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A reasonable doubt towards UFO & EBE phenomena Anonymous 02/23/2021 (Tue) 04:03:34 No.111
Always liked the old discussions by read anons towards assessing if an event related to ufo's and aliens deserved a reasonable look or otherwise, sadly these conversations were usually made by individuals who found themselves with likeminded people in totally unrelated boards and such activity died shortly due to interruption by jokesters/mods or thread bumping out due to natural causes. Now that we have this space i would like to comment once in a while or mention some incidents and its pertinent data (easily found or otherwise in specialized media) so we can come back and revisit or add to it, but i would also take it one step further and discuss media popular in the field but that never gets a mention on why it exists, for example the exact origin of certain images or precepts like the so-called visiting aryan people in flying ships that happened in the 60's.
Open file (9.79 KB 500x500 Rate.png)
If this venture goes to a certain length we can also annex a conventional rating system on each event based on the doubts it casts upon the reader, a basic idea would be pic related but anything goes in our early stages. I don't pretend to make it an official and/or extensive guide but i will try to read a bit of the basics of true journalism to get to know the standards i should question the information and more importantly: The authors of said information. I have read a fair bit of this topic i can say for starters that in a 5-point rating (with 5 being a reasonable doubt) few events are above 2 yet the very few ones that surpass it are puzzling, they do deserve a good look at least once. I also have a certain phobia towards this topic since i was a kid so i will usually just post when not uncomfortable, hence i guess the upcoming long pauses between posts

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