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what's a war board without a conflict?

Welcome to /k/. Strelok 09/07/2019 (Sat) 10:23:40 No.1 [Reply]
WANT TO SEE YOUR OC VIDEO ON THE THIS INTRO? CHECK THE COMPETITION HERE: >>17990 RULES work in progress, see meta thread >>10348 1. spamming will result in post deletion and a 4 hr ban >what is spamming Spamming is posting the same thing repeatedly in a thread that does not contribute to its discussion or topic. Purpose for doing so can vary, but the intent isn't relevant to the ban. 2. spoiler porn and gore 3. do not post personal, identifying information. if you are posting pictures of places you've been and shit you own, remove EXIF data, metadata, check for reflections, etc. better yet- don't post your own shit! 4. offtopic discussions should not be carried over between threads. if you find some riveting thing you'd love to talk about that isn't relevant to the board's topic, make a thread on a more specialized board and link it with a post. >what is offtopic? Offtopic means not directly or indirectly related to weaponry, outdoorsmanship, and general survivalism or the territories or circumstances they are employed in. >this is vague This is intentional. As long as someone can reasonably demonstrate how a topic is relevant to the board's topic, it should stay. 5. Name/avatar/tripfagging is gay and antithetical to imageboard use, do not do this. 6. follow global rules (>>>/meta/) 7. dont shill other websites outside of the webring (check out my D*scord!/69420chan/etc)

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Edited last time by Kondor on 08/10/2021 (Tue) 01:00:36.

Are new M2 machine guns still being produced, or the more than 2 million from ww2 are more than enough? And if new ones are still made, then who are the manufacturers? Just FN?
Open file (129.82 KB 1200x799 MG 14Z.jpg)
Open file (95.33 KB 960x640 1469082_1000.jpg)

Open file (255.38 KB 640x480 skxjp.jpg)
QTDDTOT - handgun edition Strelok Board volunteer 06/09/2021 (Wed) 15:41:08 No.16240 [Reply] [Last]
Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread >pic unrelated Last one hit bump limit. Anyone have experience with the CZ-75 series or their P-10/ P-01 line? Kinda want a subcompact P-10S for a boot gun but not sure how they are inb4 its a glock since polymer, striker fired pistol with trigger safety. Also, omega trigger or no?
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>>19267 As Seinfeld once said, the helmet is wearing you for protection.
>>19267 If I had to take a guess, this design is more comfortable to wear for extended periods of time as compared to a helmet that protects better, so you're trading immediate protection for longer-term protection and less helmet rashes. Honestly you'd be better off giving everyone a safety hard hat and not bothering past that.
>>19273 >safety hard hat Either that or a firefighters hat with the visor so you don't get shrapnel in the eye since you forgot your eye protection Any thoughts on boonie caps?
>>19275 Got EMR digi flora boonie and helmet that I found out later to be cheapo tacticool bicycle helmet. Prefer the boonie any day just for style. Brim longer than brit boonie.
Open file (31.75 KB 474x237 nigger AK.jpg)
Any interesting modern conflicts happening right now? I want to make a FPS game and need a good setting.

Open file (113.54 KB 720x570 n52759_Desert Warfare.jpg)
Open file (203.57 KB 900x672 Ivanov-art-1.jpg)
Open file (212.08 KB 2048x868 EmndIs_VMAAdiMY.png)
Open file (249.22 KB 1290x2450 EM3OSidVAAAACjD.jpg)
Fantasy Weapons, Armor, and Armaments Strelok 11/19/2020 (Thu) 21:05:24 No.9363 [Reply] [Last]
A thread for all sort of all sorts of /k/ related things that range from cool to cursed.
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Open file (47.30 KB 423x400 Holster_kydex.png)
Open file (66.97 KB 423x400 Holster_kydex1.png)
Open file (27.69 KB 450x391 saisies90.jpg)
Open file (37.97 KB 437x400 CARRYKNIFE.jpg)
>>18897 They are knives specially created so that you can preform gun fu, or something like that.
Open file (60.06 KB 423x400 CarJacking.png)
Open file (83.19 KB 423x400 CarJacking2.png)
Oh fuck I found this and now I can't stop laughing.
>>18905 Every yandere needs a box cutter.
Open file (222.30 KB 1920x1377 Forja de Draedon.jpg)
Open file (254.25 KB 1600x1227 Manipuladores de Materia.jpg)
Open file (86.39 KB 1100x1063 Granada Experimental.jpg)
Open file (16.97 KB 1000x400 92849717_p0.png)
Open file (8.17 KB 825x373 92547483_p0.png)
Open file (10.84 KB 1260x376 92737700_p0.png)
Open file (8.64 KB 1047x376 92850329_p0.png)

