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Open file (3.87 MB 4608x3456 100_0274.JPG)
QTDDTOT-Axe Repair Edition Strelok 10/08/2020 (Thu) 05:07:21 No.7036
Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread I'll start. I decided recently to fix up this old axe I found a few years ago. I got some rust converter to do the job but then after I took a closer look I realized that it has a big crack all the way through on the back of the eye. How do I fix this shit? Can I just heat it up and weld it back together blacksmith style?
Hey chinkanon, what are the Chinese translations for ammunition components such as the primer, propellant, projectile, and casing?
>>14171 Honestly, if its a brrrt machine I wouldn't worry too much about it provided your blowback bits are beefy enough.
Where does the US stand in regards to the current antagonism between the EU and UK?
>>14186 I don't know that we have any real policy opinion on it.
>>14186 >the US Just in case you missed the memo Strelok, there is no unified US any longer. The recent election process re-elected Donald Trump as POTUS (clearly), but """TPTB""" installed a puppet for their Bolshevik plans against traditional, White US culture. Obviously, this scheme was begun by Commies decades ago (1965 & LBJ to be specific), but it has now come to fruition for them. The best likely outcome we can hope for here now is an honest Civil War 2.0, and Balkanization. Otherwise, we are headed towards Brazil 2.0 & Venezuelan austerity to go with it. >tl;dr There is no 'US' any longer mate.
>>14190 >we are headed towards Brazil 2.0 & Venezuelan austerity to go with it. By far the most likely scenario
>>14191 All because faggots didn't do anything about it other than complain.
>ctrl+f 'GreenScreenGate' >no results This is obviously intentional. What's their game? Surely the niggers surrounding the Banana-Republic's Usurper-in-Chief aren't really that retarded?
Open file (7.44 KB 259x194 origin of zergface.jpg)
>>14179 >pic unrelated This first section are the layman's (civilians with no firearm interests and slang terms, some are used officially). >bullet (or, ball ) 子弹 (lit. Seed quiver) >ammunition 弹药 ("Quiver medicine) >cartridge 药筒 (or 弹壳 for "bullet casing") >primer 底火 (Lit. Bottom fire ) >propellant 发射药 (lit. shooting medicine) Musket >鸟枪 (bird gun) Rifled musket > 线膛铳 (stringed bore blunderbuss- This one really, really translates badly) Rifle (modern) >来复枪/线膛枪 ( lai-fu gun (transliteration/ stringed bore gun) Smokeless firepowered >无烟火药 (Without smoke fire medicine) Black powder >黑火药 (Black fire medicine) I got fucking tired of switching between IME so here's the rest. These are more "technical". More technical stuff: 前膛步枪(muzzle-loading rifle) 火绳枪(matchlock) 簧轮枪(wheellock) 燧发枪(flintlock) 雷管枪(caplock) 后膛步枪(breech-loading rifle) 单发步枪(single-shot rifle) 单管(single-barrel) 折管步枪(break action rifle) 闩锁步枪(breechblock rifle) 下落闭锁式(falling block) 滚轮闭锁式(rolling block) 翻动闭锁式(hinge block) 倾斜闭锁式(tilting block) 皮博迪式步枪(Peabody rifle) 螺丝闭锁式(screwed block), 弗格森式步枪(Ferguson rifle) 多管(multi-barrel) 双管步枪(double-barrel rifle) 复合枪(combination gun) 连发步枪(repeating rifle) 手动连发步枪(manual repeating rifle) 转轮步枪(revolver rifle) 杆动步枪(lever action rifle 泵动步枪(pump action rifle) 栓动步枪(bolt action rifle) 旋转后拉式(turn bolt) 毛瑟(Mauser) 李-恩菲尔德Lee-Enfield) 和莫辛-纳甘(Mosin-Nagant) 直拉式(straight pull) 栓放式步枪(bolt-release rifle) 称柄放式步枪(lever-release rifle) 自动装填步枪(self-loading rifle, w) 半自动步枪(semi-automatic rifle) 前冲式(blow-forward) 反冲式(blowback) 后座操作(recoil operation) 气动操作(gas operation) 自动步枪(automatic rifle) 选射步枪(selective fire rifle) 定装弹药(cartridge) 纸壳弹(paper cartridge) 金属壳弹(metallic cartridge) 针式底火(pinfire) 杯式底火(cupfire) 唇式底火(lipfire) 乳头式底火(teatfire) 凸缘底火(rimfire) 中心底火(centerfire) 飞镖弹(flechette) 无壳弹(caseless ammunition) 前冲式(blow-forward) 反冲式(blowback) 后座操作(recoil operation) 气动操作(gas operation) 战斗步枪(battle rifle) 卡宾枪(carbine) 侦查步枪(scout rifle)-- This is like a remington 700 but no mag/clip. One shot and reload. 个人防卫武器(personal defense weapon), colloquial “冲锋卡宾枪”(submachine gun) 突击步枪(assault rifle) 精确射手步枪(designated marksman rifle) 狙击步枪(sniper rifle) 反坦克步枪(anti-tank rifle) 反器材步槍(anti-material rifle)
>>14195 That's really detailed, thanks for the help. Is the term for primer only a colloquialism or is the actual technical term some dumb shit like "fire hot spicy medicine rock sulphuric bottom side hammer hit"?
