Open file (103.93 KB 1005x760 X.jpg)
My Fantasy Courtney 10/10/2020 (Sat) 06:26:02 No.1561 [Reply] [Last]
I dream about this every day.
>>1561 It’s a nice fantasy, pussy denial especially. Anal’s hot but I don’t know if I’ve personally got the endurance back there to commit to anal only! (We’ve got a chastity thread over at >>161 if you’re into that and the IRL cuckqueaning thread over at >>1465 if you’re active in the lifestyle.) By the way, this is an anonymous board. You don’t actually need to fill in the name field; it’s actually discouraged around here to do so.
>>1561 I enthusiastically support you in this endeavor. The trick is finding a man who digs the idea as much and really anal. Because you don't want a situation where he's not getting pussy when he wants it because his girlfriend is anal only. Realistically, having vixen pussy conveniently on hand is just not going to happen a lot of the time. He's got to get off on denying you, and your ass needs to be very satisfying to fuck. My understanding is that kegel exercises do strengthen the anal sphincter as well as the vaginal muscles. So that's important. But attitude is important too. You've got to be eager for those times when he decides to use you for sex. The more you want him, the better the lover you'll be. If you're giving up vaginal sex, it may already be a given, but if not, consider giving up your orgasms, too. If you can't do permanent orgasm denial, or can't make the leap all at once, consider having him deny you for regular stretches of time. Maybe an orgasm once a week or once a month. Make sure to edge daily so that you are still thinking about sex and don't become detached from it. And you should regularly have some sort of stimuli (video, audio, writing, watching your man fuck other girls) that focuses on other women experiencing orgasms. Obviously though, no touching your pussy while he's actually inside you. This becomes more complicated if you're one of those poor girls cursed with anal orgasms. You'll have to learn to hold back while he's fucking you, in that case. But hopefully the denial has made you such an amorous lover that you'll have an ass full of his cum before you risk any accidents.

Unpopular Opinions #2: The Autism Continues Blackshirt 08/28/2020 (Fri) 03:01:34 ID: 59e976 No.6673 [Reply] [Last]
Last thread is about to hit bump limit. Post ‘em.
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Open file (304.32 KB 994x1042 hitler peace.png)
>>11673 Well, I certainly don't see hippy-like ideas of love winning us back our nations, so maybe you are right. A Völkisch love as expounded by Hitler is the type of love that would do anything to help one's own flesh and blood
>>11632 >Not sure if naive All became extremely relative. Today, even thinking that your shit and niggers share the same color is absolutely forbidden. >>11685 And so we see that He was right.
>>11726 >even thinking that your shit and niggers share the same color is absolutely forbidden. Then what are we supposed to think once the blinds are off?
>>11730 >Then what are we supposed to think once the blinds are off? 14 88
>>11783 We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children, because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the earth.

Aryan Religion Thread Blackshirt 09/20/2020 (Sun) 01:13:23 ID: d892f4 No.8730 [Reply] [Last]
This thread is for White pagan religions, or more broadly, non-Abrahamic pro-White religious and philosophical discussion
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Open file (1.19 MB 797x529 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (228.50 KB 342x238 ClipboardImage.png)
What do we think about monks? I have some double-think regarding them. I somewhat agree with the view that locking up thousands of intelligent men in monasteries never to reproduce could be bad for the race, but I also admire monks and asceticism in many respects. Mount Athos, for example, seems so quiet, simple and comfy. I've read that in some Asian countries though, traditionally young men would spend some time in monasteries for a period of their life, most moving on. I think something like that could do society well.
>>11593 monks/priests form the core of a religious community, and serve a valuable purpose in perpetuating tradition. there's also the concept that religious life/holy orders is supposed to be a major commitment, and having a family alongside that would lead to 'divided loyalties' so to speak. at the same time, this produces a dysgenic effect. perhaps some compromise could be figured out.
Here is an interesting cap from smug's /tg/ about Roman religion and magic. It's written with RPGs in mind but still has a lot of information anons ITT may find interesting. Of note is the bit about Genius, the divinity inside all men.
Open file (820.26 KB 475x3180 img_01.png)
>>11203 Making contact with the old gods is dead simple, as long as you know where to look.
>>11735 that looks like some aleister crowley satanic jew magic shit i aint touching any of that.

All-Purpose Dharmic Philsophy Thread Blackshirt 05/30/2020 (Sat) 15:17:03 ID: 2205aa No.458 [Reply] [Last]
About time we had one. I'll begin with an interesting tweet thread going over how proper Buddhism has nothing in it that encourages social justice:
246 posts and 108 images omitted.
Open file (233.27 KB 742x1050 1509870436033.jpg)
Open file (126.98 KB 564x676 1509864624464.jpg)
Interesting in Hinduism but how would a convert choose between Vaishnavism and Shivism
>>11762 I've read an interesting thing that said that there are basically three primary spiritual paths (tri-marga) in Vedic spirituality >Vaishnava-marga >Shaiva-marga >Shakta-marga The different paths have different goals. From how I've seen it explained, the Vaishnava path has the highest goal in its sight, i.e. ultimate communion with the Absolute Supreme Godhead. The Shaiva path apparently is aimed at achieving an isolated realization of the internal self as atman, while the Shakta path is more focused on the material and the energies flowing through it. A Vaishnava wrote this description though, so others may disagree, but I thought it was an interesting approach to the internal diversity of Hinduism that went a long way to reconciling many of the differences. It would depend on what your goal is, it seems.
>>11630 U serious? 12, she has barely started maturing. 14, she's still not there yet. 16-22, or perhaps 18-20, is truly the peak. On average people start ageing at 24 or 25, but a girl's body is fully shaped around 18 although some achieve this at 16 years of age.
>>11786 A Womans fertility peaks at 14 and she is more than capable of having a child as early as ten with no issues as it happens quite frequently all over the world, quit buying into bullshit jewish science you fucking nigger.
>>11794 dude im not fucking anything that young though, and i would second guess the humanity of someone that would. i think later sexual maturity is a sign of a more advanced species/culture.

Polygamy Vs Monogamy Blackshirt 10/24/2020 (Sat) 04:13:08 ID: f58bab No.11375 [Reply] [Last]
The title says it all gentlemen. This should be a heavy topic that can generate a lot of conversation. Polygamous vs monogamous could drastically change the culture, genetic composition, and thus the destiny of a nation. I think that a mostly monogamous society that accepts polygamy, for higher value males, would be ideal and would most accurate reflect the natural breeding design of men vs women. Common misconceptions is that polygamy wouldnt respect the ritual of marriage (marriage would still be a thing) and that if 1 person becomes polygamous or wants to be monogamous then suddenly everyone has to be. I dont know how to quote a post from another thread but anon in the book thread dropped a bunch of pro monogamy resources and theres anons derailing the dharmic religion thread over this right now.
59 posts and 10 images omitted.
>>11720 >He's one guy...and the NS never could pass polygamy within Germany, so double stupid. Himmler was extremely influential within the Third Reich. Being involved with the SS as he was, even more important. Hitler foresaw that the SS would, within a few generations, produce the leadership of the Reich. You have some meek version of the Third Reich in your mind. If they had won the war they would have radically changed German society. There's a reason why the issue with the churches was deliberately postponed after the initial failures of the Reich church, or why Hitler, according to Goebbels, put off the meat problem as well
monogamy fags here just dont have any good arguments and they never address the valid points brought up by someone arguing for polygamy.
Monogamy for most (97% of people), polygamy for the best. And temple of pussy for the king.
>>11789 It won't happen. You can argue all you want but it's a fantasy and won't sustain a civilization that can compete with others. You are living in a fantasy in your head.
>>11792 thats what i think would be best. polygamy for the common man isnt mathematically practical nor is it in line with the natural dynamics used to justify the practice. >>11797 >It won't happen. not an argument words heard by many a great man who has changed the world before. >You can argue all you want i can and have been, im just waiting for camp monogamy to (actually) argue back. >it's a fantasy >You are living in a fantasy in your head. not an argument. >won't sustain a civilization that can compete with others this seemed like the beginning of an argument, but you never delivered on it beyond an initial statement. can you elaborate more on this part?

Open file (879.66 KB 1200x1500 dame.png)
Open file (25.56 KB 312x417 AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.jpg)
Drawthread version 0: Ghost of Drawings Past Anonymous 05/13/2020 (Wed) 20:04:43 No.73 [Reply] [Last]
Drawings General This is the place you wanna come to if you want to request drawings.
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>>112 She looks real cute, where's she from?
Open file (363.80 KB 1280x960 ClipboardImage.png)
>>74 Requesting this image but with cirno as the fairy and anon (or whoever you want) as the guy.
Open file (1.51 MB 3509x2481 gestures.jpg)
Gestures, yo.
Open file (1.04 MB 3648x1089 0.png)
>>74 Design a gun! Image spoilered because I don't want to influence potential replies too much.