Open file (403.42 KB 640x414 aef7nebxpvu51.png)
/k/anteen Mk 5, critical psy-emission edition Strelok 07/26/2021 (Mon) 17:07:03 No.17549 [Reply] [Last]
Welcome to /k/anteen, this thread is a catch-all for general discussion that our brothers either do not believe needs its own thread, or isn't particularly relevant to the board topics at hand. Rule 1 is more stringently enforced here by the preachers. >why new thread Old thread bumplocked >>16158 https://www.fox4news.com/news/gunman-in-deadly-fort-worth-shooting-stoned-to-death https://archive.is/8wVkm >FORT WORTH, Texas - A group of people in Fort Worth stoned a gunman to death after a shooting killed one and injured two others. >Just before 1 a.m. Monday, investigators say the man started firing at a crowd in Fort Worth's Como neighborhood on the southwest side near Bryant Irvin Road and the Chisholm Trail Parkway. >One person died in the shooting and two others were hurt, but are expected to survive. >The crowd then started throwing gardening stones and killed the gunman. >It's not clear what exactly led up to the shooting. Police have only said it started with some kind of disturbance. >Police also say the people involved all knew each other. At this point no names have been released of those involved in the incident. Another source is claiming bricks were used. Como is a predominately black neigborhood so you know what that means. >be dindu nutin jamal >angry cause your crack whore gf got a train run by tyrone and co. >what did you say nigga?

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>>19301 They could legit be communications gear. They nowadays have sunglasses that allow you to receive radio, and the voice gets transmitted to your skull through direct vibration, hence why the glasses have to be tight-fitting. I can't remember what those were called. But, ofcourse, it could be just a simple feiend-or-foe identifier for glowniggers.
>>19301 Makes it slightly harder to dox. Protects against blinding attacks and, if of sturdy enough construction, against small projectiles (that aren't bullets... though that might also be possible, armored glass is a thing). Disguises where they're looking at, so harder for a target to detect surveillance, assuming the target is retarded enough to not recognize a glow from a mile away.
Open file (98.65 KB 590x652 that_look_of_disgust.png)
>>19313 >>19312 >>19302 Who the fuck are you people and where did my baneposters go?
>>19316 They died when the plane crashed. No survivors, after all.
Open file (141.95 KB 300x368 extremely painful.png)
>>19316 What were we supposed to say? When CIA asked that question he got no reply, since the guy he asked had a lotta loyalty for a hired gun.

Open file (644.58 KB 628x765 lol.PNG)
Open file (453.67 KB 720x469 E8wBDimXEAAGV7r.png)
Open file (530.06 KB 648x764 blackallahackbar.PNG)
Open file (209.44 KB 474x270 a0Lbu6d6i02c2ple.mp4)
Middle East North Africa, 2 for 1: Afghanistan boogaloo Strelok 08/16/2021 (Mon) 21:43:14 No.18275 [Reply] [Last]
Last thread is bumplocked. Biden had a presser at 3:45 EDT today FUCKING LOL ITS HILARIOUS https://youtu.be/dHM_1YOXpg4 I just want you to see the daily mail tl;dr, yes, their a britbong commie piece of shit but still: 'The buck stops with me', says Biden but then proceeds to blame Afghan fiasco on Trump and locaIs who failed to fight the Taliban - before ducking questions and fleeing for Camp David >downvoted 3 to 1 ratio before start by magatards thinking downvotes can bring back god emperor trump >Says he will only take questions pre-approved from "certified" reporters >Late for like 30 minutes, probably because talking points got leaked and he was gonna get shat on >Shows up and his pupils are fully dilated >blames trump and afghanis the latter of which is true >Doesn't take an questions >many verbal gaffes >claims that he did everyhing when he was VP and still trumps fault >starts slowing down for no disernable reason >Doesn't answer why withdraw is a shitshow, only that "we got out!!!!!" The "Free world" is being led by the man scrolling the god damn teleprompter.

