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what's a war board without a conflict?

Open file (255.38 KB 640x480 skxjp.jpg)
QTDDTOT - handgun edition Strelok Board volunteer 06/09/2021 (Wed) 15:41:08 No.16240
Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread >pic unrelated Last one hit bump limit. Anyone have experience with the CZ-75 series or their P-10/ P-01 line? Kinda want a subcompact P-10S for a boot gun but not sure how they are inb4 its a glock since polymer, striker fired pistol with trigger safety. Also, omega trigger or no?
Open file (100.95 KB 791x304 H&K-G36K[1].jpg)
This is my first time being here and my first post so I would like to say hi to everyone here at /k/. I've found 4chan back in 2005 but never really posted til 2007 then around 2008 is where a friend of mine recommended me /k/ due to my obsession of guns. I am very impressed with this website having more features than what 4chan has. So to make my first post /k/ related, I will ask the same first post I've made way back in 2008 (not word for word but similar question). What do you guys think about the G36? I think it's a great rifle and my personal favorite has to be the "Kurz" model in the pic rel. Great barrel length, overall length, and the ability to operate and fire the rifle while in the folded position. Including, the ability to stack mags to the side and using the paddle release to swap mags with ease.
Open file (2.48 MB 640x480 FN FAL.webm)
I prefer something with more punch.
>>16177 The Arm of the Free World.
>>16178 Wierd, it took away the word "right".
It is alright. Biggest personal issue is that it has its own special snowflake mags instead of just taking NATO stanags. XM8 looks cooler though. If only TBT would make a stand alone that I couldn't afford anyway.
Open file (1.03 MB 320x240 lmfao.gif)
>>16180 That Mp4. Fukken lol'd and saved.>>16180
I'm interested in dual purpose cane length infrared scope snipers with armor penetrating uranium missile rounds and noise suppressors. Do you know where I can order one? I figured China could have a few model choices listed on Amazon.
>>16176 The only issue i had with it was with it's safety switch, sometimes it switched by itself while carrying, needs to be made harder to press.
>>16191 Which should be an easy fix, right?
Open file (205.12 KB 755x900 55632916016.jpg)
>>16192 You're right, it should, but its not. Pistol grip mechanism is made too complicated to be dissembled by regular jackoffs like me, classic german engineering.
>>16193 I used to own a PTR91 (which is as close I'll ever get to a G3) and the lower was easy and simple to disassemble. Is the G36 not similar for it's lower? I've only seen videos of it's disassembly, that's it.
>>16194 Its unlike G3 and such, safety switch in G36 doesn't come out unless you also disassemble trigger mechanism.
>>16195 That sucks... I never knew that. Because most videos I've seen never showed that part.
Hello! Also another 2007 newfag who finally filtered in from 4chan's /k/. I tried to reply to another thread but was too retarded to figure out how. Is there some secret to, or known bug with the captcha? Because even when it right it tells me its wrong.
>>16230 had an anti-spam setting on, should be fixed
>>16232 Thanks NuMoot
Open file (648.70 KB 750x732 1621487886286.png)
>>16176 Newfag question: is there any reason/benefit to making an account? Or is it just for tripfagging?
Read the rules properly
>>16237 No. It's only for mods
>>16238 Good shit, thanks nigga
>>16237 I just went and read them again, AND the global rules, and nothing i said violates any of it
>>16247 Read them again.
>>16240 >pic Those numbers, kek. Gyno-cult national leadership, not even once.
>>16249 >a 5th just wants to attack Japan for no reason
Open file (41.52 KB 480x352 poofacegook.jpg)
>>16262 I say bring it on, korean ttongsul drinkers can't win ever. I have to say, I am kind of afraid given they train their soldiers by getting them to wash their faces with human shit.
>>16262 Realistically the only way America could ever invade North Korea (successfully) is with explicit Japanese or South Korean support for air and naval bases, so it makes sense.