Open file (90.30 KB 590x538 bestgeneration.jpg)
How do we go back? Legoman 10/24/2020 (Sat) 14:07:47 No.677 [Reply] [Last]
Tired of seeing all of this star wars and corporate sets just slaping a label on lego and do kids these days feel the same way?
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>>690 Well, Brickster has been around for a while, hasn't he?
>>692 I guess you're right. I didn't think of him though, I never really played any of the games.
>>677 I do not know if the kids feel the same, I for one agree with you, pretty tired of SW but then, I might not have been had I kept loving the franchise. >>678 Agree with point 1 entirely, the magic of building something else out of a set other than the main build is basically gone. Your second point is also accurate. I feel things like Castle might not even resonate at all with today's youth. >>679 Moving away from basic bricks and plates has opened up a lot of opportunities for "experienced" builders but has also closed a lot of doors for people who aren't as experienced or kids. Simply put, more complex building techniques allow for a more "complex" model but also make the parts harder to integrate and use for a regular builder. You're also right about the minifigures - they used to be regular actors in whatever that set was supposed to be about, not the main focus. In my language we even used the term "small lego men" when we were kids, they didn't exactly have an associated identity or character behind them. Licensed themes streamline production and also create free associated content which kids always like. When I was small I always tried to remake films/movies/shows I liked in LEGO form. Fully agree on AFOLS. >>686 I'm going to argue that maybe that's true in the first world but in other more "developing" nations toys are being supplanted by phones. A phone is cheaper, feaster, holds the child's attention better and is almost infinitely renewable in terms of what content it can display. Toys can't really compete. Your posts are accurate and I enjoy reading them.
>>679 >Those pics hit me so hard lol Some of the most fun toy i had as a kid was literal 2x4 blocks of wood to build buildings and towers with. Lego was cool too, I built a pretty nice original spacecraft when i was 11 and my jealous fuck dog destroyed it lol, i was so pissed after that i didnt care about lego again imagine that. >>677 I'm no pediatrician or psychologist but I think i have a high quality prediction for saying the kids raised on "smart devices" will be low time preference retards and be virtually half lobotomized by the time they reach 10. They will look only to external and not internal stimulus such imagination. There is no fucking way it's good for a kid to be fed literal garbage with no mental stimulus, no boredom to force imagination and thought. At least my gen had difficult games that forced us to think. These day's it's anything but. I'm 100% certain many more fucking kids will be retards than ever because of it.
Open file (1.65 MB 960x1440 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.78 MB 1000x782 ClipboardImage.png)
>>689 I didn't pick up on that but that is interesting >>690 The current City wave has characters from the Nickelodeon show Lego City Adventures in sets. Take a look at 60271- nearly half of the minifigures are explicitly named on the box and the description of the set reads: >LEGO® City Main Square allows young builders and families to dive straight into the LEGO® City Adventures TV series and re-create their favourite scenes (including the popular ‘Slam the Door’ episode – which can be viewed here). >>694 >When I was small I always tried to remake films/movies/shows I liked in LEGO form. I'm sure most children have tried this at some point but it still offers a different form of creative building experience. Instead of building their own designs, they now have to create a somewhat accurate rendition; paying particular attention to shapes, colour, scale, etc still engages a child and their more creative side. Licensed sets completely removed the challenge of trying to create one's own version of the theme and so a child has only got to think of how they are going to play with the set. Classic example of Lego doing all the thinking and imagining for children. >>695 >There is no fucking way it's good for a kid to be fed literal garbage with no mental stimulus, no boredom to force imagination and thought. You touch upon a very intriguing point there. Boredom can actually be rewarding for a child in that they are forced to think outside of the box and to use their imagination. But your average child has something like the internet to fall back on should they be bored so they aren't forced to develop these skills.

Good, Old Fashioned Cuckquean Pornography Anonymous 09/02/2019 (Mon) 22:49:58 No.41 [Reply] [Last]
Let's get things going properly with some pictures, gifs, and videos displaying nice, wholesome cuckqueanery.
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>>1308 Do you know the source of the 1st one?....The JAV?
>>1333 MIDE-274
Open file (3.26 MB 406x720 1601007648079.webm)
>>1617 Footage of the compersive cuckquean in the wild!

Open file (69.97 KB 494x600 3032-1.jpg)
Open file (243.53 KB 795x440 3929.jpg)
Open file (292.38 KB 560x380 5582-1.png)
Open file (82.91 KB 500x500 10681.jpg)
Buckets of Bricks Legoman 10/23/2020 (Fri) 17:48:28 No.676 [Reply] [Last]
How do you feel about them? Do you think recent ones are doing good at their role? What do you think is the best one? I like those that are mainly bricks, with some slopes and jumpers/side studders thrown in.
Open file (1.33 MB 1075x1020 ClipboardImage.png)
My very first venture into LEGO and I wouldn't have it any other way.
I've been pondering on how a new tub that balances new and old would work (we could submit it to ideas), As if there were 120 pcs for 12 colors OR 14 of 110 (with the other 2 colors being special or shapeful pieces), or make enough special pieces to fill the gap and make it a round number. 1 Black 2 Blue 3 Dark Purple 4 Green 5 Light Bluish Gray & Dark Bluish Gray (between the 2 they have the piececount of 1 color or 1 and a half) 6,7 Lime & Medium Blue & Pink (have the piececount of two) 8 Orange 9 Red 10 Reddish Brown & Tan (same as gray) 11 White 12 Yellow
Open file (2.38 MB 1387x971 ClipboardImage.png)
>>676 They make nice fillers to bulk out a collection and while the newer ones are excellent, I do miss the basic tubs of old. FreeStyle was the perfect theme for this and I still don't understand why this couldn't remain an evergreen theme - all Lego has to do is release a bucket of bricks and a few minifigs because the entire theme was all about creating wacky creatures/vehicles/whatever you wanted from generic bricks >>681 I didn't get that particular one but I was gifted buckets of bricks and I'm so glad to have gotten into Lego through them. >>691 That's a nice balance of practical and exciting colours, anon.

Game dev/TiTS Bitching Thread Three: Electric Boogalee lance##m3y78z 04/29/2020 (Wed) 01:20:05 No.4 [Reply] [Last]
Hi, welcome to The New New Thread. Same as The Old and Old Old Threads! This is a thread allegedly for discussing TiTS and other games, I guess. And developing games. And stuff. Despite this being a TiTS thread in name (for historical purposes), barely anyone here plays TiTS. For further information on the game, I recommend you go here to ask. For reasons of how long this thread's existed and how much fen's fucked up everything he's touched, there's a good chance the thread will have barely anything to do with fenoxo and his hugbox at any given point. Information >FAQ >Mobile Builds >Minerva Read the readme if you want to use it to edit your save data. Especially read the readme if you use Chrome.!30gTyCCK!GFy7E3yrlkpUbA9yFMZpSinlT1BiO6Xn1Ykpc50b-Cw If you would like my custom mobile CoC, or other builds, just ask and I might oblige. >Downloads We don't really have the latest builds first anymore. That said, I make mobile builds and desktop builds from source code when I can (and/or feel like it), and redistribute the premade builds when I can access them. I mirror them here.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>1100 Just managed to successfully download the (apparently) last version. Apparently they haven't managed to get the base domain taken down yet. Get it while it's hot.
I am also not dead. Good luck this week and next to all Anons. I think some of us may need it.
>>1105 >I think some of us may need it. You in a pantyfa or burnlootmurder hotspot?
>>1106 Every anon should be concerned for anons who are in the hotspots.
>>1097 >Did you guys see how youtube-dl got a takedown by the RIAA? Access to kitsunes and music is all that keep people from writing a Wikipedia page about me. God help us should that change. >>1106 You don't even need to be, sadly. We're lucky that weakness is a prerequisite to neoliberalism, or those riots could do far more than burn down their own communities. Bags of concrete on the railroads, balloons flying into the power grid, highways closed to trucking; they could destabilize this country if they had a brain at all. Brave people though - willing to step outside and riot as covid kills twenty billion people per day, the climate passes the point of no return yet again, and an unstoppable fascist regime hellbent on ending our democracy holds elections. What courage it must take to live in their America.

Japan Thread Blackshirt 07/11/2020 (Sat) 01:30:42 No.3182 [Reply] [Last]
This thread is for the discussion of Japanese culture, religion and similar aspects of this nation. Of all the non-White countries of the world, I admire Japan the most for their collectivism, aesthetics and extreme fanaticism in war and selfless dedication to a cause they believe. The ideas of bushido and makoto (sincerity, purity of motive) are all very much worth studying for anyone. Some book suggestions (abbreviated and expanded from >>2998): >Hagakure >The Way of the Samurai (Yukio Mishima - this book is on the Hagakure) >The Nobility of Failure: Tragic Heroes in the History of Japan (Ivan Morris) >Shinto: The Kami Way
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>>11162 Right, but I remain skeptical of "constitutional monsrchism", constitutions are something that really have no power, but only serve as a reminder of what those in a state should do and I doubt a group of royalists and fascist would ever get along unless those royalists are like fascist themselves.
>>11159 That was the one downside I perceived too. It's very unfortunate that they moved away from absolutism. It could be much worse though. I don't follow Bhutan really that closely, but we'd know that they were heading down the globohomo route completely if they started allowing many more tourists in, or if they removed the dress and architecture mandates. An even further sidelining of the king would be a bad sign too. Assuming this guy doesn't further erode his own position, he'll be king until around 2045, when he'll be mandated to retire. We can only hope his son wouldn't come to the throne and further (((liberalize))) things. It's also worth noting that the Nepalese monarchy was abolished the same year, which led to the Maoists coming to power there. I wonder if it is a coincidence that when the king of Bhutan came to power in the same year he instituted slight reforms. One reason could be to stave off communist influences and nip them in the bud.
>>11166 I'm positively growing used to the idea that an old school monarchy and an enlightened fascism can actually work hand in hand. Reading Evola totally comes to my mind in terms of what a perfect fusion of both would be. I think the old divide will have to take a back seat and those who, ironically, cannot adapt will just have to be forgotten. The main problem seem to be King vs State, or is there something deeper?
>>11166 The thing here is, that constitutional monarchism doesn't have to be constitutional it can be simply a monarchy but with a parliment or council and the ideas of democracy can be left out for a fascist form of government. >>11188 >I think the old divide will have to take a back seat and those who, ironically, cannot adapt will just have to be forgotten. This, I've always supported a royalism fascism kicking out all the reactionary bullshit in favour of classical philosophies and fascist philosophies. There are very few Christian and fedual philsophies I support which come from men like Michaveli.
I'm not going out on a crutch here when I say that horror anime tends to filter out a lot of the emololipedo shit.

