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Open file (119.48 KB 716x952 159986098316.jpg)
Open file (696.93 KB 575x688 El Miliciano.png)
Open file (641.88 KB 569x420 UNR.PNG)
Open file (350.52 KB 496x257 FON.PNG)
Aesthetics Thread Blackshirt 09/30/2020 (Wed) 00:53:49 ID: 63b35c No.9538
>inb4 there's already one thread about this But I think this time we should do one with a focus on topics like tutorials for basic things like political bracelets, best color combinations for uniforms, materials for uniforms, haircut styles according to the shape of the face and a long etcetera.
Open file (223.11 KB 1200x852 fashy_aesthetics.jpg)
>>9538 >But I think this time... Agreed. If you're not going to once-again try to insidiously propagate the globohomo poison, then I'm all in favor. Fashy aesthetics are top-knot tbh.
>>9539 I guess the globohomo is the false flag neonazis. No?
Open file (118.79 KB 1100x727 UNR 2.jpg)
Open file (641.88 KB 569x420 UNR.PNG)
Well, i must say i think that Slav Nationalist movement got very good 'optics', just look at these uniforms
>>9540 are you really this new? regardless, press forward Anon.
>>9542 Pardon me, The last time i where in here was when this board where from julay world. So i forgot some words.
>>9541 I like their symbol aesthetically. I wonder what all the meanings for it are.
>>9538 >last pic They shame themselves by putting overweight people in their party uniforms. >>9541 Red and black is a good color combination, I think it looks better than many of the alternatives that I have seen. Especially the classical NSDAP uniform in modern times just looks awful on everyone I’ve seen it on. I don’t know why but outside of the old pics I just don’t like it. The berets in the second pic are a good touch as well. They might not look bad being bright red either, honestly. For me it’s either black uniforms of this type or camo.
>unironically making a larping thread >">inb4 we already have one" you have to go back
>>9552 >first pic Was surprised to see that was from a movie with how nice it looked it to me. I couldn't quite tell from the summary but I think this might be another case of trying to make NatSocs look bad and failing spectacularly (just like in The Man in the High Castle). >>9555 I think if we stuck closely to uniforms and related things it wouldn't be too bad.
>>9547 Do you know the name of that belt and those pants?
>>9566 I wouldn't be able to tell you. The source for that image though is from this Vice video on a Japanese National Socialist group. Vice is kiked, of course, but the video wasn't that bad. You can find them talking to those guys in that pic in there somewhere, in case you wanted to get a better view of what they were wearing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_pP_sc09FY
>>9566 that's a double pin belt used in many armies, so maybe British Army style, the trousers look like those of officers, just in black, no?
Why black shirts? Why not White?
>>9697 White is not as intimidating as black, at least in my opinion. Plus, if you're going to be getting in a street fight of some sort, you should problem wear a uniform that doesn't easily get stained with blood.
It's a shame commies have become the de facto group associated with the color red. A maroon or other dark red button-up shirt with a black tie, trousers, and armband would look good.
How do you guys dress in public? I personally like to dress a bit more formal than most people, I cannot stand the current trend of everyone walking around in sweatpants and sneakers. Of course, I don't overdo it and wear a full suit like reviewbrah, I think that would be too out of place in our era but I do like to wear long coats (during appropriate weather) and formal shoes for example. Since normalfags are willing to catch onto anything that becomes widespread, I think it would also be possible to bring more old-fashioned styles of clothing if a large enough amount of us right-wing people started dressing like that.
Open file (84.42 KB 498x707 greta nsdap.jpg)
Open file (579.61 KB 557x638 ClipboardImage.png)
>>10048 You can't let commies keep the good stuff, you gotta pull it from their hands. The real commie color combination has always been yellow and red, I think. What is a good combo is the classic NSDAP colors, red White and black. I think they look very nice together, and stick out in a good way. >>10050 >How do you guys dress in public? I've been dressing like the third pic I've attached for years now. Generally I don't really wear anything that sticks out. I'm not a fan of sweatpants or any sort of shirt with corporate logos or sports teams on them. Long coats seem pretty aesthetic, I might have to get one one of these days.
>>9697 America had silver. Darker colors just looks better for a demonstration.
Open file (21.69 KB 259x300 silvershirt.jpg)
>>10060 The only thing I don't like about the Silvershirts uniform is the huge L on their chest. Looks goofy
>>10065 Is that in a museum? I wouldn't think it would be in one.
Open file (83.80 KB 280x499 silvershirt 2.jpg)
>>10068 I'm not sure of the exact source of the pics but it has always seemed to me just like some dude who recreated the uniform.
>>9555 Do you even know what larp means?
>>10091 If agent Johnstein doesn't piss and moan about muh slurp in every thread we might do something. Don't mind him.
>>10091 Once one understands that nine times out of ten LARP can be replaced with "something I don't like", everything will start to make sense.
Open file (42.06 KB 414x765 basic.jpeg)
Open file (198.48 KB 1280x901 falangists.jpg)
Open file (6.13 KB 260x355 codrneanu.jpg)
Open file (227.19 KB 800x1200 rhode iland trooper.jpg)
Open file (1.47 MB 839x660 ClipboardImage.png)
>>10603 >Rhode Island Trooper The shade of dark grey on their uniforms goes very nicely with that bright red. Very nice.