>>14192 Moreso because the elite is all on the same side, it's in the best interest of anyone with a modicum of power for the status quo to remain. >>14193 The hand in the actual video didn't look that sharp by what i remember, i think the mics are actually below his hands, the hairs of the mics and the angle making it seem as if the hand was super imposed, otherwise is too big an editing mistake, that wouldn't make any sense.
>>14179 It's a technical term.
>>14197 >otherwise is too big an editing mistake, that wouldn't make any sense. Exactly my point. Don't let me sway you, judge for yourself. >hassciencegonetoofar.mp4 We report. You decide.
What are the things to look for in a quality long gun safe?
>>14204 Being fire resistant/proof. Also having hook ups for lights and a goldenrod is a bonus. Goes without saying but you want something that locks up like a proper safe instead of a locker style lock up.
Open file (205.73 KB 1024x768 919515744_a79e79ede7_b.jpg)
>>14115 >>14116 >>14118 Is the site stable enough to try to repost these?
How do you extract PCT ammunition if you have a conventional (ie. non-floating) chamber design?
>>14216 If there was an easy solution, then many people actively engaging with this subject would go for it. You can't have an extractor groove with those plastic cases, therefore you have to move the whole case as one, and you need to move the chamber for that, even if you come up with some alternative that is closer to a conventional gun. E.g. you could have the chamber as part of the barrel (like on a normal gun), and for reloading they move forward towards a fixed rod that goes into the chamber and so you are effectively pulling off the chamber from the case, similarly to a long-recoil gun.
>>14217 Would a little steel band around the base be enough for the extractor or does extraction fail due to the tensile strength?
>>14225 There is already a similar case: just take a traditional metallic case, keep the base for the primer and the extractor grove, but replace the wall with a plastic material. This works just like a normal case (or at least supposed to, there were quite a lot of failures with early models), therefore it's not telescopic. One of the new cartridges currently being looked at by the US Army is just like this. I'd post pictures, but I am currently cursed to be a phoneposter.
>>14227 It's not the one in the program, but it's the same concept.
Open file (153.64 KB 700x980 Colt_Christmas_gift.jpg)
If I wanted a revolver and a lever gun to play cowboy on the range, should I go for .357 Magnum or .45 Long Colt? Also, is Uberti any good?
>>14274 I'd go for the .357 only because factory .45lc loads are sort of whimpy due to older guns and their repros on the market. if you do handhold, you can make some absolutely nasty 45lc loads, though I'd only use those in a lever gun and a ruger set up for +P. In regards to uberti, they're alright for the price point.
>>14274 45 LC is expansive as hell now. I would actually suggest getting a 22/22 mag lever gun and revolver for practice and getting a hang of the guns. Uberti is a good low/mid range option
Open file (4.62 MB 2550x3501 5.png)
Open file (4.92 MB 2550x3501 1.png)
Open file (4.79 MB 2550x3501 2.png)
Open file (4.77 MB 2550x3501 3.png)
Open file (4.52 MB 2550x3501 4.png)
>>14196 technical term is usually something that is completely indecipherable in english in the sciences. Since primers are a chemistry thing they don't often make since in a direct translation (This one kinda does but thats a 3 page explaination) >>14208 Post 1/3 >repost. I got them scanned at a better res and added a few more. Images 2 and 3 are in english and are best for an introductory first overview. >page 1. Stargazing pavilion (and the basis for most defensive structures in China, it's a modified watchtower) >page 2&3 are self explaintory >page 4 is a cross section of a truss and how to assemble. >page 5 is a truss and pillar and their labels (I'm not translating those names since 90% of them can't translate well)
Open file (4.67 MB 2550x3501 10.png)
Open file (4.57 MB 2550x3501 6.png)
Open file (5.09 MB 2550x3501 7.png)
Open file (4.42 MB 2550x3501 8.png)
Open file (4.64 MB 2550x3501 9.png)
>>14282 >post 2/3 >page 6 Song dynasty book 'Work on Military Precision" diagram. 1/2-Battle (position) dividers face, 3. "Horse face" (Internal rampart tower), 4.Female sections (face toward enemies), 5. External gate rampart (doesn't trans well), 6. ricetto 7. moat >7 Drawing from late Qing dynasty book "Preparations for stabilizing (foundation and walls)". Pic shown is the construction of a city wall >8 Dimensional cross section schematics of a section of the Badaling great wall near Beijing. measurements in meters and centermeters >9 Different connecting truss methods for horizontal roofing >Layout of tang era Chang'an (capital) and likely inspiration for cities in Japan and china
Open file (4.49 MB 2550x3501 11.png)
Open file (4.33 MB 2550x3501 12.png)
Open file (4.62 MB 2550x3501 13.png)
Open file (4.53 MB 2550x3501 14.png)
>>14284 post 3/3 >11 City layout for most towns in China, with corresponding philosophy (in chinese). >12 Pic on top shows different types of arrangements for structures, left to right are: Residence, judge (Magistrate's office), tomb, martial (war) office, administrative office, Taoist temple, palace >13 Picture at top is layout of a siheyuan house and names of areas >14 bottom pictures are alternate siheyuan house layouts.