Open file (152.96 KB 1021x768 giant_smoker.jpg)
>>16240 My experience with the CZ75 lineup would be with their SP-01 and I think the grip memes about them are pretty solid since it fills the hands nicely while allowing you to ride them high, can't say much for the other lineups since I never tried 'em though I do wanna get a classic style 75B or even pre-B alongside their subcompact 2075 Rami though I heard it was discontinued to focus on their P-series subcompact lineups. Also, for duty/home-defense AR rifles, what triggers are recommended since I hear its best to stick with standard Mil-Spec triggers so in the future I'll swap my Geissele SSA-E for an ALG Defense ACT or something similar.
>>16269 I would assume that the North and South would kill each other in suicide attacks and the moon-like peninsula would be open for China and the USA to fight over.
>>16287 I think that as long as you're not using some absurdly light trigger with a pull weight measured in ounces instead of pounds, you should be fine. More important is practicing with whatever it is you've got installed. Ensuring your shit's reliable through a good amount of firing practice with ammo you've standardized on means you can run whatever you're comfortable with. I have a wide variety of trigger weights for my ARs ranging from ~2 lbs to milspec, but frankly speaking even with a good amount of practice under my belt I don't think it'd make a difference. The length of pull is tiny and I don't have arthritis, so it's never really felt all that much different unless I'm trying to do precision benchrest groups. If you're in the heat of the moment in a Self Defense Situation, you're not going to be asking whether you installed a four pound spring in your rifle. Any time people make suggestions or recommendations for the "modern sporting rifle" it should be assumed that they're trying to sell you something or are blindly parroting people who are. That's why sub-16" barrels, grip-pods, and offset iron sights exist. sometimes all three combined
Open file (126.24 KB 499x268 1548262819.gif)
>>16291 >grip-pods Thanks for reminding me those exist.
>>16269 >America could ever invade North Korea "Could?" Perhaps, but there's not a lot to be gained by doing so, so I don't see it being pursued. I mean, there's no real net gain.
>>16293 Hypothetical polls deserve hypothetical explanations.
>>16249 That has a lot less to do with the 'gyna-in-charge than it does with the S.Korean version of humor. S.Koreans have a bit of a latent rebellious streak and a strong hatred of polls due to the long history of their government fucking them over with polls. When given any poll, most of them will almost always pick the dumbest, most retarded option on the poll, regardless of what their actual opinion is on the subject in an attempt to tell the pollster to fuck off. If you give them a blank 'fill it in yourself' section, 'Attack Japan' will almost always be their response. I have seen 'Attack Japan' wrote in on S.Korean bank-ran polls asking how they could improve their service.
>>16240 No experience with CZ but have only heard good things about them. I have a Sig 365 and recommend it, it's small but still has a double stack mag and night sights out of the box. Might also take a look at diamondback's DB9 gen4 if you want the smallest 9mm semi-auto available. I liked the gen3 but the firing pin spring wore out after 500 or so rounds and I have no clue if diamondback is gonna service it.
>>16240 I've had a CZ P-01 as a carry piece for a some years. I'd say it' feels a tad on the big side, for a compact, but it's about average size. It's plenty accurate, double action trigger isn't the greatest, I feel there's a tad more takeup than there ought to be, but it breaks nicely, isn't gritty, and the single-action trigger pull is actually pretty nice. I dunno about the Omega trigger personally, but Cajun Gun Works can seemingly do no wrong in the CZ world.
>>16287 I managed to snag a Rami shortly after covid lockdowns began. Got one with the standard safety as opposed to the decocker, and holy shit does it have the nicest DA/SA trigger I've ever felt on a factory gun that isn't over a grand. Store I bought it at had a tac sport orange CZ75 for something like $2100 and when comparing them there wasn't much of a difference. Apparently the recoil spring shits the bed on them though, but there's an aftermarket spring that doesn't suck. Still haven't shot it because I bought it right before ammo got scarce and 9 still doesn't exist in my part of Burgerland. I have maybe 100 rounds of blazer left because poorfag
Why on gods green earth is 5.45 gun so expensive? I swear to god they will just ban 7.62x39 next.