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>>18919 Sauce? Looks familiar to the dude who drew the gook behind the other building blown up.
>>19287 Infantry tends to join right out of highschool, so you aren't far off.
>>19286 I read the news article and the abstract, and as much as I hate to say it, that "gender studies" degree holder is heavily influenced by Camile Paglia time will tell if she diddles kids too. Still hold utter disdain for the degree, but at least they aren't at retarded as modern wave feminists and are quite the improvement.
>>19292 Gender studies is feminism.
>>19318 You would be hard-pressed to get the average feminist to support Camile Paglia's feminist approach since she basically says women would be happier maintaining the status quo since they have more to lose as equals than being put on a pedestal, and that Western women don't know jack shit about what's right/good for Women in other cultures. So yes it's feminism, but in the same way the yellow vest movement is libertarian.

Open file (456.34 KB 2247x1693 molonlabianigger2.jpg)
Open file (436.59 KB 450x450 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (887.15 KB 920x1538 budgetbloccuckanada.png)
Canadian Related Things Strelok 08/25/2021 (Wed) 05:21:07 No.18598 [Reply]
Greetings and Salutations I wish to make a thread for my syrupnigger brethren in regards to firearms and basic politics. I intend this thread to help any leafanons looking to get their PAL and shooters. While theres still a chance for you to own something Vote O'Toole if you still want to keep your guns and have the OIC repealled Important links that you should read >https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu >https://www.howtogetagun.ca/ If you're from 4cuc/k/, kill yourself, we do not want you
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I just learned Marc Emery was running as a PPC candidate. How did Dude Weed Man end up on the far-right?
Open file (17.23 KB 1334x370 Screenshot.png)
>>19303 Wow, that was an even bigger load of fucking nothing than I expected.
>>19303 There is not a ballot box solution to your problems. Thinking there is a sign of retardation.
Open file (759.46 KB 1167x657 average albertan.png)
>>19303 >muh vote splitting Put a sock in it, you had a boring candidate who pandered to lefties and anti-funs faggots and you got boring results.
Open file (66.97 KB 865x390 0% difference.png)
Open file (61.47 KB 918x401 1% difference.png)
The CBC sure has some interesting math depending on where the Liberals sit. Especially since that decimal point explicitly and unambiguously claims it's not being rounded. >>19311 You're right that vote-splitting was not really the issue. Without the PPC there may have been one or two more Conservative ridings, but not enough, and a decent chunk of people voting purple would, if it didn't exist, not have bothered voting at all rather than voting blue. But if he hadn't pandered to lefties the results would have been even worse. Let's not kid ourselves, there's no longer the political will in Canada to get a right-wing party elected. At best the choices will be between centre, left, and further-left.

do/k/uments Strelok 05/14/2020 (Thu) 08:54:33 No.245 [Reply] [Last]
Starting properly
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>>16730 But wait, strelok, that's not all - call within the next 15 minutes and we'll throw in a complementary set of steak knives! The Secret Team The CIA and Its Allies in Control of the United States and the World 0.8 MB https://files.catbox.moe/n0h85u.epub Special, British Executive, Operations How to become a spy the World War II SOE training manual Skyhorse Publishing (2015) 1.6 MB https://files.catbox.moe/upkfc4.epub Someone's Watching You! 0.4 MB https://files.catbox.moe/qwnn43.epub Find Out Anything From Anyone, Anytime Secrets of Calculated Questioning From a Veteran Interrogator 2.9 MB https://files.catbox.moe/sfghn6.epub Where There is No Vet 43.1 MB