Open file (187.44 KB 366x284 1355594422141.png)
/x/ - Paranormal Anonymous 10/27/2019 (Sun) 18:07:06 No.207 [Reply] [Last]
interesting/creepy/spooky/supernatural/otherworldly things
38 posts and 35 images omitted.
Open file (116.31 KB 768x768 1h682cc8ylpz41.jpg)
Open file (4.52 MB 2048x1364 pinkcastle.png)
Open file (300.17 KB 275x407 16984943797479.png)
Open file (284.65 KB 303x444 16483479457974.png)
Open file (2.34 MB 1080x1614 wuhan-skyline.png)
Open file (707.56 KB 2500x1932 1600398326750.jpg)
Open file (101.54 KB 749x468 1572419260475.jpg)

Open file (81.99 KB 736x904 aryan.jpg)
The True History and Distribution of the White Race Blackshirt 10/30/2020 (Fri) 21:29:01 ID: df2e38 No.11770 [Reply] [Last]
ITT we gather and discuss information concerning the origins, history and hisortical distribution of the White race. This thread is not primarily about genetics, though it may play a small supplementary part, with due caution being afforded towards such information. Areas of Potential Discussion: >Where did Whites in ancient times live? How big of a percentage of the population were they? >Why does White Genocide seem to be something that has gone on for millennia rather than decades?
6 posts and 4 images omitted.
>>11777 If /xpol/ is based, /xfascist/ will be even better.
asha logos bitchute channel has a series about this, its more of a brief primer than anykind of comprehensive conclusive explanation. highly reccomend it.
>>11778 >Some Chinese monolithic tombs have engravings which bear a striking similarity with the Norse artistic style. Can you give me some examples, also I found this on Twatter.
>>11774 >lotsa Aryan DNA Genghis Khan >fucking mong rice blood Kublai Khant
>>11790 Damn I wish but if I ever cross the path of these pics I'll point to them here. Meanwhile, a look into ancient Chinese tombs with monolithic architecture might yield interesting results.

Philosophy Blackshirt 10/29/2020 (Thu) 16:03:41 ID: edc8e9 No.11704 [Reply] [Last]
I've been recently reading a couple of books from known philsophers such as Pluto's Republic, Michaveli's The Prince, and Nietzsche's book, On the Genealogy of Morality and have been enjoying their ideas of interpretations of politics and the metaphysical, although I haven't read anything else these past months but these books, are there any philsophers who are or aren't fascists?
Open file (242.32 KB 900x1353 nietzsche 3.jpg)
Open file (9.61 KB 220x301 schopenhauer.jpg)
Be sure to check out Twilight of the Idols by Nietzsche sometime soon. It's fairly short and was basically intended by Nietzsche to be an introduction to his stuff if I recall correctly. Although it's a short book, it really covers a lot of ground, and though I've only read Beyond Good and Evil and Antichrist alongside this work, so far it's my favorite one. I'm hoping to start Genealogy here soon. I've been reading a bit of Schopenhauer here lately myself. I was able to get both volumes of The World as Will and Representation for fairly cheap, and so far I've been reading a lot out of the second volume. I'm less concerned with the metaphysics at this point than I am with his talk of life-affirming and life-denying religions, the idea of the Will to Live, and many of his descriptions of Nature throughout, which he basically describes as eternal struggle and suffering. For the book as a whole though, it's one of those I'll probably have to read more before I can truly come back and understand all of it. Hitler was a big Schopenhauer fan, but he rejected his pessimism.
>>11707 >Schopenhauer I heard about him a lot of we had a discussion about what he saw as life-affirming and denying in a thread, but I never got to read and understand his works. Is there any book you would recommend from him?
>>11709 If you want a good taste of Schopenhauer, check out the Penguin Classics selection "Essays and Aphorisms". That is the first thing that I read from him. The book touches on a lot of stuff, such as religion, suffering, suicide, women and the like. I also read "Schopenhauer: A Very Short Introduction". It was a good book.
your mental outlook is affected by the purity of your mind which begins with the purity of your body. a different level of purity and you get a different philosophy. understanding this, all philosophy becomes relative and thus only purity is the philosophy worth learning.

Open file (169.35 KB 1987x1987 beware.jpg)
Roping in reactionaries Blackshirt 10/29/2020 (Thu) 10:53:20 ID: 6e5f31 No.11676 [Reply] [Last]
It's pretty simple how to rope in non-pozzed anarchists and liberals but the reactionary group (Strasserists, Stalinists, PaleoCons, Monarchists) seem to be distancing themselves from fascism. How can we fix this? Spamming "read corporatist theory" on twitter?
19 posts and 3 images omitted.
Open file (57.08 KB 1080x1079 science 2.jpg)
Open file (155.41 KB 652x908 science replicability.jpg)
>>11765 Yes, that sort of attitude confuses me as well. A big part of the problem is the fact that we just have to take their word on these matters. The everyday person on the street is unable to verify or debunk anything they are saying. I see no reason to trust these kikes, especially when in science at large there is such a massive problem of replicability of studies. I would not be surprised that one day, if we were to come to power, we would quickly discover that many, many things accepted as "science" today are complete Jewish bunk, mainly when it comes to archeology, anthropology, sociology and other domains, but perhaps even beyond that. Speaking of the ancestry of Whites, I have been wondering whether it may be a good idea to make a thread where we can all dump and discuss evidence on the historical distribution of Whites in places such as the Indian subcontinent, the Iranian plateau, western China and beyond. I am coming to believe that Whites were far more widespread.
>>11767 >Speaking of the ancestry of Whites, I have been wondering whether it may be a good idea to make a thread where we can all dump and discuss evidence on the historical distribution of Whites in places such as the Indian subcontinent, the Iranian plateau, western China and beyond. I am coming to believe that Whites were far more widespread. Go ahead, anything that helps us connect and understand our ancestors or kin is fine.
>>11768 Awesome, I'll work up a thread sometime here in a bit where we can gather info
>>11737 >Hoppeans What's their motto? >>11764 >WE: Origins Fuck it. We come from the stars. We've been stranded there for a while. Someone call Orion and get Sirius on line three too. >>11767 > I am coming to believe that Whites were far more widespread. Yes but it covers a much larger period than even five millennia. Some would call it fringe too.
>>11676 >pic Probably the most legitimate symbol to put on Israel's flag.

Blackshirt 10/12/2020 (Mon) 22:31:44 ID: 875fba No.10395 [Reply] [Last]
Bought this just now. $7usd ebook. Looks a lot like what we've all been talking about for the last several years. I'll look into what is required to de-drm it so I can upload it here (too new for libgen and b-ok to have it) for you, but failing that it's cheap.
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>>11036 >it's a science-focused progressive movement No it isn't it, you're making it sound like reddit atheist idealolgy. Read Doctrine of fascism.
>>11075 >>11036 The way I see Fascism is more like an alternative modernity. It embraces certain aspects of what we consider "modern", but rejects others.
>>11136 Those posted in reverse order. One with diagram goes first.
So, any further juicy bits you've read on this? I'm not sure I'll find enough time in this life to flip through it.

Open file (105.05 KB 323x291 hitler based.png)
Fascist News General /fng/ Blackshirt 10/19/2020 (Mon) 17:50:58 ID: ecf237 No.10910 [Reply] [Last]
This thread is for discussion of recent happenings that may be of interest to users of this board. This includes, but is not necessarily limited to, news involving fascist parties around the world, info related to government / corporate responses to White nationalist / fascist activities, and events that are likely of interest to users here, such as declining race-relations, anti-White policies and Jewish-related scheming. This thread existed on 8chan, but it's gonna be here on a trial basis. If it attracts too many outsiders, it will be deleted. If it results in garbage-tier discussion not healthy to /fascist/, it will be deleted. This is still /fascist/, not a free-for-all area. PLEASE ATTEMPT TO ARCHIVE CONTENT, VIDEOS AND USE ALTERNATIVE SITES WHERE POSSIBLE, THANK YOU Twitter alternative:
Edited last time by FashBO on 10/19/2020 (Mon) 17:59:42.
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>>11739 >They realized that killing Jews doesn’t interest anyone in the international community so they attacked non-Jews [...] All of the murders of Jews are forgotten after a few hours. But suddenly, when non-Jews are killed it creates a media circus. No way the rabbi said this with a straight face. Jews are truly "the great master of the lie"
>>11745 Yeah, that's peak kikery. Zero (0) kikes died in the attempted Halle attack, yet Germany reacted like it was literally a shoa. Earnest killed a single kike, but they dropped hundreds of charges on him, and they are seeking the unusual federal death penalty. Look it up, I am not bullshitting you.
>>11748 Oh, believe me, I definitely have watched what is going on with Earnest. If I recall correctly, they charged him with over a hundred "hate crime" charges, at least one for every Jew in the building. They did something similar for Balliet, but with attempted murder charges. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, there is no way that Earnest will escape being sentenced to death. One does not mess with the Chosen. > yet Germany reacted like it was literally a shoa. Meanwhile real Jews in Halle were very excited!
>>11660 We're swimming in ruins of what these discussion places used to be. Too many smart guys gone. Are they tired? *shrugs* huh, anyways... >What's your solution for us White, then? We do have resources, we still are majorities in our own countries, we still have vast areas that are largely White and wouldn't be hard to make Whiter, by all and any means, but we're not organized and not careful enough about their fragile value: They shall not be wasted. I could give you a list of things that could need to be adapted to this or that country or even county, cases are different, geography matters too. Think of defense, numbers, geography. We could talk about the importance of trying to use politics to our advantage even if there's no hope to be had in democracy as it it's the worse form of government but in some places it remains possible to channel specific messages and give hope to people. Let me stress that. HOPE is very important. You get a lot of it when you live with Whites. Studies show that people trust their neighbors to a higher degree when they're of the same ethnicity. With a conscious group that shares the same values and agrees on the racial segregation, you regain hope and you also gain a greater ability to defend your territory. It's very simple but one could read into the political and social tradition of city-states. I think Aristotle had a thing to say about this. There is power in smaller decentralized units. But I'm also of the opinion that this is of limited value today if we're still facing a monolithic, albeit rotten and weakened Jewish system. David Lane's KD Rebel perfectly nailed the core concept of what things could look like, at least for the Northern American lands. I wish he had been able to write his prequel about Trebor for the sake of speculative political fiction, but the ZOG had him axed beforehand. In the end it was a guess at the shape of things to come and no one knows for sure how violent and catastrophic the necessary collapse will be. I have little faith in successful coups but who knows though? Trust in politicians and institutions is at an all time low and it can keep going down. In all cases it is clear that we must regroup and prepare for a high risk of struggle. There is a right time for every thing.
>>11739 >First thing they did in fact was to close churches, further depriving the christian victims of their spiritual support Exactly. Combined with the Cough-19, they're even suggesting delaying Christmas eve. Because, you know, it's not even symbolic anymore, it's just a massive $fest and and and and... they are actually right. :( >Imagine if he proposed to close mosques instead, kek Yeah and imagine them forbidding Sabbath! >we Jews are not treated with the same respect when our people die, you goyim always get the best treatment! it's unfair! XD Holy shit. Poor Jews. I could almost forget about how we're served WWII's Shoah every day and some. Sure enough they'll be asking for "preparatory repayment", something like that. I hurt for them, truly.

