don't tell yourself "hopefully", try your best to remind yourself it has no benefits, it's just the fear that you NEED it and without it you can't be strong. You can.
>>13494 I'm currently struggling more with my sugar addiction than with porn. The monster has grown huge it seems.
>>13496 Exactly >>13497 Since I’ve gotten over porn I’ve been thinking about my sugar issue as well. I’m in at least average shape (though want to get better) but I know that drinking soda as much as I do is not good at me for all. It’s hard to kick, but I really need to study what it’s actually made of and most likely come to the same conclusion as with porn – that it’s completely worthless for oneself.
>>13500 >It’s hard to kick, but I really need to study what it’s actually made of and most likely come to the same conclusion as with porn – that it’s completely worthless for oneself. I cannot emphasize enough the positives of kicking sugar. It is a very poor source of fuel to run one's body on and more than likely it has kept you from reaching your full potential physically and mentally. Look into the Keto diet and eliminating sugar and high consumption of carbohydrates. Switching to eating more fat instead of carbs proves a much better source of fuel for the mind and body, especially during fasting. Typically an ideal meal should consist of 2/3 the plate of high quality vegetables (Kale, spinach, broccoli etc) and fats (avocado, macadamia nuts, pecan, etc) and the final 1/3 high quality protein (red meat, pork, or wild caught fish, pastured eggs). Combining this diet with intermittent fasting provides the best result. I've been doing 20-4 plan for awhile now; eating during a 4 hour window and fasting for 20 and I've never felt better and I work a very physical job, the extra energy and focus you get is unlike anything. If you are interested in trying it I'd recommend watching a few videos on YT about Keto and Fasting. Dr. Berg has alot of simple beginner videos.
>>13500 On soda specifically, try replacing it with something like Pellegrino or Perrier.
>>13508 That’s a smart idea. Half of what I like is probanly the carbonation anyways. >>13501 Thanks for the tips, anon, I’ll have to research a bit.
Open file (114.67 KB 955x765 soy.png)
>>13509 Found this on 9chan, thought you might be interested: >The soybeans used in the production of processed foods to add protein in the place of meat these days is mostly genetically modified. GMO foods are bad as the body does not recognize them, this causes inflammation. All illness is caused by inflammation, this inflammation is preventable by not consuming toxins found in plants. >Soya is added to almost everything these days, including in the form of oil which is sprayed onto fruit and vegetables for them to look shiny. Soya is also sometimes added to processed meat to increase the protein content. However, Plant-based protein is not complete and is typically blocked by the anti-nutrients contained within those plants. >Meat is nutritionally complete and does not contain these anti-nutrients. Anti-nutrients cause a whole host of problems within the human body. Being a vegan for over 10 years on and off, I can tell you that I suffer many illnesses because of it. Such as acne, psoriasis, constipation, depression, painful joints, sleep apnea, heart palpitations, brain fog, fatigue, low testosterone, erectile dysfunction, and many more. >All these problems only started to clear up once I quit being a vegan and became mostly carnivore. I feel this has saved my life because I was super depressed and some of these illnesses are typically a precursor to things like a stroke or a heart attack. >https://justmeat.co/wiki/plants/ >Anti-nutrients can be destroyed partially or completely through either fermentation, soaking or cooking. It is a myth that the Chinese or the other Asian races eat a lot of Soy. Asians look youthful and healthy due to their meat consumption, and the fact they typically don't eat a lot of processed foods. I think it was the Chinese that I read about when doing some research into the subject, they ferment their soybeans which removes most of the anti-nutrients. >Also, they don't eat much of it. Typically they will have soybeans in soups or as a sauce occasionally. Soybeans are very destructive to the environment and also depletes the soil of nutrients, they are a soil nutrient leech. >The product should be banned as an additive and sold only in the correct form, which is fermented.
Can someone explain to me why on other chans there is this obsession with the cartoon porn and loli shit? They will fight tooth and nail to defend it even so far as to say Japanese stuff isn't kiked and differentiate it from Western porn... Are they all that addicted to it?
>>13634 They’re just addicts themselves. They’re still getting their diminishing returns of dopamine hits, and are chasing after supernormal stimuli. That’s literally the entire secret behind the attraction to anime girls, it maximizes everything cute or attractive about a woman, and it minimizes away everything else until one is left with some super appealing image. Hentai is probably even more potent than normal pornography for this reason, and in many ways it can be even more depraved than normal live-action pornography, since it being drawn or animated removes all restraints imposed on real people, hence there is all sorts of extreme stuff if you go in their real deep.