Open file (118.76 KB 640x360 1511726385001.jpg)
>>16313 >No parts kits coming into the country >Bans/Bulgarians not importing as much >American companies still either haven't released their variant, or just can't keep up with demand/scalpers The covid shit did not help in any way shape or form either. Hopefully Century and Daniel Defense finally release their '74s soon. The insane demand for years has proven there is a market for them at least. I am still surprised more companies aren't jumping on it, especially those who make 5.56 AKs. T. Tantal Enjoyer
>>16313 It only became popular in the 90s/early 2000s because old surplus ammo was fucking cheap. Now that that's no longer the case, and it's a "meh" loadout anyways so nobody wants it when they can get cheaper guns with cheaper ammunition. Also the ATF made it harder or impossible to import the ammunition from overseas meaning that you would have to import or rebuild from the ground up the tooling to produce it domestically, and THAT gets expensive at a large scale. Combine with the fact that AR kits are just significantly cheaper due to mass production. It doesn't help that your only real choice in ammunition is steel casing.
>>16315 >Now that that's no longer the case The days of surplus ammo are far gone yes, but 5.45x39 is still coming into the country and can be found cheaper than .223/5.56 right now. Before covid it was typically only 3-5 cents more expensive than .223 steel case. The bigger issue though is that 5.45x39 can only be reliably found online, and most people forgot about the round after the 7n6 ban. >Also the ATF made it harder or impossible to import the ammunition from overseas Alright, I have been living under a rock for a last few months. Last I checked steel case imports are still coming in strong. Did the ATF change something to prevent new comers from importing ammo into America?
>>16321 >>16314 You guys think that they will ban 7.62x39 imports now as well? It seems that its cheaper ~20cpr than 5.56, I was discussing this with a friend who wanted to buy 7.62x39 fun and I was telling him my guess is if the ATF reclassifications and legislation fails, they will ban that cartridge Also, chink SKS going for on average 800 USD........ >steel case If I remember correctly, Obama (?) banned 7n6 5.45 by EO (muh armor piercing) so there's not much floating around, and it's a cyclical issue alongside banning machinery imports. I shoot steel cased 5.56 usually for training (since it usually cost lest before corona). I've been working on getting a 18" barrel upper for shooting brass and green tip. I've been thinking of something, and that it is illegal to manufacture "armor piercing" ammunition for "handgun" rounds. I wonder if "pistol" ARs are going to make 5.56 steel projectiles projectiles illegal? Because that would be bullshit, one dude making one 30-06 pistol would immediately render all the AP ammo illegal. What would be really interesting is if someone made sillicon projectiles and tested it out. 10/10 illegal unless you're a gov contractor but it would be funny as fuck to see someone get hit in afghanistan and just seen quartz embedded in the body.
Does Stalker stay in the video game general or can it warrant its own thread?
Open file (131.57 KB 920x518 e31.jpg)
>>16323 >7.62x39 import ban It is more likely they would go after all ammo imports. Then again, this still hasn't manifested since richfags likely don't want to part with their exotic ammo and cheapo steel case. >If I remember correctly, Obama (?) banned 7n6 5.45 by EO (muh armor piercing) so there's not much floating around, ATF order actually. Oddly enough, unopened cans of 7n6 can still be found online. Semi-related, I remember there was two similar loading of 5.45x39 that circled around gunbroker claiming to be Ukraine and Bulgarian surplus. The Bulgarian stuff came in a spam can, the Ukrainian in the typical paper cases. Anyone know the story behind these? >The second half ATF tried to use that very same logic to get surplus greentip classified armor piercing. Going through some old forms shows there was similar fear that krinks would do the same to 7n6, and encouragement not to pistolize SLR104URs because of it. That was defeated in public comment hard, so I really don't think they are going to bother opening that wound again.
>>16328 >spoiler The paper box ammo was manufactured in Luhansk (before Euromaidan) which was promptly bombed the fuck out during the civil war. I think the bulgarian ones might be because they switched to 5.56 on their primary small arms weapon, the AR-M1 (AK-47M1) >ATF doing it again I won't put it past them, mainly since they seem to have stopped giving a fuck with the recent comments. I'm 90% sure they are deleting comments on their feedback site. Either that, or once again the boomers don't care because "It's only ammunition and not my issue!" since I've only seen 200 comments on the new regulations for classifying rifles as NFA items. Also, those regulations are insane. 5 point system with sights being +2 points? Literally anyone with a stock A2 would be an immediate felon because Telescoping stock is +2, sights are +2, and the flash hider is +1 (I think, that document is also confusing as fuck just like they want it to).
