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Open file (1.53 MB 5127x3122 IMG_3233.JPG)
Building challenges Legoman 01/07/2021 (Thu) 13:39:23 No.842
So you're looking for some challenges, huh. Well you've come to the right place anon 'cos I've got a whole dossier on them. And remember to check my office regularly in case I manage to dig something more up, y'hear? Good luck.
EASY CHALLENGES >Build a squad, and post the story behind them. Bonus points for deep lore. >Build some minifigures and a small scene to go with 40375 Sports Accessories >Create a small comic strip >Build some minifigures and a small scene to go with 40376 Botanical Accessories >Make a team of heroes to save the world and/or a team of villains to take over the world >Tweak a set and post your modifications >Use a maximum of 10 pieces to build something >Build a 4-wide vehicle >Post pictures of your minifigures exploring the outdoors >Build a MOC and then reverse image search it to see if the search engine will correctly recognize what you built >Design your own polybag-sized set! >Build your own Wojtus >Build something so overly colourful it hurts to look at >Use only pre-1985 colours for a MOC >Take a random handful of bricks and make something with it >Make your own minions for any Lego villain >Build a small single scene story >Design your own ____ Trooper! Stormtrooper? Hurricanetrooper? Citytrooper? >Make your own original superhero(es) and villain(s), along with a backstory for them >Create a minifig to represent /lego/ or a board-tan
Edited last time by LordVladek on 01/18/2021 (Mon) 22:33:07.
INTERMEDIATE CHALLENGES >Build a room for a minifigure of your choice to inhabit >Make an alternate build for any Monthly Mini Build from this year >Build 2 small vignettes that show you at the beginning of this decade and where you think you'll be in 2030! >Make a MOC for a forgotten theme >Create something to accompany a modular building of your choice >Conflict between the police and crooks in Lego City seems to be stepping up - build an over-armed vehicle for either faction >Try create something more American than 31104 Monster Burger Truck >2020 sees the introduction of microdolls - scale down an existing minidoll set to their size! >El Fuego has died! Build a memorial for him! >Marvel heroes and villains get their own mechs - create a mech for a hero/villain that doesn't get one >Make a 1:1 scale build of a household object >Build something to the scale of technic figures >Build something to the scale of maxifigures >Create a series of modular vignettes that fit together to make one scene >Bionicle minifigs could do with more love - build something for them! >Recreate a movie poster with your bricks! >Make a famous movie still and see if anons can guess what film it is from >Design brick-built aliens >Remember your last dream? Build it! >Create an alternate build for a set of your choice >Redesign your favourite set >Take 2 or more themes at random and mash them together to create one single theme >Scale down a minidoll set to the scale of microdolls >Build Speed Champions sets in Tiny Turbos scale >Modify a set so it changes with the seasons >Modify a City vehicle to make it more futuristic >Build an unusual futuristic vehicle. Land, air, underwater, everything goes. Bonus points for cool engine, energy or fuel ideas! >Incorporate CMF stands into a MOC >Create something Paradisa related >Take a Lego character and make a BrickHead of them >Make a build entirely composed of SNOT >Design an execution machine to eliminate undesirable minifigs from your city
Edited last time by LordVladek on 01/18/2021 (Mon) 22:31:03.
DIFFICULT CHALLENGES >Create an alt build for any modular you want >Build a scene to go onto any baseplate you want >Redesign a pre-2000 set using modern pieces and techniques >Redesign a post-2000 set using pre-2000 pieces and techniques >Take a wave from any theme and turn it into micro scale (bonus points if all the micro scale MOCs are in scale) >Build something that can transform >Make some scenery! >Either modify a 6-wide Speed Champions car into an 8-wide, or modify an 8-wide into a 6-wide >Design your own regional-exclusive for any country you want >Create your own minidoll space theme >Make an Architecture set for a country that has yet to be featured in the theme >Build a base for a Lego villain! >Make an entire wave of sets as a sequel to any theme of your choice >Make a micro scale version of any of your MOCs! >Create a micro scale city >Build a nightmarish hellscape >Design some brick-built, minifigure-scale animals >Make a new line-up of Lego Racers from any themes you want! >Reuse a unique mold for something other than it's intended purpose >Build a house that is nature themed or is built into a landscape >Make a stop-motion - you decide how long it is! >Create a saloon for your cowboys >Make your own Mixels tribe >Make your very own theme! >Build something from the unreleased Europa theme
Edited last time by LordVladek on 01/10/2021 (Sun) 01:32:59.
If anyone has any ideas for more challenges, I'll add them to the list.
This thread makes me wish LEGO Masters would come back on already.
>>842 OP, just wanted to tell you that I love this thread and I've started brainstorming a few of these.
>>888 Awesome, can't wait to see! Nice trips
Open file (166.10 KB 800x600 fish oil.jpg)
>>845 >Reuse a unique mold for something other than it's intended purpose
>>1191 Peak LEGO.
>>1191 Erm illegal building techique
Open file (145.46 KB 800x600 seafood for thought.jpg)
>>1193 >illegal building techique Surprisingly, this is technically a legal build. Lego has incorporated a Technic pin / 1x1 brick with studs on 5 sides into numerous builds, because the open space inside the studs allows the pin to sit inside the brick without being stressed (this doesn't work inside a normal brick because the extended areas on the lips of the pin stick out farther than the inner space of the brick). My fishman uses the same method; the two lips of the pin rest inside the open studs (concealed by the 1x1 eye pattern tiles). To my knowledge, Lego only uses this technique with the SNOT brick that has studs on five sides; this is probably because kids can assemble it without any specific positioning and the piece can spin more or less freely and will normally settle in a position that doesn't stress the pin. As I said, mine is "technically" a legal build because I made the effort of aligning the pin lips to the gaps formed by the open studs
>>1196 I was joking, my friend, its a very nice build. Very creative use of an otherwise relatively useless part (the Batman cowl)
>>1197 Thanks! I intentionally set out to use that piece for something else, and after I flipped it around in my hands a few times I realized it looked like fishman jowls. Also for the record it's a Batgirl cowl, which is why it has the bar extension on the back to attach her ponytail.
>>1199 >it's a Batgirl cowl Fair enough, I never got any of the Batgirl figures. My last Batman set was the two-tone Twoface armoured car set.
I'm adding "Make a stained-glass window" to the list of challenges.

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