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Fellow Time Traveler 04/15/2020 (Wed) 02:12:08 No.536
Aesthetics thread
A have a bunch of old CGI saved. A lot of them are pretty small, but I'll still probably post more.
>>1013 For some reason, I really appreciate the unpolished look of old CGI, that unreal sharpness. There's a beauty in it.
>>1014 I actually hate most CGI, but there's something really charming and likable about the more vintage kind. Something about the crudeness of it makes it seem like its own style, as opposed to seeming like it's just trying to just ape real life.
Open file (84.41 KB 1024x768 1595065556406.jpg)
Open file (249.51 KB 1152x864 1595065697649.jpg)
Open file (153.08 KB 1152x864 1595065750134.jpg)
Open file (313.05 KB 1920x1080 seasonspirit2k171HDfree.jpg)
Check out digitalblasphemy.com The artist who owns the site has been working since 1997
Open file (120.05 KB 640x480 rook640.jpg)
Open file (105.32 KB 640x480 sentinels2k640.jpg)
Open file (692.46 KB 1920x1080 altitude1920a.jpg)
>>1019 I was actually going to post some of his stuff, but I think the filter got me. I keep running into problems with duplicate images. I have that third one saved, but the file I had before you posted that one is much smaller.
>>1023 saved. altitude1920a is wallpaper material.
Open file (570.07 KB 1920x1108 backtobasics1920a.jpg)
Open file (709.52 KB 1024x640 serveimage.png)
>>1025 It's a little too refined for my tastes, but I have a thing for hot air balloons and blue skies. Same for the sunflowers in this second image.
Open file (159.26 KB 640x971 7d3nplx1ujc31.jpg)
>>1026 First. I mean.
Open file (65.62 KB 640x480 cactus640.jpg)
Open file (113.18 KB 640x480 tree640.jpg)
This first one was upscaled.
Open file (86.09 KB 640x480 avalon640.jpg)
Open file (51.78 KB 640x480 bridge640.jpg)
Open file (103.93 KB 640x480 rainyseason640.jpg)
Open file (112.48 KB 640x480 portal640.jpg)

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