Open file (3.35 MB 1280x720 _-nirc1e.mp4)
>>14197 There was a pic, from I belive the NYT or WaPo from Biden's right, reporter's left. With his hand being between the camera and the microphone (being over the micophone again) from an extreme angle, it wouldn't be possible from both. There's also another pic from Bidens left looking more towards the reporters and in that one you can also see his hand isn't between the microphone and the reporters. (To lazy to get the OG sauce) https://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/m75e1y/for_anyone_claiming_the_biden_green_screen_is/
Open file (1.68 MB 1295x732 Capture.PNG)
Open file (1.31 MB 1311x730 Capture2.PNG)
>>14323 I think it fits, sure it looks weird but i think both angles show that his hands are between the microphones and the camera, in one angle is one in the other is another. Nowadays with editing software and AI deepfakes there's plenty of reasons to question what we see, but i think this time it's just an illusion, or maybe it's on purpose to keep people paranoid.>>14323 >>14323
>>14323 >>14335 It's obviously a botched diversity-hire greenscreen job. I have been trained in compositing work in the film industry, and I can tell you this is pajeet-tier comedy. Here's a clip. >>14199
Open file (513.37 KB 410x302 1.png)
Pros and cons for 9mm over 45acp and vice versa?
Open file (93.75 KB 400x399 Elite NEET.JPG)
>>14469 name fag get out
>>14469 Point it at your head and see which one oit of 9mm and 45 acp does the most damage faggot
They're both 100-year-old calibers, aren't they?
>>14491 No. One is a 120 year-old cartridge,
Should I make a alternative history thread.
>>14514 We already have two, so you should ask yourself if we need a third one.
.45 ACP has bigger tits.
9mm is a pussy round for cheap cowards. .45 acp is a good round if you are reloading for it to +p velocities and have big hands to grip the massive double-stacked magazines. Otherwise you will want to use either a 357 magnum, a 10mm, or a 357 Sig. If you can't handle those, you shouldn't be allowed to own a gun tbh.
>>14551 .45WM or fuck off.
Is it a viable strategy for national defense to have civilians own shoulder mounted rocket launchers? Like the ones that are capable to taking out a plane or maybe helicopters. I like the idea because let's say an invading army comes in and they are constantly having their planes getting shot out of the sky from seemingly random places because Joe Blow on who lives 8 houses down on Gensokyo street has a Stinger in his shed. My biggest concern is that someone might get a really bad idea like shooting down a commercial air liner, which would sour relations with other countries had their citizens been on present on that said plane.
Open file (1.30 MB 1094x618 The_Last_Good_G-Man.png)
>>14556 >Is it a viable strategy for national defense to have civilians own shoulder mounted rocket launchers? Sure seemed to work out OK for the Al-Qaeda during the Soviet invasions. The only question now is where will you obtain such toys? The glowniggers who 'conveniently' supplied them to the sandniggers back then, have all actually turned against their own people and their own national heritage today. G. Gordon Liddy was the last of the great G-Men Strelok. There are no more heroes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UShkD4BYYBg We're not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy. Bolsheviks have now usurped the West.
Open file (46.27 KB 1178x216 k - SAM 2.png)
Open file (117.81 KB 1175x451 k - SAM.png)
>>14556 I dunno, they seem to be nice to have.
