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/retro/-Where the 90's and 2000's Live On CaesarDude 09/06/2019 (Fri) 23:05:29 No.1 [Reply] [Last]
Alright, this is meant to be a successor to /y2k/ on the old 8chan, however I have expanded it to include both the 1990's and the 2000's and NSFW content is allowed, provided it's actually related to the purpose of this board and doesn't violate any of the site's core rules.
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>>1881 >That thread was a shitfest. It only had 3 or 4 posts, calm your guns you buffalo

Open file (264.87 KB 1600x1200 win98install.png)
Open file (619.52 KB 2000x2152 1499369920054.jpg)
living life as /retro/ as possible Fellow Time Traveler 09/22/2021 (Wed) 03:47:35 No.1985 [Reply]
Anyone else here /retro/maxxing? I've realized there is no point in denying myself happiness and gigacoziness and I may as well go all in on my retro obsessions even if it's a bit weird. I could list a bunch of things I'm doing but I'll start with just a couple here >film photography I have never bought a digital camera and I have stopped being a NEET lately. I have a small comfy job so I have some money and I buy rolls of film on occasion and I carry a late '90s point and shoot camera with me almost everywhere I go. It's fun and super comfy. I also started developing black and white film myself, at home. >computer I have set up my windows machine to look like windows 98 (not completely accurate but I've changed over the icons and use a classic theme, etc. And on my linux machine I have set it up to look like some versions of UNIX from the late 80s to early 90s. And for my browser I use Pale Moon and I have it set to look like Netscape. >music I go to the record store sometimes and browse around and I have a collection of tapes, CDs, and records which I listen to. I have a lot of fun fixing cassette decks too.

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I'm still stuck in the 2000s, but it's easy to retromax when you are a poorfag hikki. >play my Xbox and PS2 on a CRT >play my 360 on a basic ass LED TV >had the same Windows 7 PC since the 2000s >used an ancient flip phone until it died last year Everything modern seems like soulless shit so I don't mind it.
>>1992 based. What kind of CRT do you have? I also run windows 7 on a thinkpad from ~2013. To me this feels like a new computer anyway although I guess it's almost a decade old now. It does everything I need, though. My desktop computer dual boots windows 7 and Linux. I was forced into using a botnet phone, I've had the same one for almost 6 years now and I don't usually take it places when I go out. I wish pay phones were more prevalent, but what can you do, right? When I get a new phone I'm pretty sure I'll be getting a flip phone or a more simple bar phone. >Everything modern seems like soulless shit so I don't mind it. Couldn't agree with you more
Getting my Win2K machine set up with a bunch of copies of old vidya, either complete in-box, burned to discs, or GOG installers that I just SMB'd from my main rig. Still has my first GPU from 2003 (Radeon 9600 Pro) however sometimes when I boot it up there are pinstripes down the screen and they only go away after a restart. Is there any way I can squeeze more life out of this 18 year old card?
>>1994 I'm not really familiar with these kinds of issues but if this happened to me I would first take out the card and clean off any dust, then spray the contacts and the slot with contact cleaner, and potentially use new thermal paste and tighten the heatsink (if any) down more. But other than that I wouldn't really know. maybe someone else here knows?

Fellow Time Traveler 04/15/2020 (Wed) 02:12:08 No.536 [Reply] [Last]
Aesthetics thread Missing files >>1594
Edited last time by GOAT on 06/29/2021 (Tue) 13:42:48.
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>>1969 The CD Store states on that website, it was made using Virtual Home Space Builder https://archive.org/details/vhsb_2.2 so it was a VRML website. Neato.
Open file (151.99 KB 1024x768 qayolfbacke71.jpg)
>>1971 It would have been interesting to see.
Open file (608.18 KB 465x599 oybtvdrppz471.png)
Open file (35.05 KB 640x480 C1s7WjlXcAAzxIk.jpg)
Open file (46.53 KB 318x450 9781850284079.jpg)
I just got this. It's a neat little book of 3D artwork from 1997 and is the source for the Jurgen Ziewe images in the thread (most of them, at least). It's worth a buy if you come across it and like that style of art.

Vidya General Anonymous 09/07/2019 (Sat) 01:44:38 No.6 [Reply] [Last]
>ITT: Vidya of the 90's and 2000's Keep it limited to the scope of this board, so basically Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Generation consoles only for now. For those who don't know what consoles are part of which generation, here's a quick rundown of the time frame we're talking about... >Fourth Generation: SNES, Sega Genesis/Sega CD >Fifth Generation: PS1, N64, Sega Saturn >Sixth Generation: Dreamcast, PS2, Gamecube, OG Xbox Discussion of games from the Seventh Generation consoles (PS3/Wii/Xbox 360) is allowed as well, but I'd like the thread to mainly focus on the 4th-6th console genererations since the 7th Gen era carried over into the 2010's and a lot of the games from that era onward obviously have far more in common with modern gaming than stuff from the 16-bit consoles or the PS1 and PS2 eras.