Open file (74.42 KB 500x375 1897941681564648.gif)
/miku/ - Miku Hatsune and friends Anonymous 10/30/2019 (Wed) 12:27:29 No.250 [Reply] [Last]
Halloween Edition
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(553.73 KB 947x1500 trix4867394676347.jpg)

Open file (21.80 KB 1008x630 164847139494842.png)
/lax/ - Relax (with scenery and inspiration) Anonymous 10/24/2019 (Thu) 17:41:00 No.51 [Reply] [Last]
Dreams, random ideas and chill vibes
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>>754 Yes its an actual photo taken in Japan That's what Akihabara looks like at night
>>755 >That's what Akihabara looks like at night >[bag-packing intensifies]*
Open file (2.55 MB 3840x2160 1581259541730.jpg)
Open file (590.09 KB 1170x780 akihabara.jpg)

Open file (85.73 KB 512x512 krita_pepe_512.png)
Krita General. based_art_chad 06/12/2020 (Fri) 22:41:26 No.560 [Reply] [Last]
Oh, damn an art board. I'll keep a look at this. Although my main stay is over at http://nanochanqzaytwlydykbg5nxkgyjxk3zsrctxuoxdmbx5jbh2ydyprid.onion/oc/ If you post on nanochan, you'll get an overpaint, if I see that you've put effort into the painting or drawing. Otherwise use this thread for for the clearnet normies. Do you want to know how to do anything specific in Krita? New to animation? New to painting? If you're using Photoshop or Corel Painter, you're a cuck and not allowed in this thread. Ok, let's see if this semi advertisement gets deleted.
31 posts and 19 images omitted.
Open file (1.49 MB 2048x3048 tans_003.png)
final version with a few shadow issues fixed.
Open file (2.34 MB 2048x3048 grace_fascist.png)
Open file (2.35 MB 2048x3048 grace_monarchia.png)
here's Grace.
Open file (484.48 KB 2048x2048 mg0.jpg)
Just some random color doodle.
so you guys are the freaks who keep infesting our board...
Open file (22.23 KB 265x342 Grace smile side.jpg)
Open file (23.62 KB 259x358 Grace smile.jpg)
>>884 Belated reply, but thank you for your art. Also, thanks to anyone who drew this pic. I always enjoy art of Grace, and yours was the first for /monarchia/.

Open file (228.67 KB 1280x1280 3843147911280.jpg)
/meta/ - Maintenance access Anonymous 10/24/2019 (Thu) 13:30:43 No.22 [Reply] [Last]
/server/ suggestions, maintenance, questions and off topic discussion

This thread is not to be confused with the site /meta/
>>>/meta/ <-- Go here for board requests and other site related stuff
Keep stuff posted in this thread related to this board; /server/
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The site has been down and other things happened so I haven't been able to get on and post in a while
>>719 glad to hear you're back.
Open file (262.89 KB 1293x491 8kun-the-board-is-broke.png)
It broke, now this board may be more useful than the actual older board variants
Open file (1.42 MB 1080x1512 movienightkindv1.png)
Your friend /kind/ is hosting a Halloween stream if anyone is interested.
>>752 Its a bit late by my time so I might not make it, would've joined otherwise

Open file (37.15 KB 256x128 fucking radical.png)
/100rads/ - The Offtopic /k/anteen Strelok Board owner 05/14/2020 (Thu) 01:15:10 No.202 [Reply] [Last]
If you want to talk about things only tangentially related to firearms, then welcome to 100 Rads. If you want to trade, talk, get a mission or find out the latest news, this is the place to go. If your posts in an existing thread are starting to seriously derail the main subject, they might be moved here.
Edited last time by activeshooter on 05/14/2020 (Thu) 01:16:19.
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apparently retailers are getting ready for chaos. >buying card at Hallmark >overhear cashiers freaking out because corporate pushed a bulletin featuring store lockdown procedures for "civil unrest" I get Walmart moving their Fudd ammo to the cage, but a fucking greeting card store issuing riot guidance doesn't bode well.
>>8111 Between Covid rules, whatever election results come out, and even just the baseline riot activity already this year, I wonder what kind of mess Black Friday will be next month.
>>8112 >implying Black Friday won't come early this year
>>8112 >Black Friday they're fucked if they allow retards to bum rush the stores like in years past. rootless social engineers have already implanted the idea that looting is a legit form of protest. >throws up a "black power" fist while shoving looted tv's into a car. >he's fighting systemic racism! so brave! If I was the big dick at a retailer, I'd just close the storefronts to the public and do online orders only for the sale. They could have the workers do ship from store to move out whatever holiday inventory they have at the brick and mortar locations (less for the looters whenever they do open up again).
>>8112 Black Friday is a huge percentage of sales for retailers. If it gets cancelled expect rioting in the streets, and massive layoffs.

Naval thread Strelok 10/09/2020 (Fri) 21:04:32 No.7107 [Reply] [Last]
Subject says it all.
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>>8061 There would really be no point to general purpose "handymen" on a ship. DC parties are already comprised of anyone onboard the ship and members of the ship's DC department, who you can think of as DC specialist and maintainers of the ship's DC systems. It's already a shared task. Having people on board who are generally skilled would just be a drain on the multitude jobs that need specialist. And, as someone else already mentioned, that solution is really just adding more people, which every branch is struggling to do.
>>8060 I was just suggesting that Marines haven't been doing the job, not that they couldn't. Putting Marines into play will positively augment the number of people who are able to do DC, although I'm not sure it will be a suitable solution.
>>8063 Obviously larger and longer than the 6x3. But at that point, you're already talking about a ship that's permanently at sea, so I don't really see what difference increasing a ~2,600ft long ship to be a ~3500ft long ship would make
>>8106 >a ship that is about 1km long Fantastic.
Open file (380.17 KB 1247x887 16″-50 Mark 2 factory.jpg)

Open file (9.86 MB 320x256 voyeur.mp4)
Open file (8.11 MB 320x256 cqi crack.mp4)
Open file (9.53 MB 1158x1636 good girl.webm)
/cuckquean/ OC Thread: Resurrection Edition Anonymous 09/14/2019 (Sat) 00:49:05 No.140 [Reply] [Last]
This thread is for /cuckquean/ OC. Anything's welcome including videos, shops, captions, and so on. Reposts from older versions of /cuckquean/ are welcome too.
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>>1433 (checked) Thank you, Anon. >I don't really get the fake videogame vids They're pretty deep.
The beginning of this reminded me of the rabbit hole intro tune somehow. Coincidentally, Terry Bogard supposedly being Bonne Jenet's first love does make her lightly relevant to this board.
Open file (3.35 MB 2000x1484 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1612 Good ear, Anon! I don't know the exact name of that drumming style but it's definitely the same type as the Rabbit Hole track. Love it either way. Feels sexual somehow.
>>141 Does anyone remember what blog this person moved to?
>>1615 >Does anyone remember what blog this person moved to? Cuckquean Industries? There isn’t another blog they moved to. I know this for sure because they’re me. Are you looking for something?

/fascist/ OC general Blackshirt 07/04/2020 (Sat) 10:31:45 ID: 934ffe No.2800 [Reply] [Last]
For OC and /fascist/-related content.
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I found this on /v/ 8moe. Looks like they did a 7th anniversary pic. And they added Integralist--nice of them.
>>11750 Very nice to see that they still included her even though we're just a bunker there now
>>11751 It's funny how Porky is between us. And Aurelia is standing near /leftypol/'s mascot. Does /liberty/ still use their board tan?
The full picture
Open file (25.56 KB 247x394 Integralist smile.jpg)

Otter removes koi again Anonymous 01/22/2020 (Wed) 23:05:56 No. 530 [Reply]
Koi tremble in fear as otter makes reappearance in Vancouver Chinese garden
>Nearly a year after a hungry otter began decimating the koi population at Vancouver’s Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Gardens, another animal has returned to finish the job.
>The Vancouver Park Board said Saturday the otter was spotted in the koi pond on Wednesday morning, after the carcasses of three koi were found.
>“To be quite frank, we don’t know what otters are capable of,” he said.
Otters are unstoppable.
(571.73 KB 800x567 otterkoi___jeanho.jpg)
Absolute koilocaust.
No gates will save you.
(160.40 KB 1280x720 otter-army.jpg)
This night the land will be stained with the blood of Koi. March to Vancouver Chinese garden. Leave none alive. To war!
Not only that, but they stabbed /delicious/ in the back with a trident today! OTTERS ARE KILLERS

Open file (409.37 KB 775x1024 otter schlop 2.jpg)
Anonymous 09/03/2019 (Tue) 11:42:34 No.25 [Reply] [Last]
*schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop* *schlop*
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*laps delicately*
(47.64 KB 460x374 otters need water.jpg)
Otters need water to survive. Please remember to water them regularly.
Actionable otter tips.
Do sea otters drink salt water?
>>1272 That would be pretty salty.