Open file (146.33 KB 635x1650 1517788864.jpeg)
I've been compiling a list of AR manufacturers to compare qualitywise via word of mouth & would like to learn more about where to put my wallet next time I do a build/complete rifle. Gold-Standard >Bravo Company Manufacturing The most commonly recommended company to buy a complete rifle/parts from because of their huge commitment to quality control & decent prices compared to other high-end manufacturers >Lewis Machine & Tool Most famous thing I heard from them was having a redesigned BCG that is optimized for people generally running carbine length or shorter systems alongside being contracted for the Kiwis new rifle system, one anon warned me though that they sometimes outsourced certain parts for MiM manufacturing to companies with looser QC tolerances. >Daniel Defense Mostly heard about their cold hammer forged barrels being absolute monsters in round counts short of an HK or Noveske but also some decent designs like their MK18 uppers. >FN Herstal Our current contractor for our rifles, their barrels are also cold hammer forged but within more of a flexible price point like BCM/Colt compared to DD/Noveske. Commonly repeated is that some of their barrels are also sold to PSA rebranded as a PSA premium but I'm wondering if those were either barrels that didn't meet certain tolerances or are actual standard barrels >Hodge Defense Usually hear of them as the Creme de la Creme for ARs since their QC is pretty damn immaculate that goes beyond DD/BCM. >Forward Controls Design I checked out their parts catalog and most of it points towards improvements in ergonomics or in simplistic design changes that don't require proprietary parts and that they also collaborate with Hodge Defense & VLTOR. >VLTOR Known for their A5 Buffer System that brings a rifle-length buffer performance into a slightly larger carbine package that is a massive improvement for people running carbines/SBRs as well. >Noveske Personally, the price tag of their rifles are a huge bummer for me but I generally hear their barrels are a cut above the rest in terms of accuracy & durability that they compete with Hodge Defense for the top spot. >Sons of Liberty Gunworks Besides providing quality parts at BCM prices as well, the owner, Mike, is really proactive in customer outreach alongside releasing several informative videos of why they do things certain ways, use parts from certain manufacturers, etc. Mid-Tier These guys are generally gonna be more intended for people who have a decent budget looking for rifles with features accessible but certainly not the best of the best. >Aero Precision What I hear of them is that they make good AR parts for price points shorter of BCM but still somewhat flexible. >Colt Their 6920s are their civilian bread & butter outside of re-releases of the Anaconda in that some people have said that most ARs try to compare their quality vs it as the gold-standard before BCM. >Ballistic Advantage Known for their Hanson profile barrels & being originally founded by Spurdo Sparde, they make nice & decently-priced accurate barrels. Some of the employee reviews I've been reading on them however, speak of the usual Upper Management vs Lower troubles that I worry could be affecting their QC besides the pandemic or if the acquisition by Aero Precision also affected them as well. >Palmetto State Armory A manufacturer that has grown in size from all the sales it brings by providing budget AR parts, that it is now providing a decently built American AK outside of Arsenal or Russian VEPRs. Usually I hear their parts are fine for someone who intends to do light shooting like at a controlled range with time to relax, but fail abysmally the moment it meets a carbine class with a high rd. count training regime. King of the Porcelain Throne Tier Avoid these companies for absolutely abysmal QC, "works 60% of the time for me", or is just dead. >Anderson Manufacturing Horror stories of incorrect-sized ports, pinholes, and I remembered seeing an image of a stack of 3 Anderson lowers all with improperly-made magazine wells. >DPMS Personal anecdote, bought an LPK from them for my 1st build & the trigger feels gritty, hammer lost its phosphate coating after 150 rds, and the endplate looks like a cast-iron skillet was used in place. >Strike Industries Supposedly a good chunk of their parts are Chinesium and really only bought because of their offerings for anodized color schemes. That's all I got but I would love to hear more from you guys & also reconsider any of my options as well since I do want to invest in a good rifle.
>>14650 I'd add CMMG and Windham Weaponry to mid-tier. Strike Industries is really hit or miss with their stuff- a lot of their accessories are actually pretty good, such as their muzzle brakes and aluminum hand stops, but getting stuff such as actual free float rails might cause you trouble
>>14650 >mega arms is gone forever
>>14651 CMMG I forgot to add but I do appreciate them for color-coding their LPK packets, the new radial-delayed blowback system, & I do want to try that 22LR system they designed as a complete BCG set. For Windham Wyndham? Weaponry, all I heard was that the old Bushmaster team responsible for delivering a decent AR moved into that company so I could use more info. >>14652 I got you fam, ZEV technologies just recently announced that they brought back Mega Arms with some of their lowers & uppers for sale.
>>14680 Windham is just a completely standard AR manufacturer that QCs their shit and has cool dissipator uppers. They are the remnants of old Bushmaster. Pricing is decent. Being boring as shit is a lot better than being jank. Also add Spike's Tactical to okay tier.
>>14681 Gotcha, and all I know for Spike's were those meme lower receivers, but usually people say their comparable to Aero in terms of quality & price.

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