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Big items. > Fighting in the streets; A manual of urban guerilla warfare - Urbano 23.5 MB https://files.catbox.moe/ragies.pdf > Infantryman's Guide to Combat in Built Up Areas. Field manual (1982) 23.8 MB https://files.catbox.moe/xu7t66.pdf > FM 3-06.11 (FM 90-10-1) Combined Arms Operations in Urban Terrain (2002) 21.8 MB https://files.catbox.moe/kgkftz.pdf > PAM 20-230 Russian Combat Methods in WW2 (1950) 22.9 MB https://files.catbox.moe/2s8asm.pdf > Combat Lessons Gained From Overseas Observations (1945) 24.8 MB https://files.catbox.moe/uo7nby.pdf

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>16733 Kek. OK a cat is fine too. Honesly, if a file fits here though, it's easier for me to get them here with my scraper.
Anything more?
Are there any good Chechen war memoirs? I'd love to read the experiences of russian troops clearing rooms

Naval thread Strelok 10/09/2020 (Fri) 21:04:32 No.7107 [Reply] [Last]
Subject says it all.
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>>19238 Now to be clear and upfront, I've been getting this third hand, so I cannot vouch for the accuracy of this, but the way I've been hearing it the French were the dumbasses here. The Au-Fr deal quite clearly specified an agreed upon price and that a specific portion of the labor would be performed in Australia, this was 'non-negotiable'. Then King Baguette decided to do his best Darth Vader impression and informed the Aussie Defense that the deal had been altered and the Aussies would be paying 5 times more per unit and 'you people can paint the ships after we deliver them to you', because they would be 100% built in France. Aussieland's Defense Agency's response was to quite reasonable tell the French to go fornicate with a kangaroo and they left the deal; this leading to the UK coming up with a plan (that relied on the US) and the Aussie Defense basically jumped on it. The US kind of just bumbled into it as per usual under the current laughingstock administration and was basically informed about it at the last possible moment.
>>19240 The articles I'd read had vague mentions that there had been tension and disagreement already about where the labour would be, so that makes sense. And also on the topic of that deal, it amused me to see the response from the rest of the Five Eyes who aren't included, with Canada's weak-sounding "we didn't want nuclear subs anyway!". It's completely true, and even if we did want them we can't afford them (we can't even afford the ships we DO want) but it just looks so weak as a response, especially since it makes us look scared of provoking China.
>>18809 >Granted, although one could argue for weeks if that was ideal or not. If we wanted to do that I'd just stick to the best argument of the average .45 ACP fan. >Or, to put it in another way, any new ordnance introduction must immediately precede a massive (and I mean massive) ship buying spree. How would you compare it to the Dreadnought revolution? Could a navy completely upend the game by launching a squadron of cruisers? >Yes, I'm aware I'm giving mixed answers and responses post-from-post, that is unfortunately part and parcel with the chaos that design work simply is. That's why I'm so interested in military technologies to begin with. In something like a civilian car it basically all comes down to money and regulations, but in something like a tank or a warship it's an endless series of question of life and death all impacting each other. >So long as your intended/expected engagement/defensive envelopes are covered, any mixture works. That's quite reassuring, although it makes the subject both simpler and yet more complicated at the same time. >My own personal preferences in this regard (18/16, 8in, 155mm/6in/5in, HEL) is mostly nostalgia/glorification of the past as I prefer what has terrifyingly become traditionalist design doctrines In my case it's because I dream of ˝synchronizing˝ the guns used on land and on the sea. Specifically, with the kind of defensive system they are already putting on tanks the two best bets against them are going to be hypersonic missiles and really big guns. Therefore I imagine that for the front line the best main armament for a tank (or heavy IFV) would be a 76.2mm gun with a high RoF combined with a row hypersonic missiles. But the real tank killer should be a SPG with a 21cm gun: the first vehicle would mostly just designate targets for guided 21cm shells, and its own hypersonic missiles are mostly there for self-defence. >Lasers are unfortunately deck penetrators by nature, but this means you absolutely could design them to swap out for very large autocannons... considering that the larger variants of HELs take up more room below deck than a 5in gun. Strange, I thought they just need some really thick power cables. Is it because they all kind of capacitors and cooling systems and whatnot down there?