The Natural Order Blackshirt 06/10/2020 (Wed) 04:41:08 ID: aa33c6 No.776 [Reply] [Last]
How exactly is the Natural Order defined? How do we discern its laws? Should we always adhere to the Natural Order when it conflicts with human conventions? NatSocs like to mention this concept a lot, and while I myself consider myself a NatSoc and refer to this concept quite often, I am thinking that I need to flesh out my idea of what exactly this implies and how exactly it should be interpreted. We know that Hitler correctly pointed out, as have many others, that man is an integral part of Nature, never able to truly divorce himself no matter how hard he may try to “conquer” it. He remains subject to its laws regardless of how much he may protest their “injustice” or “cruelty” according to his moralistic humanist view. It seems to me that the Natural Order is primarily defined as the essential nature of things in general, more narrowly human beings and their behavior, independently of social engineering, nurture or anything else, referring to what is natural and healthy to us. Given this definition which I adhere to, degeneracy or decadence is anything contrary to this. What exactly does this imply (certainly not exhaustive): >inequality between races, men, men and women, etc >hierarchy (rule of the strong over the weak) >life defined in terms of struggle Is it always good to live in accordance with this? From my view it seems to imply that the Jews are ‘rightfully’ (according to natural justice) in power now, but this power is not absolute and inviolable, as life is struggle. The weak being ruled by the strong is natural justice. The weak are often utilized by the strong in their plans – sidestepping, I think, Socrates’ objection to Callicles’ claims in Gorgias. Sheep are guided by shepards, rarely do they spontaneously do anything en masse. Of course we are left to define what is meant by the strong – clearly not physical strength alone, intelligence, charisma, perhaps technical organization – all constitute qualities of the strong today. Technics are merely tactics of living in struggle which is identical with life itself. I rambled a bit but I think there’s some things to discuss.
37 posts and 11 images omitted.
>>11592 >siding with the weak, oppressed, and downtrodden So we side with the strong. Then what about those who need help. Not everyone in a racial group is born with the same iq and mentality.
>>11618 >So we side with the strong It more means that we don't see any inherent problem with at least some kinds of hierarchy, privilege and true exceptionality . Slave morality is a morality that hates and resents all things of this kind, that wants to level everything, to drag down those who rise above the herd. Today we see all sorts of rhetoric that is based on nothing more than "you're privileged, therefore you should feel bad about yourself and cater to us non-Whites, fags and freaks!". A healthy nation is a cooperative nation, otherwise it tears itself apart over petty internal differences - it's the same with a family; a harmonious family is stronger and happier than one which is constantly full of dissension, bickering and backstabbing. A nation reconstituted on our principles must take the idea of natural hierarchy into account, as well as the cooperative spirit. This said, we will not foster an environment conducive to parasitism. We will help people get back on their feet, give them what they need to have a good chance to prosper, but we won't hold their hand forever. This poster I have attached has the byword of this spirit "a Volk helps itself". The atomistic egoism of today is irreconcilable with the Völkisch attitude. We will have a morality of improvement though, not stagnation. To cull the dysgenic for the sake of the whole, and for the sake of future generations, though, out to be a duty, no matter how much moralizing over the value of their lives there may be.
Open file (167.11 KB 1080x1080 hitler saint.jpg)
>Adolf Hitler was literally an evangelist of love. His words, his actions, his entire existence is testimony to his selfless love of his Folk. Anyone who takes the time to honestly examine Adolf Hitler’s speeches and writings can readily see the great love he had for his Folk. His actions proved his words. Everything that he did was done for benefit of the Folk. The welfare and higher evolution of the Folk is the only reason for the existence of National Socialism. Every aspect of National Socialism, no matter how small or insignificant, is for the present or future benefit of the Folk. Every decision was based on the answer to one question: Is it good for the Folk?
>>10642 Well he's not wrong about it being Capitalist apologetica
Open file (196.03 KB 259x396 ClipboardImage.png)
>>11736 Not necessarily. Read this book if you want to see what I mean. The guy the study is written about is a 'proto-Fascist' Japanese biologist who was part of the Social Darwinist tradition. Taking into account the fact that humans are social animals, and theories such as organic individuality, his type of Social Darwinism is a far cry from individualistic pro-capitalist Social Darwinism. In fact, this thinker was directly opposed to capitalism, as it led to materialism and atomized individualism, breaking the organic bonds of society, and how it made money the sole measurement of individual value. Anglo-American Social Darwinism was little more than individualistic capitalist apologia, but the German tradition was more how I described, collectivistic, nationalistic and racialist. Shorter paper:

Open file (4.50 MB 4608x3456 100_0256.JPG)
Open file (3.82 MB 4608x3456 100_0258.JPG)
Open file (3.87 MB 4608x3456 100_0274.JPG)
QTDDTOT-Axe Repair Edition Strelok 10/08/2020 (Thu) 05:07:21 No.7036 [Reply] [Last]
Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread I'll start. I decided recently to fix up this old axe I found a few years ago. I got some rust converter to do the job but then after I took a closer look I realized that it has a big crack all the way through on the back of the eye. How do I fix this shit? Can I just heat it up and weld it back together blacksmith style?
52 posts and 25 images omitted.
Open file (96.53 KB 810x586 LifchikType1afront.jpg)
>>8002 Ebay is your friend, type in "magazine pouch" and look around. Just don't buy tacticool chinkshit, and you should be fine.
>>8020 How can you tell what's Chinese or not.
Am I able to nigger-rig a Chinese spike onto a Romanian AK, and if so how much work is involved. I'm thinking about an autistic Khyber abomination type ak with a triangle side folder, cheese grater handguard, and chinese spike. The side folder is the easy part. What would I need to do to get a spike on there? Will it be simply changing out the lower handguard, gas block, and FSB, or do I need a different barrel to boot? Quick concept edit to show what I am going for.
>>8098 I think the chinese AK bayonets all fit on an AK EXCEPT the type 81 bayonet, which is for commercial shit, not angry chinaman in vietnam shit. QBZ 95 bayonet is a shitty M9 clone. The commercial chink ones are bad so avoid those as well the weird olive green chink AKM bayonet. Type 56 might not fit since its a special spiked design, theres a clamp on, pinned on, and quick detach version.
>>8098 >Will it be simply changing out the lower handguard, gas block, and FSB, or do I need a different barrel to boot? That I don't know, but can't you take a look at this if you have access to all those parts? Although it sounds like you'd be better off adding the new stock and rails to a Type 59.

Open file (5.10 KB 501x501 Op image.png)
/britfeel/ 26/09/2020 Anonymous 09/26/2020 (Sat) 16:38:27 No.2088 [Reply] [Last]
Thread #116 Wave 2 Edition
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>>2385 Im supposed to be off from work but there's training I was given that has to be done before I get back, so I'll probably finish that off today. I'm still not sure if I'm going to stay up for the election, I've been off all week so my sleep schedule is a bit off. Went to bed at 2, woke up at 12 so I might be able to swing it next week.
love debussy lads
>catch a chocobo >still get caught by the zolem
Open file (1.09 MB 1181x793 ClipboardImage.png)
Didn't know Roger Scruton was dead lads

The Coming Family-State Blackshirt 07/15/2020 (Wed) 20:40:51 No.3518 [Reply] [Last]
>tfw you realize that "family values" fags are correct but that they don't realize that capitalism and feminism is destroying the family-structure The strengthening of the family is essential for the future. Effective familial relations are the root of both community and state. The family's are the ultimate source and ground of the political order. Atomized individuals and broken families are symptoms of a sick and degenerating society. The society has grown top-heavy. The individual finds face-to-face with the state with no intermediary associations. This too is unnatural. A truly strong state needs strong families, strong local communities and finally a strong and capable national leadership. The weakness of any of the three above is harmful for the others. How can the family be strengthened in future fascist societies? I think inculcating the people with Confucian-like ideas of role ethics, guidelines for conduct drawn from concrete familial and social roles would be one helpful educational policy, but the real problem is that Whites are totally spooked on the idea of the abstract autonomous individual, abstract universal principles and the idea of the state as something that restricts them.
102 posts and 125 images omitted.
Open file (556.60 KB 1756x1333 YRD8PjBX.jpg large.jpg)
Open file (4.06 MB 6486x4009 Grace Egypt 01.jpg)
Open file (4.47 MB 6486x3811 Grace Egypt 02.jpg)
Open file (2.89 MB 4331x2848 Grace Egypt 03.jpg)
Open file (1.93 MB 4140x2635 Grace Egypt 04.jpg)
Open file (3.27 MB 4460x3096 Grace Egypt 05.jpg)
Open file (1.86 MB 4784x2986 Grace Egypt 06.jpg)
Open file (1.42 MB 4356x2222 Grace Egypt 07.jpg)
Open file (1.49 MB 4356x2222 Grace Egypt 08.jpg)
Open file (2.06 MB 4820x2806 Grace Egypt 09.jpg)
Open file (1.13 MB 4021x1875 Grace Egypt 10.jpg)