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I would like to invite those reading this post to enter into the high score board on fatchan's /vr/. All you need to provide is proof and you will enter onto the board, unless of course you don't have the high score. This is an attempt to create a comprehensive record of the best scores across the webring, to be the yardstick by which you may say "fuck you faggot you can't even play that game idiot trash kill yourself". I do not wish to divide any community with this invitation. Please know that if you are entered onto the highscore board then you will be objectively the best player of that game across the entire webring and everyone else can fuck themselves.
I missed out on the entire 5th gen (went from NES to PC, then back to consoles during the 6th gen) but I used to believe it was a really shit generation overall with the N64 being the only console with some good games - until recently when I decided to use my PS2's backwards compatibility to try out some PS1 games, and holy fuck I've discovered so many cool games, and I really love the low poly aesthetics they have, they look much better than the N64 games imo.
>>1982 >I really love the low poly aesthetics they have, they look much better than the N64 games imo. I thought PlayStation games looked like garbage at the time, but in retrospect the Nintendo 64 look didn't age well at all in comparison. It's still not a generation I'm enamored with. Other than the multiplayer games, I preferred both PC games and the prior generations of consoles as a kid.

Open file (173.21 KB 1200x816 unnamed.jpg)
Open file (894.50 KB 800x1000 lighter.png)
Open file (65.90 KB 600x750 emo-boys-and-girls.jpg)
Subcultures and fashion of the 90s & 2000s Fellow Time Traveler 08/11/2021 (Wed) 09:36:23 No.1892 [Reply]
What subculture were you a part of, Fellow Time Travelers? 90s bros, did you go to rave parties? 2000s kids, did you get some of that easy emo pussy?
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>>1892 Phat pants, lol I remember those.
I was in the target demographic for all those emo/scene/etc etc subcultures back in their day, I didn't like them and was never part of any of them, but now I miss them... I mean, I would hang out with people who were part of them and I guess I was always secretly fascinated with the whole thing, their imagery and whatnot. On a related note, I had a crush in highschool who was deep into the whole thing and styled herself that way, the dyed and straightened hair, the makeup, the black and pink clothes, the hoodies with cat ears, the slit wrists, the whole shebang. Now I see her from time to time turned into a completely normal woman and it just makes me melancholic. Another thing is that those cultures were innocent I guess, it was all about fashion and music and feelings, while subcultures today are all about politics.
>>1955 True they are also part of the Metal scene. But I mean the "hanging" wearing style. Just as some sort of obviously accesior
I was just the depressed fat kid who wore all black listening to mallcore like metallica and manson while thinking it was heavy metal.
>>1979 Metallica is metal and not at all mallcore, although I guess St. Anger kind of flirted with mallcore. Marilyn Manson is both.

Open file (458.31 KB 1280x877 gameboy.jpg)
Open file (97.52 KB 500x674 gbp.jpg)
Open file (198.83 KB 814x1084 Dy_4u3UVAAA_8Hd.jpg)
Open file (128.35 KB 500x592 1473047913294.jpg)
1990s & 2000s Ads Fellow Time Traveler 07/25/2021 (Sun) 14:35:43 No.1845 [Reply]
Post cool /retro/ ads and TV commercials
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>>1948 I kind of wish I was old enough to have taken it all in better.
Open file (71.91 KB 734x374 1629818354263-3.jpg)
Open file (83.95 KB 500x688 1629818354263-1.jpg)
Open file (257.17 KB 1188x1583 1629818354263-2.jpg)
>>1889 Lol. A kid without a seat belt, sitting in the cargo area of a station wagon, on a California freeway. How would that situation turn out nowadays? >>1845 >>1957 What's with the S&M themes in 90s game adverts.
Open file (549.46 KB 1031x778 Lilith & Michael Aquino.png)
>>1957 I was about to say "not to mention a white man with a pretty white wife and two blond kids..." But then it occurred to me that neither of the "parents" are blond. Then I noticed how the driver leers through his rear-view mirror at the boy in back. That's Michael & Lilith Aquino making a pizza delivery to the Presidio