>>16314 What about that zoomer-pandering eceleb guy? Are his AKs good?
>>16328 >Oddly enough, unopened cans of 7n6 can still be found online. Probably a similar situation to Moist Nuggets where there was just so much for so cheap that they were imported by the dozens of crates at a time and now after being treated like cheap garbage (even though that wasn't their actual value), there's "less enough" that it can be considered a standard stock for a while for those that have it since it can only go up in value now outside of freak incidents, but some people still sell it in a sort of "trickle" from seeing market value at current prices that they want now. Give it about a decade or two and they'll become more expensive and rarer outside of expensive bulk sales all at once when acquired for an under-market value.
>>16328 DR. CIRNO YOU SHOULDN'T BE USING A SCREWDRIVER FOR THAT EXPERIMENT, IT'S NOT SAFE >>16347 IIRC all his shit's just a different company assembling parts kits in his name. Frankly speaking it looks like the only way to get together a decent 5.45 AK without shilling out absurd sums of money is to build it yourself.
>>16347 >>16363 >zoomer pandering ecelb May I ask who that is per chance? and which company is building?
>>16437 I think he means this faggot: https://yewtu.be/channel/UCTrSsPMmZavLbc3Ex7VhjDg I have no idea about his guns though, other than the oversized AK.
>>16449 >video thumbnails Man glows like a fucking slab of uranium Does anyone know if the MikeB (jewtube here:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKX0kmzrmD5WvwqpQ06mwCw ) who does ballistics helm tests is an actual commie with his che merchandise or is this supposed to be some shitty joke? Because I can't tell since I only watch his ballistics test videos out of curiosity
>>16363 >DR. CIRNO YOU SHOULDN'T BE USING A SCREWDRIVER FOR THAT EXPERIMENT, IT'S NOT SAFE Sometimes risks have to be taken for important things, strelok.
Any fucking clue where I should look for a magazine-fed shotgun at a reasonable price, that can take optics, that can be imported to Argentina, and isn't absolute irredeemable no-quality-control garbage?
>>16501 Doesn't that pretty much just leave you with saiga? Other than the whole can be imported part.
>>16297 >S.Koreans have a bit of a latent rebellious streak and a strong hatred of polls due to the long history of their government fucking them over with polls. I understand why opinion polls may fuck someone over, but why are the Worst Koreans up in arms about them?
>>16516 Well over a thousand years of genetic conditioning, Strelok, their hatred of polls is genetic and goes back to China's 'happiness is mandatory' combined with 'the beatings will continue until morale improves' policies for their subjects.
>>16517 Incidentally, this is also why the Koreans in general are cynical assholes. Hard to believe, but the old Japanese term for Koreans was Yukaijin - The Happy People. They trusted too much and got stepped on until they became their own worst nightmares. Ancient Koreans would be ashamed of their progeny.
>>16518 You know, suddenly people wanting to defect from North Korea to South Korea because they're allowed to call their spouse "darling" instead of "comrade" thing makes a lot more sense now.
Open file (312.20 KB 443x943 ltge5m0lxrt41.jpg)
RETARD ALERT Why can't a rifle scope have the layout of binoculars? That is, with two eye-pieces instead of one. Is it something to do with the crosshairs over the bore?
>>16588 then you'd be trying to align three bores instead of two which is hard enough. If you've got cross-eye/dominance issues, maybe you could mount your scope on a 45 degree offset rail normally used for BUIS to not interfere with the centered scope? It would be off balance all the time but you wouldn't have to squint so hard.
>>16588 how the fuck do you shoot it then? put the stock in your ribcage? are you supposed to hold the rifle with wheelbarrow handles or something
>>16588 It could but you would have to redesign the whole gun around it since your aim with a gun is naturally offset from center point.

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