Open file (1.59 MB 3936x3280 DfBfdNGFb.jpg)
Open file (48.38 KB 617x463 angolafitter.jpg)
Open file (214.17 KB 1920x768 su-27.jpg)
Open file (180.91 KB 2200x1080 supertucano.jpg)
Third-world armies Strelok 08/28/2020 (Fri) 05:49:58 No.5260 [Reply] [Last]
What should be the strategy for militaries that don't have big budgets to spend?
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By "at heights" I mean either so low to the ground everyone can take pot shots at them, or so high in the air that you need special subsystems that only first world countries can reasonably afford if it goes down for any reason. Figured I should specify. Also I wouldn't necessarily downplay cheaper consumer-grade drones. You could have Amazon-sized drones carrying payloads to take out small recon groups or high value targets at about the same price as to train and outfit 2-4 soldiers and the even cheaper models are still useful for recon since activating jammers for every consumer drone (or shooting it down) is basically giving away your position/shooting yourself in the foot.
I should add that you can do the same thing with rovers on the ground for about $400 (the most expensive parts being the wheels and RC helicopter camera) with effective ranges out to 100 meters that you could equip with payloads as well. Sorry for triple posting.
>>8067 >gyroscopes I have no idea what you mean. If you could spoon feed me a little more so I can look into this, I would be grateful. As far as signal jamming goes, I have personally seen commercial drones after losing signal (not jammed) 'Return to Base' and another that Auto landed. I have heard I have heard of jammers making drones fall out the sky but I don't know enough to say that it is result of 'specialized jammers' or less sophisticated drones. >>8067 >At extreme low and high attitudes Again, I am new to the subject so I don't know what benefit one would gain at operating at low attitudes expect maybe avoiding radar. And I don't know the downsides of operating high attitude. I would assume you mean outside SAM or AA gun range. But that would mean you have bigger of problems of being targeted by the government. If Rhodesia is any measure, Blacks cannot operate or maintain their MANPADS correctly to shoot down helos with basic jerry-rigged countermeasures (that being a new paint job and exhaust redirection.) although that was 50 years ago. As far as small arms go, I do not think anyone would be able to shoot down a drone with any small arm besides a shotgun once it gets further up.
>>8074 >I have no idea what you mean. If you could spoon feed me a little more so I can look into this, I would be grateful. It's a tool that measures orientation and angular velocity. Long story short it's the thing inside your plane or tank cannon or missile that allows it to aim/maintain track of where it's at, at all times. More importantly higher-spec/more accurate (typically fiberoptic) gyroscopes allow you to use angular velocity with a little integration (the kind that can be done at the hardware electrical level, not even requiring software/smart electronics or even electronics at all if you're willing to sacrifice some precision) to measure exactly where you are (allegedly) in the air. Your phone even has one if you can rotate the screen, albeit a pretty shitty one. Basically it's the thing that allows you to navigate even if GPS and all other forms of communication are down, and typically it's the device used to self-correct in conjunction with GPS or whatever communicative system it happens to use. In things like missiles they're roughly 10% of the cost (the ones in a $115,000 50kg air-to-ground missile cost between $10,000-$30,000) since you don't want your missile to hit the wrong target if the enemy is using any sort of jamming technology (also because conventional navigational communications are impractical at those speeds). >I have heard of jammers making drones fall out the sky but I don't know enough to say that it is result of 'specialized jammers' or less sophisticated drones. They shouldn't do that unless it's either a crappy consumer-grade drone that's designed to just auto-land when it loses signal (since generally the goal of consumer-grade drones is to preserve them if signal is lost). If they just fall out of the sky, that's either shitty computing that shuts the drone off when it loses signal or an electrical subsystem attack (basically an EMP). >Again, I am new to the subject so I don't know what benefit one would gain at operating at low attitudes expect maybe avoiding radar. Wind-speeds at operating heights of "helicopter" style drones are typically much, much faster than wind-speeds on the ground. Fixed-wing drones have a very hard time dealing with those windspeeds without either severe loss of functionality or beefy (price-wise) upgrades that make them far too expensive to use at any height except ultra-high altitudes using ultralight designs. The main benefit of a fixed-wing drone is that because there's fewer moving parts and they rely on wind pressure/air currents to stay afloat, they tend to be very, very stabilized compared to a heli-drone. This makes them capable of acting as a fixed point to detect abnormal movement in a sea of movement (such as out over choppy waters where they're good for spotting submarines below the water's surface by interpreting differences in surface waves, or in crowded cities when looking for subtle signs of vehicles/firearms being used), but being fixed structures, they are less maneuverable when it comes to evading direct fire, much less so than an actual helicopter or fixed-wing plane. They can be useful at low altitudes if used en-masse, but doing so is expensive compared to using helicopter-style drones that might be heavier but are significantly cheaper due to not needing specialized parts to maintain navigation, altitude, or maneuverability. The only flip-side of this, is that fixed-wing drones typically require far less experience on the operator's part to operate successfully. >And I don't know the downsides of operating high attitude. Electronics need extra shielding at high altitudes from background radiation, and many materials act weird when at high altitudes. Additionally you need more sensitive gyroscopes, and if you're throwing all these expensive parts in you want to logically protect your assets which requires additional investment. I was more pointing out that because of wind speeds at mid-altitude requiring a beefier product and these more sensitive electronics needing extra shielding making them more expensive, typically it's preferable to just go with the helicopter models if moving out of rifle range unless dealing with ultra-high altitude drones meant strictly for surveillance or air-to-sea drones (which are also mainly used for surveillance).
Open file (48.62 KB 640x486 kompleks_A60.jpg)
>>8077 >re drones falling out of the sky. Could be laser weapons. Soviets demonstrated in the 70s that you could melt the electronics of a plane/helo with in 7-12km effectively (even higher if it was airborne like the A60 complex) >high altitude Why not use vaccum tubes like the ruskies do to prevent solar radiation interference? Mig-31M is a good example, the only "semiconductors" are the ASEA radar.

Rules / Moderation / Request / Meta Anonymous Board owner 04/02/2020 (Thu) 17:59:38 No.1 [Reply] [Last]
WELCOME TO /FASCIST/, PLEASE READ RULES BEFORE POSTING Anon Cafe on Tor: tew7tfz7dvv4tsom45z2wseql7kwfxnc77btftzssaskdw22oa5ckbqd.onion/fascist/ Neinchan Bunker (TOR ONLY): vvadkyuldkwon6za.onion/fascist/catalog.html Tertiary Bunker: /fascist/ is a board for discussion of fascism in its various manifestations and, in a more general sense, third-position ideology (e.g. Strasserism, etc). Though this board is centered around the discussion of fascist movements, leaders and ideology, non-fascists are permitted to post here regardless of political beliefs as long as they respect the rules of this board! This thread will also serve as a thread for requests to moderation (currently just me), banners and general bitching. BASIC RULES 1. Global rules apply (see ) 2. Literature requests should go in the proper thread >>4 3. Threads with basic questions not conductive to discussion should go in the QTDDTOT

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Edited last time by FashBO on 10/21/2020 (Wed) 05:19:24.
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>>11158 as a frequenter of 4pol, im pretty dang goddamn sure ive seen that exact same thread template on there more than once and everytime it was posted most of the comments were users just calling it out.
>>11211 I searched the 4plebs archive and nothing showed up and I had posted a link to that search in the thread, it has never appeared on 4chan at all at least not on /pol/. >>11168 No the thread itself was suspicious not the deletion of it, I half expected it to be deleted but I get how you misunderstood me there.
Open file (321.88 KB 587x425 grace_smug_look.png)
Moved to /monarchia/. Sad news is PDFs don't work there.
>>11598 Nice, I’ll be sure to check it out
>>11199 First cause is insufficient

WAR IN THE CAUCUS REGION 2 Strelok 10/24/2020 (Sat) 05:25:10 No.7830 [Reply] [Last]
Previous Thread >>6332 >Armenia Shot Down Drone Suffering Heavy Losses In Azerbijaniani Strikes >Armenians Claim They Shot Down Another Bayraktar TB2 Over Nagorno-Karabakh >Azerbaijani Forces Rush To Capture Lachin Cororidor From Retreating Armenians
50 posts and 15 images omitted.
Open file (998.04 KB 720x967 k pottery.png) Azeris shelled a Russian outpost on the Armeni-Iranian border.
Open file (79.67 KB 512x512 ritsu smug.png)
>>8064 >Azeri middle management keeps getting fucked >Put some retard into commanding position >Retard proceeds to shell Russian territory Did the Azeris just open up Russian involvement on a golden platter? The Azeri Defense Minister is probably shitting his pants right now. This happened a few hours ago from the looks of it. It's 3AM in Moscow right now, I'd expect a response in about 7 hours.
>>8078 >Russian territory Just a post, not territory, in any case i doubt Putin wants to be involved.
>>8079 Aren't guard posts/military posts recognized as equivalency to embassies, that is, they're recognized as leased foreign land of the nation occupying them?
>>8081 Depends on the treaty. Under some places they are leased in "cooperation" rather than just blantant extra-territorial it also depends on the government of said country also wanting to mess with the country or not, see cuba and Ukraine back when they had sevastopool

lesbian cuckquean thread Anonymous 11/19/2019 (Tue) 05:32:49 No.486 [Reply] [Last]
"Please sleep with my girlfriend!"
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>>1597 Yep, nothing big. Just her subconscious.
>>1601 Is that a whole booru dedicated to lesbians taking the D?
>>1601 Is the discord still active? The link in the pastebin is dead.

Mêlée Strelok 10/20/2020 (Tue) 16:27:36 No.7658 [Reply] [Last]
A thread dedicated to close encounters of the bloody kind.
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>>7813 My usage of claymore was lazy because that was my last post of the night. Claidheamh mor is the gaelic way to say "broad-sword" and is what I mean when I used claymore which is nowadays the exact word used in pop fiction to describe the William Wallace design or any large two handed straight sword. Claidheamh dà làimh is "two-handed sword" and what you're thinking I meant. Now as far as >>7816 is concerned I've never seen a fully enclosed one and doubt they were used on the battlefield much if they did exist for that reason. Gauntlets, however, were not compulsory to the kit of the soldiers around that time period (16th-17th century). I think how mercenaries and militia raised armies aquire their kits were through a mix of things passed down in their household, paid for out of their own pocket, or supplied to them out of local town armoury and that was bare minimum. Gear pillaged should go without saying, but the best armour is whats fitted to your body and not off of someone else. Most of those swordsmen were chosen for their high level of skill to be one of the only guys like that in a pike formation. They were probably skilled enough to keep their hands safe and gauntlets also meant less dexterity with your weapon which a dopplesoldner needed to be effective. Thats also one less piece of kit a soldier skilled in the melee has to worry about if they just have the protection installed onto their weapon. Gauntlets were most likely used more by the French who were shit swordsmen which was probably a consequence of them being overly relient on fully clad cavalry charges.
Open file (1.29 MB 2000x2000 1599429653345.png)
>>7914 It's missing bisento.
Has anyone had experience with one of these before? It looks like it handles really well and seems to have a super solid rachet folding mechanism on top of its lithe and menacing aesthetics. Everytime I look at it my subconscious treats it as a loose embodiment of a snake or scorpion. What are some unique designs you Streloks are eyeing at including or are already apart of your knife collection?

Open file (681.81 KB 1242x1222 tranny gun.jpg)
Strelok 10/30/2020 (Fri) 01:38:19 No.8084 [Reply] [Last]
Do you carry when you swim? What precautions do you take to prevent your weapon and ammunition from getting corroded? Do you use a special type of weapon and/or ammunition that is more water resistant? If you don't carry when you swim, how does it feel to be cucked and defenseless when you're swimming?
>>8084 Actually, I kind of like that piece. Do you know if they offer it in a non-tranny model anon?
I live in a landlocked region, so the only places I can go swimming are sulfur pools/natural hotsprings, ice-cold mountain rivers, and the pool at my gym. Do you carry while lifting weights? Do you even lift?
>>8084 Looks like a Glock >>8088 Imagine not carrying at the gym. What a cuck
>>8090 I'll just javelin throw the bar into the shooter's spine and permanently cripple his gains.