>>13637 >They’re just addicts themselves. They’re still getting their diminishing returns of dopamine hits, and are chasing after supernormal stimuli. That’s literally the entire secret behind the attraction to anime girls, it maximizes everything cute or attractive about a woman, and it minimizes away everything else until one is left with some super appealing image. Hentai is probably even more potent than normal pornography for this reason, and in many ways it can be even more depraved than normal live-action pornography, since it being drawn or animated removes all restraints imposed on real people, hence there is all sorts of extreme stuff if you go in their real deep. I was thinking that myself as like you said it removes all the human flaws that exist in real actors. It's crazy how defensive they get when even suggesting that it might be harmful - like rabid dogs. These kikes really don't want anyone to be freed from it, all of the effort posts in the thread were deleted by the BO himself and users banned - almost like there is some kind of algorithm that detected it. They started slogans like "Tradkikes get out, Lewd is best" or some shit. Referencing shit like masturbation helps prostate cancer.
>>13638 What board did that happen on? But yeah, they’ll go to any lengths to defend their addictions. It is like when you attack other forms of degeneracy and we see losers come out of the woodwork and cry “y-you just hate fun!”, as if “fun” is any sort of measure for the permissability of anything. >Referencing shit like masturbation helps prostate cancer. The funny thing is that cumming in a girl would have the same effect, so why is it always masturbation in particular they say this in reference to? Makes me think
>>13640 I have a porn addiction problem and id say I have a problem. These fucks can't even admit that.
>>13641 Usually the more addicted they are the more they’re in denial. If you tell them to stop for a week to prove they’re not addicted and they’ll just say they don’t need to, or they’ll rationalize it away some other way. Pretty sad, honestly, they’re mentally enslaved
Open file (43.58 KB 1870x333 lolifags.png)
Open file (112.34 KB 1870x859 loli2.png)
>>13640 It was on fullchan /v/ board>>13640 > It is like when you attack other forms of degeneracy and we see losers come out of the woodwork and cry “y-you just hate fun!”, as if “fun” is any sort of measure for the permissability of anything. That is exactly what happened, hilariously enough. Here check out some post captures.
>>13641 >I have a porn addiction problem and id say I have a problem. These fucks can't even admit that. I think that is the key- realizing that first you do have a problem. If they cannot even muster that realization I don't think there is anyway to get through to them. It sucks because I feel like with this knowledge we can help some of the willing anons finally find freedom.
>>13647 The best thing to do usually is not even to try to argue it out but to just post some stuff “If you’re having trouble with porn check out this guide, it really helped me and now I’m free”. Odds are some porn-addict in the thread will click out of curiosity and may even try to read the guide even if he won’t say anything. Even though they may argue against it in the thread there’s probably some self-hatred over the habit bubbling underneath.
Is looking at non-pornographic pictures of girls you find attractive damaging to your mind? I'll admit, I have quite a few folders of girls that I consult whenever I want to relax or gain motivation (i.e. for lifting).
>>13658 No, not unless you fap to these picture, using beautiful women as motivation is quite literally an ancient tradition.
Open file (144.86 KB 912x900 white women painting.jpg)
>>13658 >Is looking at non-pornographic pictures of girls you find attractive damaging to your mind? No, I wouldn't say so, especially with how you said you use them. I keep a folder of images and paintings of cute girls myself too, mostly to attach to posts when relevant.
>>13634 >>13637 Another reason I've seen is that such content can be used as a form of gatekeeping, and prevents the board/site from being infiltrated and destroyed by outside forces. The problem with this is that while such content can keep the more easily "triggered" people out, it also allows anons there to stay enslaved to such content with no motivation to improve or go beyond pictures. It's a double-edged sword solution, and there are better ways to gatekeep undesirables.
Open file (134.14 KB 655x831 loli chad.png)
>>13703 I think loli is often used for this type of gatekeeping as well. It's the easiest way to trigger normalfags into exposing themselves, even when they are not too sexualized. But like you said, it's definitely a double-edged sword especially with the risqué images.
>>13646 The board owner Mark is a known lolifaggot who bans anons and deletes posts he doesn't like. It's not surprising at all he deleted any anti-porn posts tbh.
>>13708 Mark is also a kike, never forget.
Open file (260.91 KB 924x746 Loli production.png)
>>13708 Where do you think you are?
