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Fellow Time Traveler 08/11/2021 (Wed) 20:48:55 No.1897
I miss 90's EXTREME culture and 00's bro culture. They were exuding masculinity and women were sexy and naked.
>>1897 It's sad how neutered popular culture has become, and ironically the same people responsible for it today were the ones who would complain about censorship from Moral Majority types back then. One of the images in my head of the 2000s in particular is the beachy imagery you used to see in ads, with handsome and muscular men with tan skin and shaggy hair and fit and attractive women who weren't afraid to show off their bodies. Nowadays men are neutered, and the closest thing to women of that type would be Instagram addicts with Cluster B personality disorders. I'm not a comic book enthusiast, but I miss the art style in the left image. Back in the '90s the superhero stuff was fun even for kids like me who enjoyed the cartoons and read the occasional comic but weren't actual fans.
>>1901 culture back then was made by men for men once you start introducing foreign elements into this mix it's all over

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