/sig/ - Self Improvement General Blackshirt 06/11/2020 (Thu) 00:40:08 ID: c5b896 No.926 [Reply] [Last]
The quote attached to my post is apparently a fake quote, but the spirit of it ring true to my ear. A healthy body and a healthy mind are key components of fascist living and a perfect balance shall be a key component of any fascist resurgence to come just as it was in the Third Reich and other societies. Some books: >Convict Conditioning (Calisthenics) >Sun and Steel by Yukio Mishima (Attached)
267 posts and 77 images omitted.
Open file (87.09 KB 910x1114 Wim_hof_iceman.png)
>>11066 There's a couple of good routines one could get into with a few differing forms of equipment, from absolutely none(calisthenics) to freeweights and barbells to complex machines to isolate muscles for the sake of recovery for injury. I would say the best way to build a base of strength would be to do calistenics(pushups, pullups, bodyweight squats, dips, planks, etc) either max effort in a set time like 60 seconds, or doing reps for sets. The outcome of which will change depending on what amount of reps and sets you do. As for strength types, it varies in terms of what you want to do and what your goal is. I'll give a rough outline of the rep ranges for differing types of strength which you will alter depending on your goals. Pure strength (1-12 reps) Strength Endurance (12-40) Pure endurance (40+) Endurance can be counted as cardio. As for maxiumum gainz, visable and just being able to lift more weights, go with heavy weight and low rep range. A good example of a popular pure strength routine with freeweights and barbells is starting strength which does 5 sets of 5 reps each increasing weight every set a little bit until you reach just under your 5 rep max. This is done with the big four freeweight exercises, being Squat, Deadlift, Benchpress and Overhead Press, of course each exercise will be a different weight where you are comfortable with them, but this is a very good pure strength routine that is fairly simple and easy enough to do, provided you have the equipment to do so. I wouldn't recommend it to total newbies, but it's great for people who have a decent base of strength who want to get as strong as possible as fast as possible. I've already posted my recommended newbie routine here >>10680 and >>3539 There is also pure endurance routines that you can do, which are mostly about holding static holds, or large amounts of reps at fairly low weights for as long as you can do reps for sets until failure of form. NEVER GO TO MUSCULAR FAILURE! This is very important. If you try it you will quickly injure yourself and leave yourself unable to do normal daily tasks. Listen to your body and make sure to listen good. Any injury will make you have to sit out of getting stronger while it heals back to function so make sure to be careful. Make sure to always warm up before any workout with something comfortable enough like jumping jacks, pushups, pullups or something that you can do with somewhat ease before you do anything involving high strength or high endurence. This goes doubly so for anything explosive like jumping, punching, freerunning(parkour/tricking) where warmup is EVERYTHING or you WILL injure yourself. I'll be looking forward to see you anons get stronger in the future. As the anon I replied to said, it's all about keeping up with it, being consistant, avoiding surgar and carbs, getting enough calories, protein and fat to keep you alive. Make sure to drink lots of water and keep hydrated. Also, strech every morning and do a breathing routine, I suggest wim hof and then a cold shower, it's like free coffee that makes you stronger and more comfortable in every enviornment.
>>11202 >NEVER GO TO MUSCULAR FAILURE! among differences between eastern and western views on bodybuilding, the west is usually of the idea to push it as far as you can go whereas the east is saying to avoid pushing it to the maxx, putting more emphasis on lifestyle and regularity.
>>11212 Pushing it to max is one thing, that should be done every once in a while, but never past that point, you know? I've been through bootcamp and I know what happens when you push past that point of absolute failure. Lots of people I met were crippled for life because of it. The millitary covers this sort of stuff up, but I've found there is a very much open level of abuse from NCO's towards recuits, most often shitskin NCO's to White recruits. Things like refusing to let them have salt to the point of a major breakdown of their nervous system. I've experienced it myself, although not to that degree. I know >it isn't as hard as it used to be Is true, in that they are not allowed to literally beat you(they are it's just against policy, trust me, there were a couple nigs that stepped up and were dropped by a 5'4" mexican who could actually fistfight, was pretty funny, tbh) but more often then not White males are targeted with punishment, rather than nonWhites by nonWhite NCO's for various forms of abuse and overtraining. If I said more I'd dox myself, but know that doing 100 pushups in a few sets is one thing, and yet another is to push someone past muscular failure in every muscle group until they can't walk themselves back is something totally different. You can push yourself, just know your body and know your limits. Don't decide to go run an IRONMAN after you finish your first 5k or do 100 pushups in one set or something stupid like that. Moderate yourself, but keep steady improvement over time. You will notice the difference before you know it!
>>11202 I'm not sure about all the meditation and breathing aspects, but cold showers are great and I recommend them wholeheartedly to anyone. The shot of adrenaline/energy you first get is enough to keep you active and aware throughout the day. It's kind of like jumping into a cold pool or lake but every morning and more controlled.
>>10680 These calisthenics guides are better than nothing but they do nothing for the muscles of the low back. A strong back is important for preventing injury, and for those who prefer a minimalist approach it can be trained with kettlebells. >>11023 The classic /fit/ recommendation of starting strength is one of the best beginner programs but it only works for about 2 months if done as outlined in the book. The best option is going to be finding someone in person who can show you how to exercise safely. An average person trying to accomplish the goals you are looking for will succeed with most any weight training if done correctly.

Otter Culture Anonymous 09/02/2019 (Mon) 19:58:57 No.16 [Reply] [Last]
This thread is dedicated to otter-related media.
Otters deserve a place not only in nature, but also in our culture.
Share and review otter-related books, films, music, drawings, paintings, poetry, etc.

Starting off, here's a nice children's song about an otter.
It's pretty good, and reminds you what otters are all about.
54 posts and 55 images omitted.
Open file (22.42 KB 1578x911 skydive otter.png)
Open file (24.14 KB 1419x931 otter steal fish.png)
Open file (35.53 KB 582x690 fish.png)
>>941 Is that a fish or the fish?
>>112 It's entirely possible. New species of animals are being discovered all the time and it wouldn't surprise me if a few slipped through the net, so to speak.
>>1528 >New species of animals are being discovered all the time Not really, and especially not extant living species. Numerous non-animal species (aka bacterium) are discovered yearly, but it's not some kind of common occurrence these days. There are roughly 8.6M eukaryote species known, and this is basically stable year-over-year.

Open file (4.04 MB 2383x1655 bt65.png)
Brenton Tarrant Thread Blackshirt 06/10/2020 (Wed) 21:12:31 No.858 [Reply] [Last]
Post news about Brenton Tarrant, as well as memes, images and general discussion.
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>>11692 wtf is this shit?
>>11649 saved
>>11718 Have some more Crusius OC

Open file (106.79 KB 800x640 crazy taxi.png)
Comfy vidya thread Anon 06/27/2020 (Sat) 15:23:10 No.1760 [Reply] [Last]
ITT we discuss video games that possess the comfy factor. For me it's all manners of RTS games, taking time to gather resources and build a cool base is great fun. Driving games are cool too, I have fond memories of pic related (although I was pretty bad at it as a kid).
7 posts and 7 images omitted.
Open file (354.28 KB 960x960 jkijoij.jpg)
I'm a big guy 4 RTS games. They're my favorite genre by far. I really like tile-based puzzle games too. I also like early first-person shooters and older arcade-style action games, but those make me feel more tense than anything. As far as console games go, I mostly stick with the older ones I grew up with and ones I never got around to playing. The NES is the console I find the most relaxing.
Interesting, i was about to make a vidya thread yesterday. My favorites are deadbolt and rainworld. Soothing soundtrack and comfy atmosphere, highly recommended.
>>1787 SMW is nice up till now i've still yet to complete all the stages :P
To me there's nothing comfier than sinking in my bed sheets and playing some of those game that are like halfway in between a vn and a puzzle game. I miss my Ds
Open file (332.52 KB 960x949 1545721896893.jpg)
>>2882 It's a game that's close to me heart, even though I never play it by myself anymore. It was the first Super Nintendo game I ever played and is probably the Mario game I feel most nostalgic for after the original (although it's hard to pick). The last time I played I had trouble with all the special stages, even though I think I beat them when I was younger and have no problems with the other ones. As a kid, the Soda Lake level was the only one I remember standing out as one me and my brother had never gotten to because it's the only stage that has those submarine enemies that are featured in the end-game sequence where all the enemies are listed.

Open file (36.90 KB 330x222 otter-laptop.jpg)
The Otternet Anonymous 02/26/2020 (Wed) 12:52:07 No.920 [Reply] [Last]
Are there any other otter-related sites/forums/communities that you use? Maybe we can get a good otter links thread going. I've found that otter fans seem to mostly frequent your typical sites like Facebook, Twitter and Reddit. I tried using them a few times but all that seems to go on there is people reposting the same funny otter pictures (not that I'd want to denigrate our brothers in those places). Still, it's interesting how the imageboard format can instantly improve any topical discussion. Anyways, here are some links. The IOSF website aggregates news and other info about otters: Watch Sea Otters live (7am-7pm pacific time): An extensive blog by an otter watcher: IUCN Otter Specialist Group websites (lots of interesting info):
A nice website about otters for any czech anons we may have
>>920 I know it's just wishful thinking but I hope we get to see Slick's offspring even though he was last spotted 8 years ago.
>>920 Have you heard of It's an imageboard about otters.

Open file (147.61 KB 900x1200 sadcotter.jpg)
sad catter sad catter 10/23/2020 (Fri) 17:06:14 No.1509 [Reply] [Last]
sad catter
3 posts and 1 image omitted.
>>1513 Is he really sad though, or is he happy?
>>1514 I would argue that otters are the kind of creature that remains consistently cute in all phases of life.
>>1517 At any place, at any time, otter is cute.
Open file (42.56 KB 720x533 Otter hug.jpg)
>>1509 >>1513 Why would somebody take that beautiful, magnificent, stunning, radiant, gorgeous, graceful, exquisite, lovely, perfect, noble, brilliant, breathtaking, sublime, marvelous, superb, ravishing visage of an otter and replace it with a cat face?
>>1514 Because they are otters. As cubs they are cute, and when they grow up, they are beautiful.