Open file (209.12 KB 512x512 suit pepe laugh.png)
>>13715 Let's not forget when we were called out by the admins for advocating for child marriage
>>13708 Mark only owns /v/ and wouldn't have it any other way, as not only is he a kike, he's a complete degenerate fatass time waster, I love video games, played them all my life, but doing what he and they do, especially now that I have come to the truth, just disgusts me, I cannot fathom how they think they win arguments in the /gg/ thread either when mark just deletes the posts and bans you when you begin to win against his little pets.
>>13728 >I cannot fathom how they think they win arguments in the /gg/ thread either when mark just deletes the posts and bans you when you begin to win against his little pets. Yup, that's exactly what happened to me. As far as I''m concerned he's no different than some commiefag reddit mod who deletes any "wrongthink" that might change minds.
>>13729 He also has a word filter overt National Socialism now, I think because of me.
Open file (120.69 KB 500x356 goodbye jews.png)
>>13730 Those genetically passed-on Holocaust memories must make it hard for him to see such things
>>13730 Wouldn't surprise me at all. It's funny how mad he gets when people call him out for being a kike too, got banned for that. Ah whatever, wasted endeavor. I guess /v/ fags will stay degenerates for life stuck in Mark's dungeon. Even just mentioning that maybe wanking it to cartoon porn might be bad for one's health lead to assumptions of wanting to "ban" it when I said no such thing, flustered anons thinking it was a raid, and that I'm a moralfag on a crusade. It's so funny how they are so fearful of the idea of quitting, It read exactly like the therapist dialog with an addict in EasyPeasy to a T.
>>13736 To be fair, there are torfaggots in there posting the most annoying puritan bullshit along the same lines, and they're dealing with drawfag boards being gone after by Russia, was it? Along with the usual suspects who are actual pedos. Probably not the best environment to be making those posts in.
>>13728 >I love video games, played them all my life, but doing what he and they do, especially now that I have come to the truth, just disgusts me, Wait so him being jewish isn't the problem to be exact? Or what exactly disgusts you here? >I cannot fathom how they think they win arguments in the /gg/ thread either when mark just deletes the posts and bans you when you begin to win against his little pets. Wait wasn't /gg/ all about being against leftist/Marxist stuff in gaming and not just shitty reporting practices in vidya?
>>13774 >Wait wasn't /gg/ all about being against leftist/Marxist stuff in gaming and not just shitty reporting practices in vidya? Yes it was but only because based legends started finding out about the literal DIGRA+DOD/DARPA subversion discussing how they can best POZdoctrinate those pesky gamers saying what the hell they like not conforming to their faggot juda-soycietal norms, If it weren't for people like us it would have been "muh liberalz vote miga goy" Correct me if im wrong but IIRC it eventually old and part got shut down and shit on by kike jannies who "phased it out" when it's clear it became a factual hub for redpilling gamer bros.
>>13777 Wait wait wait so mark and the nods thought that by allowing /gg/ discussion in 8/v/, they wanted discussion about the unethical practices of vidya journalism only? They didn't expect anons to talk about jews controlling the world and all the other redpill stuff in Vidya about Marxism being pushed.
>>13779 Yeah thats basically the jist of it if i remember correctly(first on 4kike and then 8). But If someone else remembers it wrongly set it straight. Bumplock abuse etc. It was actually a contributing factor as to how i became redpilled about the kikes. And many others I've talked to online.
>>13780 Gamergate was the beginning of the current Kulturkampf. it started with a sex scandal: Zoe Quinn cheating on her bf and sucking at least 5 dicks to ingratiate herself into the industry, so she could build a career out of making a shitty "game" called Depression Quest, which was like a 9th grade school project at best. the rest of the world wouldn't have cared about this personal drama, except the fact that the gaming Lugenpresse decided to have a meltdown, publishing the "gamers are dead" articles which basically hurled insults at their audience. that's when matters escalated. for one, it brought alot more attention to the sex scandal than it would've otherwise warranted. second, because multiple platforms published the same sort of hit pieces/attack articles at the same time, and because they got so butthurt over the sex scandal, this revealed a high degree of collusion and corruption in games journalism. it would come out that they were in fact all friends and sucked each other off, with collusion being carried out through the GameJournoPros mailing list. from there, Gamergate coalesced into a grassroots activism campaign, muckraking all this, convincing advertisers to pull out via Disrespectful Nodding, and so on. but 'ethics in game journalism' isn't the whole story. it's important, because that's where it began and escalated, but GG was primarily in opposition to games being pozzed by cultural marxist/social justice ideology, with unethical practices being secondary. sometimes these overlapped of course, as in the case of Anita Sarkeesian, who is essentially a grifter who uses Social Justice to fleece people for money while letting them crash and burn. another important factor in the growth of Gamergate was the response to it. instead of ignoring it or trying to come to terms, many platforms, including cuckchan, imposed massive censorship on any discussion of the sex scandal or GG in general. it turned out that various mods were canoodling with Zoe Quinn. thus, the battle lines were drawn.