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>19261 >How would you compare it to the Dreadnought revolution? That strongly depends on how much new tech is shoved into the cruiser to make it a noteworthy threat. If a navy launched a flight of SLRC capable of firing nuclear-tipped, precision guided, 1500 mile shells below the radar detection (be it the 12in SLRC or a modernized battleship caliber naval cannon - an Alaska/Stalingrad-style large cruiser is still a cruiser) which was capable of advanced first strike without being detected (the strike, not the ship), then I could see it being somewhat comparable to the Dreadnought crisis. Obviously, it wouldn't be quite a Dreadnoughting situation, since the old navy wouldn't be quite obsolete; but it would probably immediately spark a 'massive' naval arms race (for this century's scaling, it'd be nothing to the 1920s/30s) and could actually see naval treaties return. >Tanks When it comes to tanks, really, all you absolutely need to do to cause a mission kill is to poke a hole into the crew compartment. To that extent, extant 120-140mm tank cannons would defeat anything up to heavy CNT-based composites, no reason to pull out the heavy artillery and hypersonics yet. >Strange, I thought they just need some really thick power cables. Is it because they all kind of capacitors and cooling systems and whatnot down there? The LPU (Line Production Units) and PSUs for HELs are not individually huge, but to get appreciable power out of them you need a lot of these combined units all working together in an array. To illustrate, to get a 30 megawatt laser, you need two thousand LPUs, with enough leeway to allow all of those cables to get to the laser condenser at the 'turret' head. That's enough required volume to fill a Cruiser's main turret with some excess. Incidentally, that's one of the primary reasons why the 'Lasers will bring back the Battleship' argument is actually valid. To get sufficient power to have noteworthy effect at range, you end up with absolutely massive arrays. >And one more thing: are there combined gas/steam turbines for nuclear-powered ships? I mean that they normally run on steam, but if need to be they can switch to burning diesel with just the press of a button. The closest to this is the Kirovs' Nuclear propulsion with Oil-fired Superheater. Nuclear cruise (~18kt), Oil flank (30kt). With the right gearing set up, however, there is no reason why they couldn't have a dual nuclear-diesel propulsion system. I cannot for the life of me think of a legitimate reason why they would want such a thing, but it's certainly possible.
>>19293 If the cruiser-dreadnought naval arms race does kick off, would the French resurrect the Atlantic wall?

Mobility in modular plate carrier systems Strelok 09/16/2021 (Thu) 22:50:06 No.19218 [Reply]
Does anyone have personal experience with modular systems that accept groin protection, and arm/shoulder plates? What is the impact you suffer to mobility? Are you capable of performing a full sprint at a decent speed? Bounding maneuvers, etcetera? How is prolonged movement done at a walking pace? Thank you in advance.
1 post omitted.
>>19239 i shit in your mouth
>>19239 Not every thread has to go in a general. Generals kill imageboards.
>>19218 Arm and shoulder plates turn an already heavy and bulky piece of equipment into a knee destroying monstrosity. It's already a pain in the ass as-is getting a good cheek weld with a plate carrier- adding even more bulk is going to fuck with your marksmanship. Most of your questions are more relevant to personal fitness than your choice of armor. Just assume armor in any form turns mundane tasks strenuous, and strenuous tasks exhausting.
>>19218 The interceptor vest with the neck yoke and nut flap was hot and heavy but not that bad. I liked the all around impact protection compared to a plate carrier, even without the extra plates and panels. You could take a beating and not even notice. Even so, no one attached the extra parts in a training environment unless specifically told to. The neck bits were really good at catching hot brass too.
Open file (92.02 KB 640x426 l2q0j361tshz.jpg)
>>19259 >>19264 Dankeschen

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