All-purpose interesting links or sources thread. Blackshirt 09/05/2020 (Sat) 13:49:13 ID: 7b7bf1 No.7597 [Reply] [Last]
I don't recall us having one. As the title says, post any links or sources that'd be interesting for this board from as many relevant subjects as you can. I'll start:
293 posts and 87 images omitted.
>>11351 Which part? because if you're talking about the 5 point list and their obviously spurious claims that Hitler never read Nietzche, thats not as difficult as Hitler obviously did. Library of hate facts.
>>11351 Nietzsche being against antisemitism is like a boomer being against racism; if you have enjoyed the comfort of not interacting with the worst parts of a foreign race, you will not come to notice the patterns that people today are able to notice. If he had lived to see the Russian revolution, the October Revolution and the Weimar Republic, he would have had a different mindset. It's not like Hitler or any other anti-Jewish figure were born antisemitic, you become that through the attainment of knowledge.
>>11355 He courted a jew for many years
>>11674 Nice, I have a lot of reading to do now

>twitter posting thread Blackshirt 07/16/2020 (Thu) 12:12:13 ID: 77c45b No.3586 [Reply] [Last]
What the title says. Post whatever twitter stuff you find that's relevant and/or interesting.
338 posts and 117 images omitted.
>>11558 >2030 What a coincidence. This is the date that I have in my head for everything going to shit. It is likely that everything in this video has to do with (((The Great Reset))). These kikes are pushing the limit here.
Open file (2.67 MB 720x1258 YAZnWycLr3JEcPOc.mp4)
Open file (741.78 KB 728x546 based chink.png)
>>11678 I want to know why he was arrested

Comfy Wallpapers Anon 09/01/2020 (Tue) 13:05:54 No.2522 [Reply] [Last]
Post comfy wallpapers, looking at the same screen eberry day can be tiresome.
3 posts and 6 images omitted.
>>2522 please more of this
>>2534 oh cool, my old wallpaper
Open file (74.18 KB 564x363 1.jpg)
Open file (119.64 KB 1280x718 3rqf.jpg)
Open file (410.25 KB 1900x1069 123423qr.jpg)
>>2739 Here's a few more my friend
>>2741 thank you, i love the style of the last one
Japan looks so comfy bros, you may think it's just anime but even when I look at it through google earth it looks really nice

Freedumb Blackshirt 10/28/2020 (Wed) 04:10:03 ID: 795ca9 No.11642 [Reply] [Last]
Is the Jewish weaponizing of freedom one of the most destructive tools in their arsenal? It seems to me that the idea of freedom as a mere absence of external restraints is the perfect tool to atomize societies and break down all norms, and to let the populace become enslaved to pornography, consumption, drugs and other sorts of vices, allegedly of their own free will (lol). Freedom from internal restraints is arguably more important. Society is not founded on indulgence and freedom, but on order, discipline and submission. Freedom-lovers should go live with savages if they hate restraints and expectations so much. At the end of the day though, the freedom from restraints can only be maintained through power or might, and to internally free is the only way to externally free in any meaningful way. Anyway, how do you deal with Burgers who are obsessed with freedom to an excessive degree? I run into them a lot in real life
>Is the Jewish weaponizing of freedom one of the most destructive tools in their arsenal? yes. freedom is an illusion. we are bound to this fleshy meat computer existence constantly being kicked around by the mind and the senses to do this thing and engage in that thing. There is no freedom, only what you choose to serve. Serve something higher than your own self and you are free from the lower self. by spreading the false idea of freedom the goyim serve the lower self and its this self that degrades them towards the animal form of life making them weaker and easier for manipulation and control.
Freedom for your children to live next to homosexual and pedos that will turn them out and rot their souls. Freedom to be invaded by foreign tribes and ethnically replaced. But no freedom to do anything about it. Individual freedom is only part of the picture, and people who are obsessed with it while being blind to other freedoms are usually fat. And you can never trust a fat person because you can't trust someone who betrays even their very own self. They will sell their race out, they will sell their children and children's children out, and they will sell you out.
>>11670 An unhealthy body is always a very telling sign. One who cannot even free themselves from their own vices is a degenerate, period, and yet they think they can talk about being “free” in any meaningful way while in truth they are the most abject and repulsive of slaves – slaves to their lower selves. >>11668 Good post

Tank/afv thread Strelok 05/21/2020 (Thu) 08:20:08 No.561 [Reply] [Last]
A discussion thread about the most powerfull land vehicles and it's derivatives. Prototypes, historical, modern just needs to be an afv.
79 posts and 42 images omitted.
>>8023 Also these do kinda remind me of these two shits >T-72-T21 Yes it is deviantart As far as I can get, It was join project of GIAT and Konštrukta bassically a t72 with a leclearc turret. And also you could have an 30mm cannon too? >T-72 M2E
>>8023 We can go even further beyond! Combine that gun with the Black Eagle's autoloader, and now you could theoretically design a mount that allows the gun to depress into the turret ring, allowing it to be raised completely vertically. Now you can use it to target various flying objects.
Open file (565.05 KB 367x265 img_009.gif)
>>8025 Hold up. You mean that would mean the T-72 would theroetically be able to use the modular composite blocks the leclerc does?
>>8025 This actually seems to be a better idea than mounting the Leclerc's turret on a Leopard II. Which is exactly what the reborn Frankish Empire wants to do.

a world turned upside-down (/wrol/ book thread) Strelok 06/16/2020 (Tue) 02:40:20 No.2682 [Reply] [Last]
Hello /k/, I'm the author of "a world turned upside-down", formerly titled "gear packing list file". Here's the newest version (1.9). If you wish to contribute to the contents, please download/read it and then post here with what you'd like to see added. Be sure to mention/explain where your contribution belongs in the book. Thanks. You guys were surprisingly hard to find again.
76 posts and 13 images omitted.
>>7699 > the old meetup map That's been dead for a while though. And what if the book gets reposted someplace else?
>>7806 lets revive it...?
>>8018 I'd do it if I didn't have the bandwith of a blm protestor. There's a great machine shop playlist under this channel. If someone could rip out and upload the videos in a compressed zip I'd be happy. Meanwhile have an old copy of the do/k/ument before inifnitychan went down >magnet:?xt=urn:btih:f4294ed6278a78be6200131044a7e058017c2dbf&dn=The+Do%2Fk%2Fument& A copy of the gentooman library >magnet:?xt=urn:btih:0bbfaaf5f469a2bd3d762f6942a302f7014a35e9&tr.1=udp:// As with all things you should be paranoid and check them for malicious software, and probably keep it hidden away on a USB to a computer airgapped. The PDF is spoilered as is it about the great replacement, ala brenton tarrant >pic and video unrelated I have never seen a tacticool set of cat ears before but now I can't view helmets in the same way ever again
Open file (123.68 KB 1209x1106 1471714805982.png)
Open file (931.16 KB 2504x6000 1603744505240.jpg)
>>8036 sage for shameless doublepost but is important I should read: forgot add that the doc/k/ument is missing some areas in the torrent so you'll only be partially finished. If anyone wants to help me find these files and put a new tracker that'd be great: > Magpul Dynamics The Art of the Dynamic Shotgun ~2.7 Gb >AGI- Heat Treat and Case Hardening 748.1 Mb >Thompson specs 2.9 mb > AGI- Glass Bedding , partially functional, missing index and index needs to be rebuilt to find video. > AGI- spring course, 791 mb >The Fine Art of Hollow Grinding- Knifemaker, index broken, 499mb, missing transcript in rtf. Cheers fellow streloks.
>>8037 Those are all, except for the thompson, in the ark torrent. It's looks like the thread it was posted in is gone though, after someone limited the page count to 3 and kept no back-ups. magnet:?xt=urn:btih:NVZKBUJ5AUHW5UABPH75IKKLKSLRIFAK&dn=The%20Ark

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Fascist and Third Position Books Anonymous Board owner 04/06/2020 (Mon) 15:06:20 No.4 [Reply] [Last]
Post good works that you've read and ask for recommendations ITT. UPDATED 8/19/20 BASIC READING LIST National Socialism: >Mein Kampf (Adolf Hitler) The most reliable translations are the Stalag edition and the Thomas Dalton translation. >Hitler's Second Book / Zweites Buch (Adolf Hitler) >The Program of the NSDAP (Gottfried Feder) >The Manifesto for the Breaking of Interest Slavery (Gottfried Feder) >Hitler's Table Talk Black Front / Strasserism: >German Tomorrow by Dr. Otto Strasser >Deutschlands Erneuerung by Dr. Otto Strasser (in German only)

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>>11480 >For non-fiction I'd have to recommend 'For My Legionaries'. All throughout you can really feel a fascist spirit running through it that you just can't help but respect. I was very impressed at several moments by Codreanu's bravery, his integrity and many other facets of his personality and conduct. You really follow their struggles against Jewry and the Jew-controlled government through the book, and the end is likely to give one the feels with the final culmination of all the injustices made against Codreanu and his Iron Guard. I just finished reading For My Legionaries and your description is spot on. It is a beautiful book. I started to cry near the end. I highly recommenced it.
>>7215 >When you say you've read his latest book, do you mean 'Anti-Tech Revolution: Why and How?' or do you mean the newest edition of 'Technological Slavery' that came out earlier this year? Does anyone have a pdf of the new edition?
>>11657 Fuck, there's a new version of that book too? It looks like there's at least 30 more pages than the original too. >>11656 >I started to cry near the end. I really got the feels as well. I don't blame you, anon.
Does anyone have a pdf of The Last Will of a Russian Fascist, it seems that it is very hard to find,
IronMarch: Next Leap PDF >>11663 I've seen someone ask for that before, I think. I've never been able to find it either, unfortunately. Just looked again too.

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