>>13774 >Wait so him being jewish isn't the problem to be exact? Thats always a problem, but It would be my only problem if he encouraged good discussion instead of just shitposting about Benis and shota/trap shit interspersed with the occasional article usually only tangentially related to videogames >Or what exactly disgusts you here? The shota/trap posting rampant in at least the /gg/ threads, and the enormous amount of time these guys waste playing shit games, sometimes just to make the point that they did and suffered through it. There's more, but I just got home from work and do not feel like listing off every grievance I have ever had with a kike, and his little pets, on a board I stopped going to months ago and only keep in my bookmarks because it is a backup for here.
I noticed that on the snoozechan /v/ board there are alot of leftist soylets aswell. What is the story with snoozechan anyway?
>>13974 People hate Mark but like /v/ so they made a /v/ without Mark thjis was called zchan, it's admin freaked out an nuked the site over a simple DDOS one of the Board owners or a Global mod crated ZZZChan to replace it.
The “if you don’t masturbate you’ll get prostate cancer” meme is rapidly becoming one of the biggest proofs for me that 99% of people are complete Jew-cattle. Massive amounts of people have been tricked into thinking if they don’t jerk their cock in front of a computer that they’ll have a higher chance of cancer, and then use this as an argument for why masturbation is good – as if this same “issue” isn’t solved by having sex with a woman. Dumbest shit I’ve ever heard in my life, can’t believe that people can’t think this through.
>>14024 Normalfags are cattle, currently led by a cruel cowherd. They need a strong but benevolent leader, but all they keep getting are figurehead jew puppets. Part of the reason I /sig/ the way I do is striving to become that leader, or at least someone who can support him or offer him counsel.
>>14039 >They need a strong but benevolent leader Exactly. We have morally bankrupt puppets and malicious Jews leading them now. We need paragons of excellence like Hitler and other great men. The Bhagavad Gita grasped the importance of this perfectly, saying to the effect that whatever a leader does, all the world will follow in his footsteps. It also says in reference to one king, that though he had attained perfection, he maintained all of the prescribed duties for the education of his people. No wonder Himmler carried this book on him. >Part of the reason I /sig/ the way I do is striving to become that leader, or at least someone who can support him or offer him counsel. We certainly need the best of the best near the top, the ones who actively work to be the best that they can be, not those who are content with the common and mediocre.
>>1528 >>2127 I know this was not your point but 1 gallon is around exactly as much water as we should be drinking as a normal adult male. Spread out through the day, of course. We can expel about 1 liter an hour, or roughly 1/4 of a gallon. And it takes an absurd amount over that to get to hyponatremia, and it would be absurdly laborious to force yourself to drink that enough water to cause it. So I would not worry too terribly about drinking too much water, if anyone had that kind of worry.
No homo, but I love you anons. This is the only place where my mind feels at rest knowing there are many others in this eternal struggle and that we collectively share this pain, this burden together. It's difficult going day by day in the rat infested clown world isolated from any from of sentience having conversations with yourself as means to stay sane, as I am sure most of you feel as well. I know this place isn't going to last much longer, it's clear they are foaming at the mouth to engulf the entire internet, but it was nice while it did. And I am thankful for all the quality posting anons here as I have learned much more than I ever thought possible. It really is too bad the only way for like minded people in our movement to share ideas is through an anonymous image board over a rapidly shrinking internet; a far stray from the German social beer halls of the 1930s... I just want to say that I wish you gents the best of luck when SHTF, and that I hope you are all prepared and fit for the worst, but also hoping to the best. Cheers and GOT MIT UNS.
>>14105 >It really is too bad the only way for like minded people in our movement to share ideas is through an anonymous image board over a rapidly shrinking internet Don't worry, we will have to move into real life before long. Talk only does so much and is a waste of time if it doesn't translate into positive action. Keep self-improving, anons.
>>14105 The other anon is right. Ere long the iron will be hot and our time to strike will be nigh (in a metaphorical sense, in case agent johnstein is reading). Don't forget that Weimar brought Germany to an unprecendented boiling point. Saved.
>>12856 Got some glasses and am going to give this a try. I'll test my vision with my new lenses in a few months and post whether I can read the 20/40 line perfectly or not.
>>14248 I look forward to hearing your results

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