>>9541 >super nazi turbo charged looks Look, another party that's gonna bite the dust. You know, just being classy 50s retro is already a sign of revolt. See >>10050 >>9697 White is for priests. Darker hues require less washing because we men are pigs and lazy with this, that's why women were created btw. >>10065 >L At least it's not on their front. *sigh* >>10611 Looks nice indeed.
>>10765 >>10611 >>10603 The only thing I don't like about the Rhode Island Trooper is the hat. Besides that I really like the colors and look, I'd wear that.
>>10733 it looks absolutely nothing like that except for the hat. good job you fucking retard.
Open file (1.54 MB 900x690 patroit front.png)
Open file (90.59 KB 512x288 DC march.jpg)
What are some good looking modern /fascist/ uniforms and movements? Pictures are of Patriot Font in the USA
>>10859 The one thing that I'm ambivalent about with Patriot Front is the Americana. NRM aesthetics look pretty nice though
>>10859 >stupid flag >1776 + EU This can't be real.
>>10869 The "EU Flag" is called the Betsy Ross Flag is the first flag of the united states. It is pretty much exclusively used by 'old stock' Americans and Whites though the vipers of the media don't dare attack it because of the ego of the average american. >>10863 Good stuff, I like Nordic Resistance Movement alot and because of their online presence many Americans with our convictions are aware of them. Do you know of other aesthetic other groups in Europe?
Open file (158.21 KB 970x713 kotleba 7.jpg)
Open file (196.65 KB 1200x849 kotleba.jpeg)
Open file (145.39 KB 1200x798 kotleba.jpg)
Open file (55.28 KB 700x440 kotleba girl.jpg)
Open file (37.12 KB 700x394 kotleba 1488.jpg)
>>10903 The ĽSNS has a decent uniform in Slovakia. Unfortunately though the leader was literally just sentenced to four years in jail for the last picture. He donated 1488 euros to some families and ZOG came after him. He can appeal the verdict though
>>10905 >give money to cripples <zog sentences you to jail Amazing.
Open file (61.42 KB 773x470 ClipboardImage.png)
>>10908 Kotleba claims it was coincidental, but honestly I don't even believe that. Still, it's ridiculous and they're kvetching hard over Fascists actually helping people and not being stereotypical ebil Hollywood Nazis. Apparently if you intentionally use four numbers together, ZOG's gonna lock you in a cage.
>>10908 this is a key bit of information. providing resources is the ZOG's monopoly and they dont want any competition.
>>10905 The stare of that girl towards the chief. She can smell legitimate authority from one mile away. On fire.
>>10903 >The "EU Flag" is called the Betsy Ross Flag is the first flag of the united states. It is pretty much exclusively used by 'old stock' Americans and Whites though the vipers of the media don't dare attack it because of the ego of the average american. 1. It's not the first. 2. It reflects the same project which was recycled for Europe, to unify all states under a federal system in the hands of the enemy. 3. It is being attacked too.
>>10927 She wants to bear babies for Slovakia, I can tell. What a chad.
>>10908 As if natsocs would give a fuck about cripples in the first place. They'll be sterilised for all we know. I mean Hitler didn't really like them.
>>10948 Honestly I agree. Kotleba shouldn't have given money to these people, it's basically keeping afloat literal undesirables.
>>10958 I got nothing against cripples personally. They just need to find a way to contribute to society. If you hate them just because of how they look and not the fact that they contribute, I don't know what to say.
>>10960 The boy in the chair isn’t just a “cripple”. The way his arms are held, his physiognomy, etc — that guy’s got a lot more going on there. I doubt he contributes much of value.
>>10958 I also don't think they deserve money merely for existing, my point is that zog and their golems see keeping tards alive in a perpetual state of misery as a "good" act, yet they put their opponent in prison for the same "good" act. It isn't new, but zog are brazen these days with their hypocrisy.
Open file (43.64 KB 438x490 sa.jpg)
>>10905 Not going to lie, this looks bad. >Belt and shirt helm not inline with pants >Hats puffed out like chefs hat >Low waist pants when it should be higher (pic related) >Goofy looking people; lots of glasses & sergeant pyle's >tiki torches
>>10948 >>10958 That's kind of retarded it's not their fault that they have a retarded child cripple the government won't let them kill him off/if they can they won't because they love their son yes he needs to be killed off for the betterment of the family but still they won't or can't kill him off +this is a POOR family they can't support their selfs/That might be the father and he could just be seriously hurt
>>11008 Obviously under the current system people are burdened with such children because it is illegal to euthanize them or do away with them through any legal means. This should of course be sympathized with to an extent. It makes me wonder though what Kotleba and his party’s position on eugenics is though. It would be of course unfortunate if they were anti-eugenics, but Kotleba appears to be the best chance right now for Slovakia given his parties presence and parliament and open displays of support for our ideals. It would be kiked to countersignal him too hard. ZOG would not try to lock him away without reason.
>>11004 >lots of glasses >posts picture including glasses-wearing men Anon.
>>11004 I really don't see that many glasses honestly.
>>11004 More infographics please.

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