Open file (77.96 KB 800x655 1521577129072.jpg)
Computers Thread Fellow Time Traveler 08/21/2020 (Fri) 04:41:24 No.803 [Reply] [Last]
Looks like none of the images in the catalog work. Let's get a fresh thread in here, focused on computers! I don't have pictures at the moment to share, but I got lucky today and picked up a nice big beige computer case. I'm assembling a new personal computer from parts that I got deals on, found in the junk heap, or that I was given by friends. So, I guess it's not really a /retro/ computer, but it will be in a /retro/ case, and I plan to get an adapter which will let me use a 3.5" floppy disk drive in there. The adapter plugs into the floppy pins, and presents a USB interface to the motherboard. That adapter is under $10 USD. In fact, I've seen an adapter card that will do the same but for 5.25" floppy disk drives. So, when I have more money, I should be able to have not only a 3.5" FDD, but a 5.25" FDD in my system, running alongside new solid state drives, Blu-Ray disc drives, and of course a few regular hard drives. It should be pretty fun. Again, no pictures yet but I will share with you guys when I can. For now I'll just post one from my collection. What have you guys been up to?
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>>1895 That's a neat one, I've never heard of it before. Having read it came loaded with QNX, that seems noteworthy. Blackberry bought that OS in relatively recent times. It's one of the few microkernal based OS around, maybe the only proprietary commercial one I can think of.
Oh man I can't believe that no one has posted this magnificent thing yet. The TAM, Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh. It was really an exercise in over engineering at the time. Note that big Bose subwolfer. It is not optional because it contains the power supply for the whole computer.
Open file (471.61 KB 1280x921 PowerMac_Cube.jpg)
>>1934 I don't understand the reasoning for that computer, it appears to be the three major components of a laptop (screen, keyboard, and base), rearranged to meet the form factor of a desktop. The aesthetic of the later PowerMac Cube is by far, much better. Although, it was released four years later, which is significant for the high-velocity state of change in the mid to late 90s.
Open file (86.76 KB 1024x1024 iMac_G3_bondiblue.jpeg)
>>882 I agree, the Outrigger case is a wonderful Mac design, probably the best of the beige ones. The use of translucent and colored plastics with the iMac G3 was a neat change when it happened, but the weird shapes they used, e.g. puck mouse and clam shell laptop, are cringe. The subdued rib texture on some of the surfaces, face plates, is still a very pleasing aesthetic all these years later.
>>974 Mind you to share which chan archiver you use? If selfwritten, are you willing to share source + setup instructions?

Open file (265.99 KB 1902x2476 pre-goolag YouTube.png)
Pre-Goolag YouTube Fellow Time Traveler 10/03/2020 (Sat) 17:51:14 No.848 [Reply] [Last]
YouTube was once also part of the old innocent, creative and fun internet when at worst people would make a video in the hopes of it getting viral. But that slowly changed thanks to the Goolag purchase which kept ruining YouTube at small steps and turning it into Cable TV 2.0 and Spotify 2.0 : >forcing people to move to Goolag account to keep their channels and their videos >complying with copyrightniggers as part of the mutual ass-kissing with the government >giving monetary incentives to "content creators" , aka self-important e-celeb faggots, which drawn greedy normalfag scum and later on were removed which in turn force these greedy normalfags to beg for Patreon gibs and get sponsorships to advertise even more shit on youtube >adding ads in the middle of the fucking video as if it was cable tv >letting big cable tv channels having accounts on youtube >removing full albums and songs from non-corporate music channels and reupload them as separate songs by a fucking bots >increasing censorship and removing comments and videos >disorganizing the comments section into a complete messy shitshow >usless redesigning of the site over and over again >changing the 5 star video valuation system to extra faggy like and dislike Let's reminisce of YouTube better days, whether it was a specific channel or video and so on...
110 posts and 29 images omitted.
>>1849 It's been like that for a while now. It really chaps my hide.
>>1807 >invidious seems like it's on its last legs and will probably follow hooktube soon What? Why? Surely not just because the lead developer opted out. I've been using invidious as my default YT interface for a couple years now, and it's about the same as it ever was.
>>873 >bo burnham I'm glad that it's not just me noticing that things have actually gotten darker.
Looks like they removed the option to sort videos by oldest, newest and most popular on the app. I just don't understand why they keep removing simple features like this.
>>1972 the collective will decide your playlist, brother DO NOT TOUCH THAT DIAL DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT (oops. too long a sentence) DO NOT EVEN THINK

Music of the 1990's and 2000's Fellow Time Traveler 09/08/2019 (Sun) 01:14:23 No.14 [Reply] [Last]
>These guys think they're bad because they walk slow... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KRiH3jNE7OY
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Fellow Time Traveler 08/11/2021 (Wed) 20:48:55 No.1897 [Reply]
I miss 90's EXTREME culture and 00's bro culture. They were exuding masculinity and women were sexy and naked.
>>1897 It's sad how neutered popular culture has become, and ironically the same people responsible for it today were the ones who would complain about censorship from Moral Majority types back then. One of the images in my head of the 2000s in particular is the beachy imagery you used to see in ads, with handsome and muscular men with tan skin and shaggy hair and fit and attractive women who weren't afraid to show off their bodies. Nowadays men are neutered, and the closest thing to women of that type would be Instagram addicts with Cluster B personality disorders. I'm not a comic book enthusiast, but I miss the art style in the left image. Back in the '90s the superhero stuff was fun even for kids like me who enjoyed the cartoons and read the occasional comic but weren't actual fans.
>>1901 culture back then was made by men for men once you start introducing foreign elements into this mix it's all over

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